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Mythology: Where is Hercules

Mythology: Where is Hercules


February 10th 2018

11:00 am


March 4th 2018

6:00 pm

MLC Gallery

5 Eliza St

Newtown NSW 2042

What does it mean to be Hercules in the 21st century? Artist Miriam Cabello offers a host of unique artistic responses to this ambitious question.

MLC Gallery at 5 Eliza St., Newtown hosts a compelling art exhibition with the aim of picturing the 21st-century Hercules. Brazenly titled Mythology: Where is Hercules? This exhibition features some of the finest figurative contemporary paintings of Australian heroes from the celebrated to the conspicuous.

Hercules finds its origins in Cabello’s 2011 exhibition held at the National Art Museum of Sport titled ‘Australian Aboriginal Boxing Legends’, highlighting Lionel Rose. American Sports Illustrated wrote of his 1968 fight in Tokyo,

“all across Australia that night people clung to radios as if the ringside announcer were Winston Churchill … women wept over Lionel Rose and men shouted … Lionel Rose was Hercules, Charles Lindbergh and the Messiah all rolled into one.” 

From athletes to activists, 2016 Community Hero Rev. Dorothy McRae-McMahon’s portrait is included in the exhibition for championing acceptance and inclusion of LGBTI people in faith-based organisations for over 30 years.

This Herculean exhibition proudly celebrates the historic 40 years of struggles, triumphs and the beauty of acceptance and tolerance. Highlighting the sociological evolution of social justice, activism and diversity.