Queer Thinking

Queer Thinking


February 24th 2018

11:00 am


February 25th 2018

5:00 pm

Wheelchair Accessible

Leading thinkers and thought provocateurs, both national and international, from all walks of LGBTQI life will take to the stage for two exhilarating days of illuminating ideas, featuring queer writers, community leaders, panel discussions, talks, debate and personal stories.

With a focus on social justice, Queer Thinking in 2018 will look back over the 40 years of Mardi Gras, from its early revolutionary beginnings through to its evolution to becoming one of the leading LGBTQI celebrations in the world. Included in the program, 78er Julie McCrossin will be in discussion about how far we’ve come and what fights are still left to fight, and we’ll also hear the stories of First Nations artists on the Koori Gras Speakers Platform. 

Queer Thinking will also aim to inspire discussion and gather new perspectives on current social justice issues that are important to LGBTQI communities in Australia and throughout the world today.