2017 Mardi Gras Parade - photo Hamid Mousa

2017 Mardi Gras Parade - photo Hamid Mousa

To apply to be part of the 2018 Parade you will need to:

1.     Submit a completed Application Form by 5PM Friday 17 November 2017 and include:

·       Your creative concept

·       Previous history of participating in the Parade

·       Benefit and relevance to LGBTQI communities

·       Relevance to the 40th anniversary

2.     Consultation

After your application is received, you may be contacted by a Mardi Gras representative to discuss your eligibility, artistic ideas, production tips, potential collaborations with similar groups and maximising your message. This is a chance to enhance the original submission with more images and further develop your creative ideas.

We may also speak with you if you have incomplete information, or your entry does not meet the parade criteria.  SGLMG will discuss any issues with you to reach a solution before a final decision will be made. This consultation may result in a slight modification of your entry.

We highly recommend submitting your Application form early to allow time for a consultation if necessary.

3.     Attend the Creative Ideas Workshop

If you would like help in developing your creative ideas, concept and float, props and costume design we encourage you to attend the Creative Ideas Workshop. Representatives from Mardi Gras and the community will be on hand to help you develop your 2018 concept. The Creative Ideas Workshop will be held in late October.    

4.     Selection Process

Our Curatorial Committee with representatives from both SGLMG and our community will assess all applications to determine which entries will be accepted into the 2018 Parade.

LGBTQI organisations will get first preference and all applications will be assessed on:   

·       Meeting the Eligibility criteria

·       Providing a well-designed, creative concept

·       Ability to plan and deliver the creative concept including budget

·       Benefit and relevance to LGBTQI communities

·       Relevance to the 40th anniversary

Under no circumstances will SGLMG alter or make exceptions to the entry criteria to match an individual or groups application.

If we receive more applications than our total capacity allows and your application has met the selection criteria, the curatorial committee may review your application based on previous Parade history and support of LGBTQI communities.

5.     Notification

·       Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their entry from 27 NOV to 1 DEC 2017.

·       If you are successful in your application you will be sent an approval notification with details of your entry fee. Payment must be received by 5PM FRI 2 FEB 2018

·       If you are successful in your application you may continue to make changes to your entry or float in consultation with SGLMG up until 5PM FRI 12 JAN 2018.

·       If a decision is made not to accept your application, this will be explained.

6.     Attend the Entrants Briefing Day

This day is designed to provide entrants with the opportunity to clear up any remaining questions after viewing a quick presentation on how Parade Day works. You will also collect your Entrants Pack, which contains information on how to collect participant wristbands, your exact arrival time and entry location. It also includes details on your position in the Parade and the approximate time your float will leave the start area.

7.     Liaising with SGLMG

When liaising with SGLMG Staff and volunteers, please show respect and follow their directions and requests.  Any inappropriate behaviour (such as verbal abuse) will result in an application withdrawal.