South Coast Wonders

  • The Cambridge Hotel 212 Riley Street Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 Australia

After a quick stop to pick up our freshly baked morning pastries, we head south through the sprawling Sydney Metropolitan suburban areas, where your guide will explain a little about the history of the areas we are visiting today.

We stop off at Stanwell Tops to view the stunning cliff-top drop into the Southern Pacific Ocean below. You will be amazed as people launch themselves off the edge, attached to hang-gliders, gently floating down to the beach.

After viewing or joining in the hang-gliding fun, (Advise us on the day – prices not included and subject to availability), we head down the mountain and continue via the Grand Pacific Drive, a glorious drive which hugs the ocean, the beaches and the mountainside, over the famous Sea Cliff Bridge, through Wollongong to Kiama. It’s here in this buzzing seaside hamlet, that features one of Australia’s most iconic natural wonders, the Kiama Blowhole. This famous Geyser of seawater which jets out of this ancient volcanic lava flow can rise up to 30 metres, depending on the tides!

After time to explore the area, we head to our favourite lunch stop, the quaint historical village in settled hundreds of years ago of Berry.

Lunch is a casual, laid back and relaxed environment, with your choice from the menu of award winning cuisine, with your choice of drink included.

After lunch, we head west into Kangaroo Valley. This famous, rainforest valley, has an abundance of wildlife including wallabies, kangaroos, wombats, Echidnas, and lyrebirds. Green and lush for most of the year, the valley has areas of rainforest and rich escarpments as backdrops of incredible beauty.

Our final stop for the day is the remarkable Fitzroy Falls, a hidden and understated gem, situated on the edge of the mountain. Featuring a lookout with expansive views of one of Australia’s most stunning and surprising waterfalls, this location is known primarily to locals only. Keep your eyes peeled, we will walk right past a protected area for Platypus – uniquely Australian!

This concludes our showcase of the truly wonderful South Coast, as we head back to Sydney with an estimated arrival time or approximately 6:00PM.

Event Date: Friday 4th March 2016
Event Time: 08.00am
Venue (Meeting Point): The Cambridge Hotel, 212 Riley Street, Surry Hills 2010.
Running Time: 10 hours
Ticket Price: $249.00

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