“The Girlie Show” by Wayne Tunks

  • Old 505 Theatre 5 Eliza Street Newtown, NSW, 2042 Australia

World Premiere Season

Writer / Producer / Director – Wayne Tunks
Cast: Campbell Briggs, Thomas G Burt, Adam Carr, Mat Glessing, Prudence Holloway, Chantel Leseberg, Jack Marsden, Jacinta Moses, Tasha O’Brien, Billie Scott and Wayne Tunks.

“Music makes the people come together”

It’s 1993 and Madonna is visiting Australia for the first time. For fans Jason, Mary, Sam, Natalie and Derek this is what they’ve been waiting for. While in line for tickets the five become inseparable, sharing friendship, love and an obsession for the queen of pop. 

Sam may only be 16, but he’s out to his Dad and looking for love in the all wrong places. Natalie is a pop singer who’s close to a record deal, if she can only keep her sexuality a secret. Mary is a good Catholic girl whose parents have no idea she’s been idolising the wrong Madonna. And Jason is just trying to deny his feelings for Derek. 

Written by acclaimed writer Wayne Tunks, his gay themed work includes, “37 Ways To Say I’m Gay”, “Fag Boy & the Married Guy”, “Everything I Know I Learnt From Madonna” and “Silvertop Ash”, he’s excited to return with such a fun show.

Loaded with the fashions and music of the 90s, The Girlie Show is about coming out, rebelling and finding acceptance - a true pop culture playground!

Event Dates: Tuesday 9th to Saturday 13th February 2016
Event Time: 8pm
Venue: Old 505 Theatre, Level 1, 5 Eliza St, Newtown NSW 2042
Running Time: 120 minutes (including 20 minute intermission)