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Jodi Clark Art Exhibition

Jodi Clark Art Exhibition


February 16th 2018

6:00 pm


February 24th 2018

6:00 pm

M Contemporary

37 Ocean Street

Woollahra NSW 2025

Clark's exhibition is an all-encompassing experience that challenges heteronormativity through varying gender roles and sexual identities. She makes art to challenge convention, to show that there is something fascinating about “imperfection”; imperfection, that is, as defined by the hegemony.  Her work aims to interrogate and disrupt the passive acceptance of the ways in which heteronormativity infiltrates our societal practices and beliefs. 

Joy Ivill, Australia Said Yes, 2017

Clark’s work interrogates and disrupts outmoded societal constructs and the either/or binaries of gender and sexuality, providing a divergence from the ‘norm’ and presenting the unapologetic ‘other’.

Clark experiments with how the meaning of an image becomes re-authored in new contexts through the exploration of line.  She often combines the human figure and animals, an act of resistance toward traditional standards of gender and identity, altering the body's form itself to render it uncategorisable.