"There is a photo of us in our bedroom. We are huddled together in the tray of a Ute, on top of a mattress Laura had just bought for her new apartment. We had been together only a month, it was summer and I call it the best moment of all time.

I think of it right now and it still makes my heart so happy at how quickly she jumped up on the mattress when I asked her. She didn't hesitate, she didn't think I was lame and she didn't care about what anyone else around us would think. She was with me no matter what. I said, "Can you come up here?”. She leapt up, scooted up close, wrapped her arms around me and smiled at the camera and my heart fucking exploded.

I felt so loved, I felt accepted and I felt like my perfect match was beside me. It was the best moment of all time and I love her more every day."

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