Queer Thinking - THIS IS HOW WE DO IT: Sex in the public eye - how far have we really come? Have we come at all?

  • Captain Cook Hotel 162 Flinders Street Paddington NSW 2010 Australia

Presented by Archer Magazine and Heaps Gay x The Bearded Tit Pop Up Rooftop Patio

In this panel, Amy Middleton, founding editor of Archer Magazine, chats to artists and journalists about how different identities are represented in Australian culture in 2016. 

We'll ask the tough questions: when have you compromised your politics for commercial success? How viable is independent media and entertainment, really? Why discuss your identity at work? What makes the mainstream sit up and listen?

Amy Middleton, Archer Magazine

Kat Dopper, Heaps Gay Parties
Monique Schafter, ABC
Benjamin Law, writer

Event Date: Thursday March 3rd 2016
Venue: Heaps Gay x The Bearded Tit Pop Up Rooftop Patio, Captain Cook Hotel, 162 Flinders St, Paddington
Event Time: Doors 6pm, Discussion from 7.30pm
Tickets: $5 on the door