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Queer Tarot Project: Multi-Media Exhibition

Queer Tarot Project: Multi-Media Exhibition


February 23rd 2018

2:00 pm


March 4th 2018

6:00 pm

Sanctuary Club Lounge

191 Parramatta Rd

Annandale NSW 2038

The Queer Tarot Project is a multi-media exhibition, telling stories of the queer community through Tarot. When rejected by traditional religion, the queer community has often turned to Tarot for guidance and or spiritual belonging. This project aims to de-mystify and bring Tarot back to its story telling roots, and remove the white, patriarchal and religious overtones of the traditional Tarot decks. A Queer Tarot deck, for and by the Queer community, representing our gender and sexual identities; telling our stories through Tarot archetypes.

Exhibition includes large prints of the Tarot cards and visual projection of the Queer stories.