The Story of the Girls

The Story of the Girls


February 8th 2018

11:00 am


February 25th 2018

6:00 pm

STACKS Projects

191 Victoria Rd

Potts Point NSW 2011

Since when has playing with dolls been this fagulous?

The Story of The Girls is a high-camp exhibition of artworks resulting from 25 years of creative play between two gay best friends Ben Mercer & Tom Pender.

As young gay men in early 90’s Australia, Ben & Tom used Barbie-style dolls to develop a group of outrageous female characters known as The Girls.

Unconstrained by the homophobic world that Ben & Tom found themselves growing up in, The Girls became both their artistic muses and the outward expression of their inner drag queens - in doll form!

The Story of The Girls draws from a rich archive of creative material and features a selection of drawings, photographs, videos and handmade doll fashions. It seeks to tell an alternative story of friendship and self expression that hopes to resonate with and empower a queer audience, while also sharing a queer perspective with our allies.

Ultimately The Story of The Girls celebrates and honours a true friendship.

In the face of rising conservatism, and equality still very much a life-or-death struggle for many LGBTQI people around the world, Ben & Tom feel that now, more than ever, the world needs The Girls!