"If you really knew me you would know I am a Registered Nurse, that I have a great capacity for caring, love and fun. I ride a motorbike and love music and animals. I have wonderful family and friends. You would know that I am a widow. That I was married to my wife for eight years.

"You would know that our beautiful wedding, vows and love was not legally recognised. You would learn of the struggles I faced after my wife's death two years ago, to prove we were a couple - that I am the next of kin. The automatic rights of married couples are lost to same sex unions. It is an abomination that I had to provide statutory declarations and photos of our wedding day to prove we were a couple that 'considered themselves' married.

"I am barely a sliver of the whole me that once lived a wonderfully happy life, in love with my soul mate. I am strong, kind and brave. I have tattoos dedicated to my wife. I am facing new challenges everyday as someone I never thought I would be, or could be. Ever honouring the love of my life. Michelle died of a brain tumour - aged forty-nine.

"My bare naked truth is my grief. Stripped back of the many layers we (all) carry, I am naked in my grief. Vulnerable, honest and real."

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