What SGLMG will do:

  • Assess whether an Entrant and their entry aligns to the published criteria and core values of the Parade
  • Assess an Entrant on their creative concepts and production standard
  • Consult with Entrants to realise their creative potential,
  • Work with an Entrant to maximise the impact of their messaging to audiences including bringing together people or groups with similar messaging,
  • Work towards delivering a Parade that is designed to inspire, excite and challenge audiences,
  • Communicate clearly and apply the same measures and treatment to all entries, including discussing any issues with your entry,
  • Identify any elements that may require expert advice,
  • Respond to queries in a timely manner

What SGLMG won’t do:

  • Censor counter viewpoints,
  • Allow illegal activities or ambush marketing,
  • Allow messages that discriminate or may cause harm to others

What SGLMG expects from Entrants:

  • Participate and be open to consultation with the SGLMG team
  • Adhere to criteria, sponsorship, operational guidelines and instruction before and on Parade day
  • Honour your agreement with us; your parade entry is what you said it would be
  • Attend compulsory briefings such as the Entrant Briefing Day
  • To use the available resources to create an electric and visually seductive Entry
  • Businesses and Government Entries should set a high artistic standard
  • Show respect, listen and follow requests from SGLMG staff and volunteers.

Please note: The Parade is designed as a safe space for participants from all walks of life.  Any inappropriate behaviour (such as verbal abuse or of threatening nature) will not be tolerated and will result in an entry being removed from participating in the Parade.