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Ross Watson homines uniformis

Ross Watson homines uniformis


February 22nd 2018

11:00 am


March 4th 2018

7:00 pm

Yellow House Gallery

57-59 Macleay Street

Potts Point NSW 2011

Wheelchair Accessible

Watson’s world renowned paintings are a celebration of the male form, both in it’s uniformed and it’s natural glory. This exciting exhibition, homines uniformis at the iconic Yellow House Gallery features gay rugby players, naked surfers and pop-star Alfie Arcuri in various states of dress.

Uniformed, or in complete contrast, naked - MEN unite the artworks. Military, mounty, rugby or surfer - does the clothes make the man?

Singer, Alfie Arcuri features in a striking new artwork. His recent single, 'If They Only knew', written from personal experience, explores covert same sex love and coming out.

Stephen Fry exclaimed “Watson has created another dazzlingly provocative, witty and enchanting take on a classic painting!” after viewing the artwork featuring Alexis, a gay UK rugby player who caught Watson’s attention posting on Instagram about important and inspiring queer themes and mental health issues.

With the artist in residence throughout the exhibition, this will be a rare chance to learn first-hand about his style, his intentions and the stories behind the artwork on display. A full multi-media experience awaits each visitor into the exhibition with video presentations on the artist’s work giving insight into the creative process and final sentiment.

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