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Benoit+Bo return to Sydney!

Benoit+Bo are a true international collaboration, the fruit of two cultures, two sensitivities and two pasts. Benoit is French and Bo Chinese. Using their combined heritage, knowledge and worldviews they create hybrid, contemporary visions, a mix of Asia and Europe, China and France. Their partnership is a marriage, both literally as Husbands and figuratively as artists.

Their work is autobiographic, about their experiences, feelings and thoughts as a married, same sex couple in an intercultural relationship. Their stage is the world - meeting in Tianjin, living in Paris, opening a studio in Shanghai and relocating to Brussels. Benoit+Bo have previously exhibited in museums and galleries in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Australia.

As an integral part of the Newsagency Gallery’s Arts Print Asia program, the duo continues a strong relationship with both gallery and city. They return to Sydney for Mardi Gras 2016 with a new show "SYDNEY LOVE MAP AND LANDSCAPE" By Benoit+Bo and Mardi Gras events at Fair Day, The Parade, Queer thinking and a Hollywood Hotel artist residency.

Newsagency Gallery will exhibit the ‘Sydney Love Map’ (created for the show) along with other Love Maps of major cities. The Love Maps are beautifully detailed digital paintings, filled with clever streets, intelligent parks and naughty buildings. A new series of Love Landscapes will also show, mixing contemporary compositions and colour with traditional Chinese and European symbols of love. The pieces are beautiful, humorous and profound.

How to know each other when you are so different? For Benoit+Bo Love is the answer.

‘Sydney Love Map and Landscape’ by Benoit+Bo at the Newsagency Gallery, opens Thursday 25th Feb 6pm - 10 pm with a street party supported by Marrickvlle Council. The show runs till March 31.

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Event Dates: Thursday 25th February (Launch) - Thursday 31st March
Event Time: 6.00pm - 10.00pm
Venue: Newsagency Gallery, 332 Stanmore Rd Petersham NSW 2049, 0401 797 746
Running Time: 4 hours no interval

This is a Free Event with fine art for sale.