Mardi Gras Statement

Some of the participants of the ANZ float entry in the Mardi Gras Parade 2016. Photo by Hamid Mousa for SGLMG 2016.

Some of the participants of the ANZ float entry in the Mardi Gras Parade 2016. Photo by Hamid Mousa for SGLMG 2016.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is an incredible celebration of our vibrant community as well as being an extraordinary platform for individuals, community groups, brands and businesses to show their support for a myriad of issues faced by the LGBTQI community, including Marriage Equality. 

For brands and businesses, supporting these issues and involving themselves in events like Mardi Gras means they take an important public stance that resonates with their LGBTQI staff, customers and others who do business with them. This public support also reaches the broader community which helps to create awareness and understanding of these issues, as well as garner additional advocates who support equality.

There are many ongoing issues faced by our community, both here in Australia and internationally, including transgender rights, LGBTQI asylum seekers, mental health & homelessness of LGBTQI young people or, in some countries, just the simple fact that being gay could have you jailed or killed. For brands to stake their support publicly and stand behind our community, they join many others in championing equality, respect and compassion for all.

David Watson

221 Sydney Park Road, Erskineville NSW 2043, Australia

Chief Strategist David Watson is a 20+ year sales and marketing veteran that has worked across different industries with a diverse range of businesses. Prior to launching Strategy Point, David was employed by photo print retailer Momento for over 7 years and in that time was instrumental in growing Momento from startup into a successful brand and service with millions of dollars of annual revenue. This experience provides his clients with unique insights and an unparalleled perspective of photographic consumers, sales and marketing, and maximising business opportunities. David has a Diploma in Strategic Marketing and is currently undertaking an Advanced Diploma of Marketing course. He is an associate member of the Australian Marketing Institute, a member of the National Board for the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and is a member of the advisory board for the Head On Photo Festival. In his spare time David walks his pooch Rosie around Sydney Park, hones his photography, cheers for the Sydney Swans, indulges in reality TV and dreams of overseas holidays. He also supports two organizations that are close to his heart - Twenty10 who provide support for homeless gay and lesbian youth, and Assistance Dogs Australia who provide freedom and independence to people with physical disabilities.