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KiKi Pool Party

KiKi Pool Party


March 5th 2018

12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Ivy Pool Club

Level 4, 330 George Street

Sydney NSW 2000

We all love a Kiki, especially after a Daywash extravaganza – but in 2018 we’ve got the most divine, delectable and delicious Kiki yet and it unfurls in style at the sensational Ivy Pool – complete with al fresco cabanas!

It’s hard to decide what we love most about our upcoming Kiki.

Is it the gorgeous smattering of half naked guys and girls getting funky by the pool? Perhaps it’s the legion of international hotties bringing their very own global warming town? Or is it the top-shelf array of DJs and performers who serve up their extraordinary talents fresh, fly and funky?

 Ah, f**k it, let’s just go with all three!

Here, locals and visitors dance free in the fresh air like they just don’t care while the summer sun tops up their man-tans and amphibious hotties splash about the pool like an all-gay nature documentary – but with a rockin’ soundtrack.

As the closing party of the weekend to end all weekends, you will not want to miss our extra juicy, thick and meaty, totally loved-up kiki, so grab a gaggle of gays and get your tickets nice and early to ensure you don’t miss out and nobody’s mascara runs.


 Email info@daywash.com.au to reserve your own private cabana at no cost (just a min bar spend).