"As soon as I realised I was attracted to women I identified as a Lesbian. I had no doubts and had a sense of finally feeling like I had things sussed out about myself, this felt right and comfortable and me. I have always been proud to be out and felt lucky to live in a place that for the most part, I was safe being out. Since I came out 17 years ago, I have challenged those around me to see that LGBTIQ attractions are entirely normal.

The hardest person to tell was my Dad because I knew he would struggle, and he did for quite some time. After many years and much work we have become close again, as his only child I'm so happy with that. I never thought the day would come when he'd love a girlfriend of mine, but we're there now and it's great. Mum on the other hand was always accepting and encouraging. She's the best.

I love being a lesbian, to feel part of our community and I want the hate to stop. This is worth it if one person changes how they view me, a feminist dyke that is a good person that happens to love a woman rather than a man."

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