While we encourage you to dream big about your Parade Entry, there are a few restrictions to ensure that the Parade is safe and aligned with SGLMG values. Entries will be checked prior to the commencement of the Parade by both SGLMG and New South Wales Police so please consider the following when producing your entry:

Float Marshals (New in 2016)

Each Entrant must provide two Float Marshals on Parade night to act as the official liaison and emergency contact between the Entrant group and SGLMG. Responsibilities include:

  • Attend the Float Marshal Training session at the Entrants Briefing Day
  • Check in with our Registration Team and ensure that their participants and vehicle arrive at Start Area at assigned time
  • Wear the accreditation provided by SGLMG on Parade night to identify themselves
  • Remain with their Entry at all times throughout start marshalling, parade route and end breakdown area.

Handouts & Special Effects

SGLMG aims to be as environmentally sustainable as possible and this extends to keeping our Parade route clean. Please discuss with the Parade Office if you have ideas for Handouts or Special Effects. A sample of Handouts must be submitted to the Parade Office by 5pm Friday 8th January, 2016 for approval. Handouts and any objects may not be thrown on the Parade route or to audience members. 

Line-up Order

A number of factors determine your placement in the Parade. We attempt to accommodate as many Entrants’ wishes as possible. Parade placement is in the sole discretion of SGLMG.

On Parade day, all Entrants must line up in the section to which they have been assigned, and must do so at the designated time and location. Each organisation must stay in its section for the duration of the Parade. SGLMG start marshalling volunteers will be at your assigned block to help ensure proper line-up.


Gaps in the Parade train hinder everyone’s enjoyment and delays the time in which everyone can return home or continue partying elsewhere. To avoid this, Entrant groups are expected to be moving forward along the route at a pace of 38 metres per minute, unless stopped by SGLMG volunteers, NSW Police or security.

Participant and Vehicle Numbers

Each Entrant group is limited to a maximum of 100 people and 1 vehicle, including your Float Marshals, Driver and all participants riding on your vehicle, and any photographers or videographers (media content strictly for personal use only). You may request more – however, as we are approving applications soon after they are received, we are unable to commit at that early stage to larger numbers. As soon as submissions close, we will advise if there is any additional space to accommodate larger numbers.

Due to the significant increase of entries in recent years, we must take this approach to provide equal opportunity for all groups to enter. If we accept higher numbers early in the application process, there is the possibility that numbers will be allocated to several larger groups, and subsequent groups will be left out. 

Product and Services Advertisement, Sampling or Promotions

To maintain the integrity of the Parade, no product advertising is permitted. Entrants can stand up and say who they are but not advertise specific products or campaigns. This includes bar nights, events, shows, organisational campaigns and political messages.

Promotions and distributions of product sampling and/or services are not permitted. Ineligible activations include (but are not limited to):

  • Handing out products, samples, and leaflets
  • Use of digital screens, SMS competitions, digital and social media platforms to broadcast, promote messages or engage in commercial transactions
  • Filming of your float and the parade for immediate and/or later broadcast across all forms of media, including online communications such as social media without disclosure on your Registration form and approval from SGLMG
  • Communication in any form of special offers or competitions


Restricted items include animals, fire, open flames, pyrotechnics (fireworks), flares, fire batons, fire breathing, sparklers, sparks, welding, weapons or imitation weapons, hazardous or flammable goods and goods prohibited by law. We also strictly control the use of Projectiles and remote controlled devices including any kind of drone, remote controlled helicopters, places and cars. Other restrictions include full-frontal nudity of lower genitalia, solicitation of funds, and campaigning.

Laws relating to the use of public space, car registration, driving under the influence, the consumption of alcohol and other drugs all remain in place during the Parade.

Television Broadcast

The Parade will be recorded and broadcasted on television, as well as photographed from various media outlets. Your Entrant group’s participating in the Parade constitutes permission to authorise official SGLMG media partners to video, photograph, record and transmit the messages, signage, participants and vehicles/floats  in your Entrant group during the Parade. You are responsible for notifying the individuals in your group about this section and that they may be captured on film for broadcast use.


Vehicles can add a lot to an Entry by carrying people, lights, sound equipment and being transformed into a moving piece of art. The front of your vehicle is what the audience first sees – and first impressions count. Wow the audience! Try to find inventive ways of framing the cab, covering the wheels and transforming the vehicle as effectively as possible.  Please note that as a general rule, we will only permit maximum 1 vehicle per entry and we will expect you to have a creative or practical reason to justify your vehicle(s). The maximum length of this vehicle, including all additions and adornments is: 2.4m wide, 4.5m high and 11m long. These measurements are non-negotiable and are enforced due to external factors such as overhanging signs, maintaining emergency lanes and ensuring vehicles can safely navigate the route. SGLMG will accept the following vehicles:

  • Cars, including convertibles
  • Utes
  • Motorbikes or Trikes
  • 2 – 8  tonne Flatbed Trucks
  • Buses, Minibuses or Vans – Please note that there will be a strict limit to the number of buses in the Parade. Please note that priority for buses will be given to groups with mobility impaired participants


  • Your vehicle must be registered and roadworthy. Police have and will tow unregistered and un-roadworthy vehicles from Start Area. 
  • Your drivers must be appropriately licensed. Some vehicles require a special licence, for example 6 tonne trucks require a LR licence to drive. Check with your vehicle hire company and the RTA.
  • Your drivers must not have a blood alcohol level over the legal limit. Breath testing may occur at start and end areas. 
  • If you have a flatbed truck and participants standing on the tray, you must implement railings or barriers to prohibit people from falling off the edges.
  • Any decorations, lighting/sound systems or staging must be safely secured onto your vehicle. 
  • No one may enter or exit the vehicle once it is in motion on the Parade route
  • Please note that whilst our maximum height is 4.5m for the Parade route, the standard height for public roads is 4.3m and this should be considered when travelling on public roads. If you have a vehicle of this size, you must read the information contained on the following link:

Vehicle Planning Checklist

  • Ensure your Entry meets the legal requirements and is within the maximum dimensions outlined above.
  • Ensure your vehicle is in good condition and suitable for the type of Entry you wish to create
  •  Obtain an automatic vehicle. Manual vehicles are most prone to breakdowns due to excessive clutch use up the incline of the Parade route
  •  Avoid 8 cylinder engines, as they are prone to overheating
  •  Ensure the vehicle can support the size, dimensions and weight of the Entry.
  • Where possible, have the vehicle serviced and ensure tyres are correctly inflated before leaving home. Ensure that the number plates are visible and that the wipers and horn work
  • Make a plan for getting your Entry to the Parade. This includes ensuring that your route to Start Area is suitable for a vehicle of your size. Ensure that there are no decorations or adornings that could fall off and cause injury or damage to traffic.
  • Ensure the vehicle has a first aid kit, a tool kit and jumper cables.
  •  Plan for a driver to stay with the vehicle at all times in the Start Area - the wait can be up to three hours.
  • Ensure your vehicle arrives at the allocated time and location


The large Parade audience offers businesses (big or small) a valuable opportunity to promote their message whilst at the same time assisting Parade entrants to fund their Entry.

We acknowledge that without financial support from small and medium size businesses, many community Parade entries would not be possible or as fabulous as they would otherwise be!

Equally, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras would simply not exist without the generous financial support of our Sponsors and Event Supporters. The revenue that comes from these partnerships is a significant funding source for the operational delivery of the Parade, and to ensure this:

  • Our Sponsors are offered what is known as ‘category exclusivity’ (that is, a competitor’s brand cannot have a presence in the Parade); and
  • Large commercial brands / large businesses are not allowed to be acknowledged as a Financial Supporter (or Sponsor) or a Parade Entry. If a large brand or company, comparable in terms of its size, scale and customer to SGLMG Sponsors and Event Supporters, wishes to promote itself at the Parade, it needs to become an official sponsor/supporter at the appropriate financial level. 


An eligible Parade Entry Financial Supporter is:

  1. Any business that is not a SGLMG Partner Sponsor or Supporter and / or
  2. Any business that is not a competitor of a SGLMG Sponsor or Supporter
  3. Additionally and in most cases we will not approve any business that due to their large size and brand presence could be considered as a future SGLMG Principal, Major, Media Partner or Official Supporter. 
  4. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras reserves the right to request further background information on the background of your supporter and make further decisions about its suitability for the parade outside this criteria
  5. Unless otherwise approved, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras does not consider sponsorship from escort agencies, sex on premises venues, brothels or similar agencies appropriate for the parade viewing audience.

For guidance on this, please contact the Parade Office at the time of submitting your Registration. We are happy to review on a case by case basis and will take into consideration the nature of the association with the proposed float entry and proposed acknowledgement.


Entries are allowed to show a message from their supporter in two locations on their Entry (e.g. one on each side). The message must show support for the LGBTQI community or issues that are relevant to LGBTQI’s. Find out what your supporter wants to say – what is it that they believe in? If they believe in their LGBTQI employees, in diversity, in marriage equality these can all be expressed in your signage.

There is no specific form for the wording of your Supporter’s message, although the message will need to be approved by SGLMG. It should mean something to you, your Supporter, be real and be relevant to the LGBTQI community. It should ideally align with the message of your Entry. Remember, the important thing from your supporter is their demonstration of support, not their brand!

Signage guidelines:

  • You can acknowledge your supporter(s) twice on your Entry (e.g. once on each side of your vehicle)
  • Lettering in the supporter acknowledgement must not exceed 45cm in height
  • The length of the supporter(s) message cannot be more that 50% of the length of the vehicle
  • Supporter signage cannot use the abbreviation LGBTQI or any similar abbreviation
  • The supporter(s) name and logo must be the same font size as the message of support
  • The supporter(s) name and logo must not be more prominent than your Entry name
  • Each supporter must acknowledge their support individually

This is the only way your supporter(s) can be acknowledged on your Entry. Logos in isolation or the inclusion of product names, commercial website addresses are not permitted. The specifics of signage sizing are in the Information Pack that follows your Expression of Interest.

Examples include:

  • ABC Hardware loves the Rainbow Marchers and proudly supports the Gay & Lesbian community
  • We support your right to marry the person you love – ABC Company
  • ABC Industrial is proud to be associated with the Lesbian and Gay singers

When and how do I disclose a Parade entry Financial Supporter?

You must detail the names of any supporters(s) and their message on your Registration form.

Any changes need to be approved by the Parade Office prior to the local Entrants Briefing Day in mid-February. The Parade Office has the right to deny supporter signage if it conflicts these guidelines and or / with agreements with SGLMG’s  sponsors. We may wish to speak with you further on your sponsorship at the Entrants Briefing Day.

We will not accept or allow entry on Parade Day unless we have pre-approved your application AND that your signage and messaging matches what has been approved. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras reserves the right to cover or remove any signage that does not comply with the above guidelines.