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Telling Tales - a portrait book with tales

Telling Tales - a portrait book with tales


February 16th 2018

10:00 am


March 4th 2018

6:00 pm


'Telling Tales' Offical Book Launch at East Sydney Community and Arts Centre is now SOLD OUT

Telling Tales - 40 Fabulous Years of Floats, Fun, Fantasy and Fortitude of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Sydney portrait photographer, Richard Hedger, has shot 40 original portraits of members of the LGBTI+ community. In parallel, Richard has documented each individual’s personal story to tell of the ever-evolving role the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras has played in their life.

Portrayed in Richard’s book are the faces of the familiar, the famous and not so famous, of sung and unsung heroes both local and international. They are the images of people who have been brought together to share their experiences, thoughts, reflections, memories and insights with regard to the impact and relevance to them of the SGLMG. They consist of political activists, actors, academics, athletes, authors, carers, chefs, comics, designers, directors, DJs, editors, entertainers, entrepreneurs, historians, journalists, lawyers, performers, playwrights, photographers, politicians, professionals, retailers and stylists.

Each of them has contributed to the life blood of the city in which they live and love. They speak of what the SGLMG means to them and how they see its role as a powerful past, present and future influence on the LGBTI+ community and beyond.

Faustina Agolley | Mark Alsop | Rafae lBonachela | Steph Sands | Fran Bowron | Jayson Brunsdon | Aaron Elias Brunsdon | Tom Campbell | Morgan Carpenter | Casey Conway | Teddy Cook | Andrew Creagh | Joel Creasey | Brendan de la Hay | Peter de Waal | Melinda Dimitriades | Robert Tait | Angelo Doulgeris | Robert French | Jackie Braw | Vicki Harding | Brenna Harding | Alex Greenwich | Victor Hoeld | C.Moore Hardy | Manda Hatter | Nic Holas | Bettina Holmes | Michael Kirby | Marc Kuzma aka Claire de Lune | Jane Marsden | Les McDonald | Jenni Millbank | Jonathon "J.Mo' Moran | Tommy Murphy | Justin Koonin | Joy Ng | NORRIE | Ian Roberts | Sally Rugg | Teresa Savage | Vanessa Wagner aka Tobin Saunders | Colleen Windsor | Garry Wotherspoon | Annie Wright | Danling Xiao | Kevin 'Kabi' Yarwood