Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras charges a small fee to Entrants to meet a small proportion of the core costs of staging the Parade. Fees are set according to the size and type of the Entry. Fee payments must be paid after your Registration has been approved and before 5pm Friday 15th February 2016. Entry into the Parade will not be granted until registration fee payment has been received by SGLMG.

Fees for 2016 are as follows: 

1. Individual ($55)        
A single member of the LGBTQI community or group of up to five. 

2. A Community Group or Not-for-Profit Organisation ($160)    
This includes groups of friends, community members and organisations which are not-for-profit including sporting clubs and support groups. 

3. LGBTQI Business or Government ($650)        
This includes any LGBTQI business or government organisation.

Please note that there are additional requirements and checks relating to businesses participating that fall outside the scope of these Parade Entry Guidelines, and are considered under commercial arrangements. If a large brand or company, comparable in terms of its size, scale and customer to Official SGLMG Partners and Event Supporters, wishes to promote itself at the Parade, it needs to become an official partner or supporter at the appropriate financial level. Please contact parade@mardigras.org.au if this is relevant.


To apply to be part of the 2016 Parade you need to: 

  1. Submit a completed Registration Form by 5pm Friday 8th January 2016.
  2. Participate in a consultation. After your Registration is received and reviewed, you will be contacted by a representative to discuss your eligibility, artistic ideas, production tips, potential collaborations with similar groups and maximising your message. Once this is complete, we will review any changes and then send you an approval notification with details for entry fee payment. Some changes may be made in consultation with SGLMG up until 5pm Friday 15th January 2016.
  3. Attend the Entrants Briefing Day. This day is designed to provide Entrants with the opportunity to clear up any remaining questions after viewing a quick presentation on how Parade Day works. You will also collect your Entrants Pack, which contains information on your time and location for arrival, and wristbands for your Entry’s participants required on Parade Day.
  4. Attend the Float Marshals Training Session. This day is designed to provide Float Marshals with the necessary information, skills and accreditation to act as official liaison between Entrant group and SGLMG on Parade night. We will also introduce Marshals to your assigned Block Leader who will be the primary point of contact. 
  5. If there are problems with your application (including incomplete information, or your entry does not meet the parade criteria), SGLMG will discuss the relevant issues with you in an attempt to reach a solution before a final decision is made. This consultation may result in a slight modification of your entry. SGLMG will not under any circumstances alter or make exceptions to the entry criteria to match the application. If a decision is made to reject your application, this will be explained. If you would like this decision reviewed, you can contact parade@mardigras.org.au and your decision will be reviewed by a panel. This panel consists of the CEO, Parade Producer and a Board member. The panel will not review a rejected entry if the applicant does not respond to our request for more information prior to the closing date of applications. If the application is rejected, we will refund your entry fee.

Please note that we are reviewing and approving Registrations as they are submitted. Should we reach our operational capacity of participants and vehicles prior to submission deadline, we will be unable to accept any further registrations. We strongly recommend submitting your Registration as soon as possible.

Please ensure that you have read the following pages before registering.