Okenyo (AUS)

Introducing a hot new talent for a Mardi Gras Party debut leading the community show - Okenyo!

Awakening the mystical and evoking the mythical, neo-soul/electro goddess OKENYO plunges between worlds, embodying a “modern-day Cleopatra, exuberant with confidence, grace and a fierce sense of style and attitude” (happy.com)

Her expressive and achingly beautiful melodies invite listeners on a journey through the underworld, a mirror world of reality where personal stories meet ancient mythology. Enigmatic, mysterious and evocative in her lyricism and storytelling, OKENYO, emerges from the pack as a uniquely charismatic artist, part of a new generation of powerful women set to make their mark.

“My lyrics and music come from an amalgamation of my own personal stories, classical or mythical tales, philosophers, writers and the people I love or have loved. I really do see these writers, painters and storytellers as my co-writers and collaborators.”

OKENYO’s new song ‘JUST A STORY’ is a wry, soulful track – a tongue-in-cheek comment on being suffocated by another’s desire and the rituals of relationships.

“I wrote ‘Just a Story’ on a hot afternoon in my apartment in Sydney after having a strange altercation with a friend and I can remember the verses just spat out without stopping. I don't consciously know what I'm writing but when I look back after time and come to work on structuring a song I'll see that my subconscious was working for me in a very obvious and direct way - I want the lyrics and instrumentation to emerge without hindrance and I'll work the technical stuff later.”

Described as the love child of Janelle Monae and Frank Ocean, Elle magazine picked OKENYO in their ‘Top 50 people to watch’; BrightestYoungThings in the Top 9 live International Acts at the CMJ Music Marathon; AU REVIEW said OKENYO was the highlight of a competitive Day 1 at Bigsound Festival in Brisbane while YEN magazine rapturously exclaimed, “Every once in a while, a new musician comes along that makes us hold our breath, grab the sides of the monitor and hope to sweet baby Jesus that he or she becomes a huge hit.”

See more at: OKENYO.COM

Community Show - 12.30am

Remember that song that inspired you to stand up and be yourself? That song that got your toes tapping? Those friends that encourage you to be yourself?  This community show is about this momentum. Get up, dance and be yourself. A huge cast taken right out of the community - dancing together to the crescendo of the new talent Okenyo.  We will also pay tribute to the great David Bowie - a leading figure in promoting that to be yourself is to win. We are community. We are all winners. It is our night to dance. 


David Watson

221 Sydney Park Road, Erskineville NSW 2043, Australia

Chief Strategist David Watson is a 20+ year sales and marketing veteran that has worked across different industries with a diverse range of businesses. Prior to launching Strategy Point, David was employed by photo print retailer Momento for over 7 years and in that time was instrumental in growing Momento from startup into a successful brand and service with millions of dollars of annual revenue. This experience provides his clients with unique insights and an unparalleled perspective of photographic consumers, sales and marketing, and maximising business opportunities. David has a Diploma in Strategic Marketing and is currently undertaking an Advanced Diploma of Marketing course. He is an associate member of the Australian Marketing Institute, a member of the National Board for the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and is a member of the advisory board for the Head On Photo Festival. In his spare time David walks his pooch Rosie around Sydney Park, hones his photography, cheers for the Sydney Swans, indulges in reality TV and dreams of overseas holidays. He also supports two organizations that are close to his heart - Twenty10 who provide support for homeless gay and lesbian youth, and Assistance Dogs Australia who provide freedom and independence to people with physical disabilities.