“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make a change.” – Barbara Mikulksi

Every Parade, every season, every year since 1978 (and even before that) we’ve shown that it takes courage to be yourself, no matter what. To reveal our true selves and to live our truths and stand up for what we believe in. Whether in speedos, in uniform or a union, in defiance or in drag. Whether we’re waving placards or spinning hula-hoops, marching in recognition or remembrance, with glitter and with guts, we are all fabulous superheroes with the power to change the world.

In 2016 its time to stand up and be counted, to turn your passion into purpose. Start something! Build momentum and become unstoppable. And let that momentum carry and drive us ever forward. We can start something that will change the world around us. It starts with self and ripples out from our hearts, our infinite love. Together, lets do something amazing that will ripple out and resonate beyond our borders, beyond our boundaries and shine a beacon of hope to the rest of the world. Let’s create Momentum.

Our creative treatment for the season features a vibrant rainbow hued beacon that radiates images of our community spirit and togetherness, through celebration and protest, to the rest of the world.


The 2016 Season Theme Creative Concept. This is not final artwork but will be very similar to the concept shown here.