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Parade Running Order

When the Parade sashays down Oxford and Flinders Streets on Saturday 3 March, here's the complete list of all the floats you’ll see...

1. Dykes on Bikes Sydney

The Parade begins with the roar of the Dykes on Bikes engines! Australia’s longest running female-identified motorcycle club, and one of the country's oldest LGBTQI community groups. “240 bikes, revving up the crowd, leading the Parade as we have done for many years now – 2018 will be our 30th year in Mardi Gras.”

2. Boys on Bikes

Boys on Bikes is open to any gay male motorcycle rider who wishes to join. “Typically we are made up from members from the various gay motorcycle groups ­ Roadrunners, Homoto and Melbourne Motorcycle Tourers.”

3. Melbourne Motorcycles Tourers

Melbourne Motorcycle Tourers Inc is a club for gay and lesbian motorcyclists in Victoria. They just love to ride - some have been riding for 40+ years while others are just starting out.

4. First Nations - ‘Revolution’

“Since Mardi Gras’ first year in 1978, members of our community have been involved and represented in Australia’s biggest LGBTI event.  While 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the parade, this year also marks the 30th anniversary of our first official float, which served as a political statement about the nation’s 1988’s bicentennial celebrations, given it did not acknowledge over 40 thousand years of our history.

“This year will take us back to where it all began for the First Nations peoples LGTBQI community in the parade. The float will be led by an historical Aboriginal flag that was created by a group of our LGTBQI in the community as well as the Captain Cook costume that was worn by the late Malcolm Cole in the original 1988 float 30 years ago. 

“Diverse community members who’ve travelled from across the country to celebrate Mardi Gras’ 40th Anniversary, and to take part in joining together on the first Nations float.

“Our float this year is called Revolution, and is created and led by First Nations people of diverse gender and sexuality, together with family, friends and supporters. The theme highlights that we can be successful in achieving equality in all LGBTQI communities around Australia, including Indigenous peoples.”

5. 78ers

For the 40th anniversary Parade, more 78ers than ever before are joining us, reuniting from across Australia. The ‘78ers are the valiant group people who gathered at Taylor Square on a Saturday in June 1978 to march down Oxford street at a time when homosexuality was still a criminal act. Little did they know what they were to create!

6. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras - ‘The Evolutionary Dinner Party’

A wonderfully bizarre and theatrical dinner procession to celebrate 40 years of Mardi Gras, featuring: iconic Mardi Gras costumes; 26 waiters in stylized ‘Klaus Nomi inspired’ black & white costumes pushing hot pink butterfly chairs; a giant Happy Mardi Gras champagne bottle; an enormous 2018 Evolutionary poster and a number of surprises served up on platters for dinner.

This surreal procession includes 40 special dinner guests – celebrating key artists, designers and characters who have created iconic Mardi Gras costumes and characters that have all been such big part of Mardi Gras’ history: including a tribute to Ron Muncaster featuring one of the very first costumes he made and the very last costume he made before he passed away in 2017; a stunning Peter Tully inspired costume; recreations of Brenton Heath-Kerr’s Gingham Woman (1991) and Pip Playford’s CowDyke; Ethel Yarwood's Sodomite; Kathy Sant and Jenny Mann's Pink Dalek and Water Bottle costume.

When this flamboyant and marvellous procession gets to Taylor Square it becomes a fascinating tableau - the poster magically turns into a massive table, the oversized chairs go around the table, the colourful guests take their seats, the waiters hand out specially made pink glittered champagne glasses, and the guests toast to 40 years of Mardi Gras as the champagne bottle explodes pink and silver flutter over the entire scene.

7. The Order of Perpetual Indulgence - Sydney House ‘Still Here, Still Queer’

“We are an order of Sydney based gay male nuns and lesbian monks in Gay, Lesbian and other communities supporting people's natural right to live and love whomever they wish, in the way that is natural for them. We work towards a world where loving someone of the same sex is not a crime, nor is it a reason for shame. We wear antiquated, outdated religious habits which parody the antiquated, outdated views still held by established religions and those people that propagate hatred and bigotry.”

8. The Other 39'ers - ‘Special Moments and Memories’

“We are past directors, volunteers, employees, and parade participants who have shared in the highs and lows of Mardi Gras over the last 39 years subsequent to 1978. For us Mardi Gras has provided  the vehicle for creative, satirical and irreverent expression of our diverse differences and validation of our lives through community. It has been edgy, funny, political and controversial at different times over the years.

“We will share our Special Moments and Memories and reignite the edginess, humour, political satire, controversy and irreverence that have been expressed at different times by community through Mardi Gras Parade and Festival over the years. Our banners will highlight words and images that give expression to the SM&Ms of participants.”

9. Australian Marriage Equality

Australian Marriage Equality formed in 2004 as a volunteer-driven group that has played a vital role in achieving marriage equality. Over thirteen years, through countless conversations, local forums across the country and the efforts of so many, this group helped to open up hundreds of thousands of hearts and minds on the issue of marriage equality. When the nation faced a public vote, the group worked in partnership with Australians for Equality as the Equality Campaign. This year AME volunteers and campaigners finally march to celebrate marriage equality in Australia and to thank volunteers across the country for their tireless efforts for equality.

10. Australians for Equality

In early 2016, when it looked as though Australians would be forced to vote on the issue of marriage equality, Australians for Equality, together with Australian Marriage Equality and other organisations, drew together the incredible infrastructure of the Equality Campaign to help win a YES. At the height of the campaign there were over 80 full-time campaigners and over 15,000 volunteers working together to achieve marriage equality. Today, Australians for Equality march in recognition of the important work that continues still today. We stand united to make sure every LGBTI person is treated fairly in Australia.

11. City of Sydney – ‘MARDI GRAS FOREVER’

“As we settle in to the wonderful success of achieving marriage equality, we think that it is more important than ever to show our support for Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is such an important part of Sydney - we would like to show that we are committed to the organisation as it grows and continues to celebrate LGBTQI communities in Australia and around the world.”

12. Alex Greenwich MP & Lord Mayor Clover Moore

"Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich MP will once again join forces for parade entry to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. They will be joined by their volunteers and supporters to thank the LGBTIQ community’s hard work progressing equality. It’s only fitting that their car will again be driven by Alex’s husband, Victor. Alex was also the co-chair of the successful YES Campaign that lead to marriage equality and Clover’s unwavering support of the LGBTIQ communion dates back to when she became one of the first politicians to march in Mardi Gras, and has been marching since 1986.

The Alex Greenwich & Clover Moore Mardi Gras parade entry will also pay tribute to those who marched in 1978 through adversity and violence to pave the way for a fairer and more equal Australia.

13. Trikone Australiasia – ‘Monsoon Wedding - A Queer South Asian Celebration of Equality’

“Trikone Australasia is a Sydney-based community organisation providing social support and a safe, nurturing environment for LGBT people of South Asian origin. We organise events, host meet-ups and plan social outings to encourage friendships, while also showcase South Asian talent to help nurture pride and confidence.”

14. Rainbow Families – ‘Generations of Sparkle’

"Our parents and kids represent both history, the hope and future of next generations.... a generation that will truly sparkle!”

Rainbow Families is a network of support to children and families within the NSW LGBTIQ community. Lesbian mums, gay dads, trans parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and all types of rainbow families come together through our social events, playgroups, parent education sessions and other activities to learn, meet other LGBTIQ families, make new friends and build resilient families.

Using bikes, with sound systems pumping kid friendly upbeat music, and banners, our mums, dads and kids will walk, scooter, skip, push and high five their way down the parade route.

15. Gay Dads – ‘Love makes a Family - The Future Sparkles’

This group is for gay men local to NSW Australia, who are already fathers or those seeking to become fathers. It includes surrogacy, co-parenting, children from prior relationships, fostering and adoption.

“Wearing costumes, marching behind pushbikes, banners and upbeat music, we want to be as visible as possible to help gay men see that they too can be fathers.”

16. Rainbow Families – Playgroup – ‘Together we Sparkle’

Rainbow Families runs and supports a number of playgroups for preschool aged children. Playgroups are a safe space where parents and children can meet weekly and form friendships with other LGBTIQ families.

“Using a bike, sound system and bubble machine, we will be dressed in matching t shirts and outfits and be making a scene with sparkly accessories. This will be a float of mostly parents with children younger than 5, so expect lots of sparkly prams in this one!”

17. NSW Trans Youth Alliance – ‘Trans and Proud’

This group is 128 trans youth mostly aged 16-19, from Sydney and surrounds. “Our aim is to have a clear messages of gender freedom and trans pride.”

18. Rainbow Babies and Kids – ‘Equal means everybody’

“We run social events, playgroups and camping trips for children of LGBTIQ families. We always wear black shirts with our logo on the front and each year’s theme on the back. For 2018 it will be an equal sign on the back. We have the rainbow babies banner at the front and the kids ride scooters.”

19. ANZ – So much YAY

ANZ is celebrating diversity, equality and 12 years supporting Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. A celebration 40 years in the making. This year more than ever, there is so much to celebrate, there is So Much Yay. ANZ’s float “YAYNZ” will bring people’s messages of celebration to the parade along with 200 staff, family and friends dancing through Sydney to ‘When Love Takes Over’ in a carnival of rainbow fabulousness.

20. ACON – ‘This Mardi Gras How Do You Do It?’

ACON’s parade entry will raise awareness of the three ways gay men can now choose to practice safe sex: with condoms, by using HIV prevention drug PrEP or, if they’re HIV positive, by having an undetectable viral load (UVL) by being on treatment. There’s no longer a one size fits all approach to safe sex. We can now choose from a range of strategies – condoms, PrEP or UVL – to maximise sexual pleasure while protecting ourselves and our partners from HIV. The float will feature ACON’s iconic letters, led by a choreographed troupe of dancers and followed by ACON volunteers and staff.

21. Holden MardiCars

"As a company that has always existed to drive Australia forward, Holden is continuing its partnership with Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras with another fleet of Holden MardiCars. Emblazoned with red sparkles to celebrate Mardi Gras’ 40th ‘ruby’ anniversary, the Holden MardiCars will light up the parade, and the road ahead for equality." Leading the charge on the Holden MardiCars will be local community icons from the 2017 Honour Awards. Established in 2007, the Honour Awards celebrates outstanding individuals and organisations in the LGBTI community whose service and/or achievements have made a difference in the lives of LGBTI people in NSW. On the cars will be:
Cameron Beasley & Jarrod Cramp – They’re the Gold Coast based founding duo of Mr Mr Fitness, where they promote inclusive health and wellness approaches and champion the elimination of body shaming within the Queensland LGBT+ community.
David Francis – Mr Gay Pride Australia in 2017, and current Ambassador for StartOut Australia where he’s working to promote positive metal health for people of diverse sexuality and gender.
Ricky Devine White – From across the ditch, Ricky is the current Mr Gay New Zealand, where he’s a passionate and vocal campaigner for human rights and ending HIV.
Joy 94.9 – Representatives from Australia’s OUT LOUD PROUD radio station, this year celebrating 25 years on air. Joy 94.9 were the first, and remain Australia’s only, dedicated LGBTIA community radio station!

22. Asian Marching Boys & Friends – Time to Bloom!

The Asian Marching Boys and friends are a group of individual, a group of people of different cultures coming together with a unifying goal - to be free and bloom. The creative concept 'Time to Bloom' celebrates how AMBF have grown from a minority group and have bloomed amidst society pressure.

23. Netflix - STREAMING LOVE

Celebrating the Netflix characters and stories Aussies know and love! We’ve laughed with them, fell in love with them, done time with them and even solved crime with them. And for the first time in Australia, we’ll have the chance to walk alongside, loud and proud, with them at the 40th Annual Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. Stars from Netflix Originals: Orange Is The New Black, 13 Reasons Why, Ultimate Beastmaster and Mindhunter will be marching down Oxford Street with an entourage of 'streaming characters', and dancers, in a fabulous display of ‘streaming love’.

24. Broken Heel Festival

The Broken Heel Festival will be in its 4th and most fabulous year in 2018. It celebrates the anniversary of the release of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert in her spiritual hometown of Broken Hill. Look out for a giant, glittering silver stiletto, very much reminiscent of a silver stiletto that once sat on top of a bus travelling to Alice Springs!

25. Raio de Sol Community Samba Band - 40 Years and Still Banging

Raio de Sol is Canberra’s community samba band. “We play South American rhythms that will get your feet dancing, bring joy to your heart and a smile to your face. Proudly percussion, our beats are intoxicating, vibrant and for everyone, young and old. With rainbows, feathers, lights, flowers, hats, glitter and skin, we’ll be accompanied by samba dancers who are always fabulous and add even more of a festival atmosphere. A gloriously diverse, colourful, entertaining, vibrant and a true celebration of 40 years of Mardi Gras."

26. Trans Sydney Pride – Power & Pride

“Trans Sydney Pride is an online social and support group for the Transgender and Gender Non Conforming community. We offer support, advocacy and visibility for transgender people and hold events in order to raise awareness in the wider community. Leading our entry will be an army Jeep, followed by our Transgender and Gender Non Conforming members dressed as warriors. Trans and Gender Non Conforming people embrace our power to live our authentic lives and take pride in our collective strength. This year we support all transgender people serving in the military - we stand with you.”

27. Australian Defence Force – ‘Defence - Serving with Pride’

Defence is proud of its evolving culture and recognises the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Defence partners with DEFGLIS at the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade to recognise the important support that LGBTI Defence families contribute to personnel.

28. DEFGLIS – Defence LGBTI Information Service

Defence is an increasingly diverse and inclusive organisation that actively supports its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) members. The Australian Defence Force and Department of Defence defend Australia and Australia's national interests. DEFGLIS is a charity that supports and represents LGBTI personnel and their families.

This year, Australian Defence Force members and Australian Public Service personnel will again march in the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade, providing an opportunity for Defence personnel to march with pride for their service and demonstrate their support for LGBTI personnel and their families, and the LGBTI community.

29. Free Gay and Happy - It's Gay Christmas (feat. Heather #1)

Free Gay and Happy (fgnhappy) is a social group of friends and friends of friends - made up of almost 700 LGBTQI and straight members.  Our members are from around the country and all over the world.

30. Sydney Leather Pride – Leather Evolution - 40 years of Australian Leather and Fetish Pride

Sydney Leather Pride Association has been a community group participant in the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade for many many years. This year, for the 40th anniversary of MG, we will have more of a broader Australian Contingent, with representatives from the leather communities across Australia: Sydney Leather Pride, Australian Leatherman, Australian Bootblack, VicLeather, QLD BootCo, Adelaide Leather & fetish plus more.

31. NSW Police Force – We've Come a Long Way in 40 Years

“We would like to demonstrate how different the NSW Police Force is today, compared to 1978. The contingent will feature GLLO - LGBTI Liaison officers PLUS allies - a broader network of staff from across the organisation committed to supporting LGBTI employees.”

32. Wear it Purple – Purple or Blue We Stand With You

“Wear it Purple is a youth run organisation for rainbow young people. Our aim is to empower young people to be proud of who they are, and be the change that they want to see. Wear it Purple and the NSW Police Force will be marching along side each other again this year. Wear it Purple will have uniform Purple shirts, we will also be having a large purple flag that all the participants will be carrying."

33. SBS – 40 Years & Growing

Aptly named ‘40 Years & Growing’, the 2018 SBS Tree of Love float is was designed to represent the progression of equality, diversity and inclusion over the years. Values that both SBS and Mardi Gras live and celebrate together on this historic occasion. The float takes its inspiration from a small group of LGBTQI pioneers who In 1978 planted a seed for equality on Oxford Street Sydney. Forty years later it has grown into a celebration of love, respect and pride. This year sees over 80 SBS staff and casts members dancing and marching to celebrate the milestones and promote further growth in our wonderful community.

34. The Flying Bats Women's Football Club – Dancing Batgirls

“The Flying Bats Football Club is an LGBTIQ+ women's community football club. We're the largest lesbian football club in the world. Through football we promote inclusivity, health and wellbeing, and creating a sense of community. Whilst we predominantly identify as lesbian, we welcome all women - lesbian, queer, bi, straight, cis, trans, intersex - to come and play football and socialise.”

35. Sydney Marching Flaggs

The Marching Flaggs is a choreographed marching group - a Colourful display of synchronized flagg waving. The flagg dancers hold a weighted piece of fabric in each hand, which are manipulated to form swirling shapes and patterns. The result is a riot of colour and movement, a proud vibrant declaration of our LGBTQ identity.

36. Sydney Opera House – Out at the House

Over the last 45 years, the Sydney Opera House has showcased countless LGBTQI performers on its stages. Designed by George Savoulis, the float will be a large 3D light-up interpretation of the glorious Opera House sails. Costumes will be designed by Tim Chappel (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) and Gerry Connelly will feature as Queen Elizabeth ‘opening’ the House.

37. People with Disability Australia – Evolution to Inclusion

People with Disability Australia is a national disability rights and advocacy organisation, whose primary membership is made up of people with disability and organisations primarily constituted by people with disability. “Our entry will be a timeline of floats from recent years to our float of 2018.”

38. Selamat Datang GLBTIQ – United We Evolve

Selamat Datang GLBTIQ was created to show support for GLBTIQ Indonesians in Australia and Indonesia. “By having a presence in the parade, we are showing our community in Indonesia we support them.”

39. Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby – 30 Years Fighting For Equality

The Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby advances equality for LGTBQI people by lobbying politicians, government departments, policy makers and the media to redress discrimination against our community.

40. Harbour City Bears – Don't Rain on Our Parade, as it's Raining Bears

The Harbour City Bears are a group of large, hairy, gay men and their friends and their admirers. "Our entry title is cheeky swipe at the fact that the weather is never 100% on the day and/or night of the Mardi Gras Parade and that our Bear Essentials festival was themed WET. We are celebrating the 40 years by just enjoying ourselves down the parade route in nothing but a towel, highlighting the fact that we are have gone a far way in accepting many people, body types and genders in our membership.”

41. Australian and International Bears – Don't Rain on Our Parade, as it's Raining Bears

This is a group consisting of VicBears, BrisBears, Bear Men of Australia, Bear New Zealand, and Bears Perth and any other bear organization that wants to be part of the parade. Hosting various events in their respective states, we give the Bears a place to be social and enjoy each other’s company.

42. Wella Professionals – Love In Colour

Leading hair colour, care and styling company, Wella Professionals, is this year’s loud, proud major sponsor of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2018. Their float celebrates the colour, diversity, creativity and fabulousness of the hairdressing industry as a whole, and the Wella family around the world. A long-time supporter of the LGBTQI community and an ongoing partner of Pride celebrations globally, Wella Professionals is here to celebrate the full LGBTQI spectrum, each as wonderful, individual and diverse as the next.

43. Melbourne Marching Girls – 'A League of Their Own' - Women in Aussie Rules Mark Their Mark

The Melbourne Marching Girls have been an active social/community group for Melbourne's LBTIQ women for 18 years. In re-forming for the 40th Anniversary of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade the Melbourne Marching Girls pay tribute to all the women who play/have played AFL Football and now have “a league of their own”.


This is a Chinese Australian LGBTQI group, and its entry title is a combination of English and Chinese. “AI in Chinese means love, while in English, the most common meaning would be artificial intelligence. Members of our team are excited about the high-tech of AI, which represents a profound change in the history of life on Earth. Love equality is also a profound change in the history of civilisation, which we believe it will happen in the near future. This is why we decided to combine the dual implication of 'AI' into the theme of our float, love and future.”

45. Kirketon Road Centre – Saluting 40 Triumphant Years

Kirketon Road Centre is a NSW Health service providing sexual health services, drug and alcohol services, outreach services, and Youth Clinics. For this year’s Parade, KRC float will have a 70’s styled twist.

46. Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir – Singing rEVOLution

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir is a non-auditioned choir which welcomes members regardless of their sexual identity or musical experience. The choir is open to all – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, intersex, queer and our straight allies. "Our cosinging has been an evolution over the years and within the community and the choir itself it has been a revolution. We also want to highlight the different forms of technology that have been present since Mardi Gras began 40 years ago.”

47. The Glamaphones Inc. – Singing rEVOLution

“We are the Glamaphones, the Wellington NZ gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex community SATB choir. We are a friendly mixed community based choir welcoming anyone who wishes to sing. We’re collaborating with the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir for our Mardi Gras entry.”

48. Sydney Convicts Rugby – The Game They Play In Heaven

Formed in 2004, the Sydney Convicts are Australia’s first gay and inclusive rugby union club. The Convicts are committed to building a competitive, social and diverse club which welcomes players from all levels of experience. It’s said that "Rugby is the game they play in heaven” so expect an angelic-style float from the players this year.

49. R U OK?

R U OK? is about supporting mental health and suicide prevention nationally, not only the LGBTQIA community, but for everyone. Their float promotes love, acceptance and equality – and highlights the support and resources for mental health for those in the LGBTQIA community.

50. The University of Sydney – Rally.Change.Evolve.Repeat

The University of Sydney Ally Network supports our LGBTIQ students and staff. "The University’s float is led by Ally Network Champion, Professor Stephen Garton, and features students and staff from across the organisation, including members of its Ally Network. Last year, the University ‘roared with pride’ at the parade. This year, it’s flying high as a butterfly, symbolising its theme of change and evolution. Just as Mardi Gras changed history 40 years ago, the University is transforming to become even more open and diverse."

51. The VR: Queer Roller Derby – Wheely Ready to Roll

The VR was formed from the desire within our community to foster the already inclusive attitude within Roller Derby and to create safe and fun events for our queer participants. This year’s float will be a nod to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert!

52. Twenty10 inc. GLCS NSW – Flaming Future: Be Yourself But Don’t Leave Anyone Behind!

“We are a Sydney based service working across New South Wales providing a broad range of specialised services for young people 12-25 including housing, mental health, counselling and social supports. For adults we provide social support and for people of all ages we offer telephone support and webchat as the NSW provider for the national QLife project. We also offer inclusivity training for working inclusively and respectfully with LGBTIQA+ populations. For this year’s float, the message of inclusivity will be depicted through visions of what future evolution may look like for them free of oppression and discrimination.”

53. Qlife

QLife is Australia’s first nationally-oriented counselling and referral service for LGBTI people, providing nationwide, early intervention, peer-supported telephone and web-based services to people of all ages across the full breadth of people’s bodies, genders, relationships, sexualities, and lived experiences.

54. The Greens – Yes Yes Yes

"The Greens have campaigned tirelessly for LGBTQI rights for decades. Our float will celebrate the achievement of marriage equality and look forward to the next big campaign for the LGBTIQ community.”

55. Lifesavers with Pride – Bringing the nation together - at the beach

“Lifesavers with Pride is Surf Life Saving's LGBT advisory group.  We represent the LGBT members within lifesaving, and present the public face to the LGBT community for lifesaving. All our marchers will be carrying large flags identifying the beaches from around the country that make up Surf Life Saving.  We will also have nippers in our parade for the first time, representing the lifesavers of tomorrow who, like the rest of us, just want to see role models on the beach today regardless of their sexuality.”

56. QANTAS – Dreams take you further

Qantas is celebrating 40 years of Mardi Gras with an ode to its history and involvement in the Parade. Viewers will catch a glimpse of Qantas’ float, the “Gayviation” (a replica of its first float featured in 1997), before it transitions into the newest aircraft in the Qantas fleet: the Dreamliner. Old meets new, tied together by a Rainbow and the Qantas troupe taking flight with their own wings.

57. Gay Tradies

We represent the trades and services in the parade each year. A group of tradies and their friends marching to say that there are gay people in trades and services too!

58. In Loving Memory of Carmen Rupe - A Tribute

Friends of Carmen Rupe is a group paying tribute to the late Carmen Rupe, the New Zealand-born anti-discrimination activist who helped pave the way for transgender people after her. Carmen is much-missed by her many friends, families and community since she passed away in 2011, and this float pays tribute to her.

59. Mature Age Gays

“Mature Age Gays has been supporting older gay and bi-sexual men in offering a safe, friendly and supportive environment. We meet twice a month in the ACON Building in Surry Hills. MAG has been doing this since 1991, and recently celebrated its 26th Anniversary.”

60. GIRLTHING – Vaults of Heaven

GiRLTHING is a community-based event network focusing on lesbian/queer youth in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Their 2018 Parade float will take you to heaven, with lots of lights, angels, fairies, neons and smoke machines!

61. Rural and Regional Alliance of Queer Students – Out in this World

The idea of our float is a science-fiction inspired design, as a pun of "out of this world" and being publicly out in the world. We want to colour-code our outfits to be chrome with trimmings of rainbow where possible. As people who are from often unseen places in the queer community, we want to make it clear that we're visible, and that we're accessible for anyone who is living, or has lived in, a rural or regional area, and has the experiences of not having a local LGBTQIA+ community, of not having 'gay bars' and other LGBTQIA+ friendly spaces, of only knowing a handful of a other LGBTQIA+ people if you're lucky.

62. Australia's Gay Nomads – INTENTS PLEASURE

Australia’s Gay Nomads is a group of LGBTQI+ people who enjoy exploring Australia with caravans, camper trailers and motor homes – both vintage and modern. “During our travels, we have formed wonderful bonds within the mini-communities that spring up in caravan parks and campsites - never knowing who will pitch their tent besides you. Australia’s Gay Nomad float will portray the message that caravanning and camping is inclusive.”

63. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – Lesbian Marching Girls

A celebration of 40 years of lesbians & queer women in Mardi Gras. During the 90s and 2000s Lesbian Marching Girls have made a big impact in the Parade, often lead and choreographed by Virginia Ferris, these strong proud woman highlighted some iconic images such as the Lemonettes, The George Michaels, the Xena Warrior Princess, The Boogie Woogie Bugle Army Girls, The tennis playing Mauresmos or Navratolvas, The Devils, Madonnas and many others. The 2018 Lesbian Marching Girls pays homage to all who have marched before or are marching again and brings back some of these highlights to showcase the commitment and talent of these fabulous woman! This year we have 80 women of all ages dancing and performing in the parade. Watch out!

64. GlamCocks

We’re a group of close friends that live all over the world who create a theme camp at Burning Man each year. Our camp is a safe-space for the LGBTQ community where we host events for all people regardless of beliefs, colours, sizes, ages, religions and cultures. “Our marchers’ costumes will be inspired by our desert adventures: bright, glamourous, and over-the-top.”

65. Northern Territory AIDS & Hepatitis Council/Party Passport – Rock Out With Your Croc Out!

NTAHC is the key non-government organisation working in the area of blood borne viruses, education and support in the Northern Territory. They are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of all Territorians living with blood borne viruses. "On the back of the special commendation award for our 2017 float ‘Northern Territory Stars’, we’re once again planning to showcase to the world what a unique and diverse LQBTIQ community we have here in the Northern Territory. When people are asked what makes the Northern Territory so unique most will say the Indigenous culture  - and crocodiles!”

66. Freedom Angels

Freedom Angels are a group of Thai gay, lesbian and transgender people who get together to support Sydney LGBTQI community and want to express themselves to celebrate and be part of the 40th Mardi Gras by dressing up beautiful colorful wings and Thai costumes.

67. Tinder

“Tinder is proud to support Mardi Gras 2018. We’re excited to be able to give back to the LGBTQ community, which has been an important part of Tinder from the start. We are in the business of bringing people together - and we believe that everyone should have a chance to meet their match. Everyone is welcome on Tinder. Participating in Sydney’s Mardi Gras is one more step in our commitment to the community around the world—from our recent Pride celebrations in the US, UK, France, Germany and Spain to many future events and causes that celebrate diversity.”

68. Celebrants for Marriage Equality – Celebrants Celebrating

The answer’s YES! Here are Marriage Celebrants celebrating that the LGBTQI community finally has recognition in our community (of Marriage Celebrants). It’s all about LOVE, MARRIAGE and EQUALITY.

69. Itty Bitty Titty Committee – The Handmaid's (Fairy) Tale

This bunch of lesbian friends are out and proud members of the LGBTQI communities. “The Itty Bitty Titty Committee’s float is inspired by 'The Handmaid's Tale', but with a twist - The 'Fairytale' is that we are lesbians and free!”

70. Transport for NSW – Our Remarkable People

“Transport for NSW is an inclusive workplace where we continuously work toward reflecting the customers that we serve.” Transport for NSW provides Rail, Bus, Light Rail and Ferry services to customers both in metropolitan and regional New South Wales.

71. Sydney Stingers – We've come a long way together/Praise the Evolution

The Sydney Stingers are Australia’s #1 LGBTQI water polo club with four teams playing in the NSW metropolitan competition. And they love getting into our speedos for a cause! The Stingers’ 2018 Parade float concept is to show the evolution of men’s swimwear over time.

72. Melbourne Surge Water Polo Club – Evolution of Water Polo

Melbourne Surge Water Polo is Victoria's only gay and lesbian water polo club. It’s an inclusive, fun-loving and active team which competes locally in Victoria's state competitions, have interstate matches against our sister club the Sydney Stingers and even play on the world stage at the Gay Games. Melbourne Surge will be partnering with the Sydney Stingers to create an extended parade entry, continuing the tradition of Melbourne Surge proudly marching as one with their sister club the Sydney Stingers.

73. Metropolitan Community Church of Sydney Ltd – 40/40 Vision

“Metropolitan Community Church Sydney will have a wonderful parade entry this year to claim 40 years of God’s inclusive love and an absolute commitment to claim it for another 40.  Our glasses look forward whilst our ‘bling’ reflects the journey thus far."

74. Heaps Gay – QUEERTOPIA

“An evolution from the early days of the underground to a new age of here we are. The freak show is no longer as we celebrate sexuality and the power within it. Oversized and maze-like the float transforms into another world, circus-like, colours on colours, dense, layered, spectacular. Welcome to Queertopia, a futuristic world where queers rule the world.”

75. The University of New South Wales

UNSW is one of the leading universities in the country, with a student body exceeding 50,000 students. UNSW wants to be a beacon of acceptance and inclusivity for young people all over Australia.

76. The Gender Centre – We Are Family

Transgender families and parents of transgender youth marching under the banner of love and acceptance as family to promote awareness, acceptance and inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people and their families.

77. Baylin's Gift – It's OK on the Macleay

“We are a charity started after losing our son Baylin, at 18 years of age in April 2016, to suicide. Unfortunately he travelled to Mardi Gras that year but never made it. The Dreamtime Diva's actually took his ashes last year so he could attend his first Mardi Gras before his ashes were scattered. This was very important that he make it. I think this was his place of acceptance. The place he would find his community. And unfortunately he didn't make it while alive.

“So our charity raises awareness in our small community for young people specifically in areas of mental health, suicide prevention and diversity. We recently held our areas first ever ‘It's OK on the Macleay Day’ where we celebrated diversity in our community. It was a massive beginning to hopefully a more accepting and loving community. We believe young people, especially LGBTIQ, should be proud of who they are and accept their differences of themselves and others. This self-love is very important to teach our young LGBTIQ people. That is our goal. This is very close to my heart as in my letter from Baylin, he said the reason he's got to this place is because he couldn't come to terms with who he was. And that's not OK for me. No one should feel like they are less than, or don't belong, or accept themselves. This is a massive issue for young people today. We are very proud of Baylin. Always.

“We would like to march for all those that felt they weren't good enough being themselves. And had to leave their families. For all the small communities that need help in telling our LGBTIQ people that you are valued and accepted, and your presence is welcomed. And mostly for Baylin. Because he deserved to surrounded by people who understood him and accepted him just as he was.”

78. 40 Years of Colour

Look and glisten! Behold these outrageous outfits – beloved Mardi Gras costumes from the past 40 years get their chance to bask in the spotlight once again and get cheers from the adoring crowd!

79. Rainbow Labor NSW

Rainbow Labor is the grassroots organisation for LGBTIQ Labor members and supporters. It’s float highlights 35 years of Rainbow Labor with a "you ain't seen nothing yet" attitude, focusing on the fights yet to be won.

80. Comparsa Urumbe

This Uruguayan group includes many dancers and drummers from various cultural backrounds who believe music unites everyone. You’ll see their Drag Queens first, then their Dancers in colourful costumes, and then come the Drums!

81. The Star

The Star Sydney is proud to support the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras as an Official Partner since 2016. The Star employs over 4,500 team members who welcome an average 30,000 guests per day and is committed to providing a welcoming environment for everyone who attends the property, whether an employee or guest, and irrespective of their race, age, gender, beliefs or sexual orientation.

82. My People | My Tribe – Disco Love

My People | My Tribe is a community group focused on telling and sharing LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and diverse sexualities and genders) stories that educate, enlighten and inspire!

83. Cairns Tropical Pride on the Barrier Reef

“Our float represents Cairns as a proud, vibrant and lively, regional/northern Queensland city. Our key message is to link our typical, idiosyncratic sea-life with our equally wonderful, diverse and distinctive LGBTIQ culture, history and evolution, being equally out and proud’ as any other city in the world.”

84. Australian Federal Police – GLLO Network

The AFP is participating in Mardi Gras for the 20th consecutive year. “Through our participation, we seek to be visible to the LGBTIQ community and demonstrate that we walk with them in this important event.” The Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers Network is now in its 21st year, providing advice and support on LGBTI issues to identifying and non-identifying AFP members, and to the broader LGBTI community through its national and community policing roles.

85. Sydney Silverbacks Wrestling Club – GLOW - The Gays and Lesbians Of Wrestling

The Sydney Silverbacks are a gay/ straight-friendly wrestling club that will be celebrating 25 years of operation in 2018. We are the state’s largest wrestling club and aim to promote the sport of wrestling as well as battling homophobia in sport and promoting the ideals of inclusiveness and fitness. GLOW originally stood for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, and was a hit TV show of female wrestlers in the 80s. It is also now a hit Netflix program, and the Sydney Silverbacks will be borrowing and celebrating the camp ‘80s glamour and fun from these pioneering women with our version of GLOW!

86. Medibank – Better with a Kiss

Back for 2018 is Medibank’s Better with a Kiss float featuring an interactive kiss cam  capturing kisses in the crowd and broadcasting them in real time onto the float as it makes its way along the parade route. Keep an eye out for the kiss cam on parade night and be sure to make it #betterwithaKiss.

87. NSW Ambulance – Looking After LGBTQI Communities

NSW Ambulance is the statutory provider of pre-hospital emergency care and ambulance services to all communities in NSW, including the LGBTQI communities.

88. University of Technology Sydney – UTYES

UTS along with the Student Queer Collective will be marching both as LGBTIQA + individuals and Allies. UTS has an active and strong LGTBIQA+ presence both in students and within our 200+ PROUD staff network, and the longest running university ally network in Australia, and a position exclusively made to train and implement policy for staff to better support, celebrate and be well informed on sex, sexuality and gender diversity. “We are one of only two universities in Australia whom has actively supported marriage equality during this postal vote campaign.” Dancing to anthems from the last 40 years, UTS students and staff share their personal messages of love, action, support, truth and celebration.

89. KIIS 1065

KIIS 1065 is partnering with Mardi Gras this year for its spectacular 40th anniversary, and have a very special float in preparation!

90. The Incredigays - Fight for Freedom

Event producer Travis Conneeley, drag star Joyce Maynge (Shane Pascoe) and DJ Jason Barry and their friends are the Incredigays, ready to Fight for Freedom on their amazing float for the 2018 Parade.

91. GLADD - The Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors and Dentists – 40 Shades of Health

"This years’ GLADD team has the theme '40 shades of Health' encompassing Mardi Gras history, medicine and some naughtiness. The marchers will perform a fabulous choreographed routine dressed in scrubs, masks, gloves, stethoscopes and harnesses!

92. Miss Wagga Wagga

Give her a big cheer! This will be Miss Wagga Wagga’s 30th time at Mardi Gras!

93. 40 & FABULOUS

Life begins at 40! To celebrate 40 years of Mardi Gras and Ben's 40th Birthday we have 40 Pink Flamingo walkers with a fabulous Pink Flamingo drag queen.

94. Liberal Friends of LGBTIQ – THE EQUALIBERALS

“Through the ups and downs of politics and progress, Liberal Party members have been upstanding and outspoken advocates for equality and liberalism. We’ll wearing rainbow capes as our symbol of affiliation with the rainbow community. There will no doubt be a hefty contingent of Members of Parliament who will want to be a part of this historic parade, and we hope to be a part of the 2018 parade as proud Liberals who have fought within and without to achieve recognition and equality.”

95. Wett Ones Swimming Team

Wett Ones started 26 years ago as a lesbian and gay masters swimming club, and is now an LGBTQI+ club and proud to welcome swimmers of all sexualities and genders. “Our team provides opportunities for competitive swimmers to join us in Masters, and gay and lesbian focused events on the state, national and international stages, and we run regular stroke correction and technique building classes - to help everyone to achieve their swimming goals.”

96. Temple of Equality – Mormon Temple of Equality

“The Mormon Temple of Equality has two married men at its pinnacle. Following the temple equality are Mormon Elder Equalities delivering the message of Equality in ambiguous visual representation, as Christians rarely support gay people growing up and make life very difficult for LGBTIQ members.”

97. Beyond Gender – Beyond Gender goes Velvet

“We provide support to the gender diverse and transgender community. We know that whilst gender is an important part of who we are for so many of us in our community, and rightly so, we also know we are all so much more than our genders, we are sisters, brothers, non-binary comrades, we are friends, lovers, parents, colleagues and employees. We are human, we are loved, we are Beyond Gender.”

98. NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association – Stand Up, Fight Back!

Nurses and Midwives have a history of advocating for LGBTQI people with many nurses standing up and fighting for equality during the HIV epidemic and advocating for progressive public health policies. Everyday Nurses and Midwives continually provide 24/7 care equally regardless of sex, gender, religion, race or sexuality. We want to ensure that equal access to health for LGBTQI individuals is ensured and expanded with smart health initiatives such as PREP becoming the norm.”

99. Bentstix Hockey Club – Pride in Hockey

Bentstix Hockey Club is dedicated to continually building a diverse, competitive and friendly environment which welcomes new members wishing to play hockey, get fit and make new friends. “Our choreography will make use of our papier-mâché hockey sticks."

100. Colours of Our Community

Marching groups adorned in the individual colours of the rainbow will each represent one part of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities. “These are the colours of our community in one collective - human beings united by a computational mind and the capability to love and accept each other equally.

101. AccorHotels – Feel Welcome, Feel Proud

AccorHotels is Australia’s largest hotel group, including the popular hotel brands Sofitel, Pullman, Novotel, Mercure and ibis hotels. At AccorHotels, the priority for their guests and employees is to make everyone feel welcome, safe, valued and equal. At the heart of everything they do is the philosophy “Feel welcome, feel proud”. This year, AccorHotels is a proud partner of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and are very proud to be hosting many of their guests who have travelled to Sydney to join in the celebrations. Some of their team are here tonight participating in the parade for the first time this year!

102. Queer Screen – 25 Years of Queer Screen

In 1993, a group of queer Sydney filmmakers, students, and supporters established Queer Screen whose focus would be queer film and screen culture. Queer Screen is Australia’s premier LGBTIQ Film Festival organisation. Queer Screen is a voluntary run organisation that organises the Mardi Gras Film Festival. This year is the 25th anniversary of Queer Screen and the Mardi Gras Film Festival with venues across Sydney CBD, Cremorne, Parramatta, Blue Mountains and Canberra and attendances of approximately 20,000. Queer Screen also hosts a second Festival in September, the Queer Screen Film Fest. In addition to promoting queer storytelling onscreen for the past 25 years, Queer Screen supports LGBTIQ film makers with its feature Film Completion Fund, and  the renowned My Queer Career competition - Australia’s largest LGBTIQ short film competition. Our Festival front of house volunteers in pink Tshirts are marching in the parade, along with members of Queer Screen's staff and Board. 

103. The Evolution Dancers and DIVAS

“We are a LGBTQI social group with members across Australia and overseas who wanted to celebrate 40th Anniversary with a montage of epic gay anthems and fashion. The evolution of dance is a montage of the epic songs and the fashion - both stunning and sometimes downright embarrassing - reminding the crowd of the fun we had.”

104. Fire and Rescue NSW – Fire Fighters for Diversity

Fire & Rescue NSW is committed to developing a culture which embraces equity, diversity and inclusion across all areas and throughout all levels of the organisation and that is reflective of the wider NSW community which it serves and protects. Look out for their Fire Truck and their rainbow coloured participants sharing colour, dance and festive vibes.

105. Glamazon All Stars - The Gays of Future Past

“We are non-profit community who have been a part of the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade since 2012. Our message this year is that everyone is individual and we all have different gifts, different powers. If we all join our powers for good - for positive change - we become stronger against adversity in striving for EQUALITY. As always - our message will be: Love, Unity, Valour, Equality.”

106. Myer

Myer’s first Mardi Gras float is a celebration of equality, diversity and inclusion for the Myer team and their customers. The rainbow not only represents the LGBTQI community at Myer, but the kaleidoscope of cultures, religions and sexual orientations that make up the Myer team. Following the float are our team members dressed by Levis who have long been at the forefront of fighting for the rights of the gay and lesbian community.

107. FOBGAYS presents the Big Queer India Wedding

FOBGAYS is a non-LGBTQIA+ grassroots community network supporting South Asian LGBTQIA+ people, acknowledging their identities are shaped by the intersection of race and sexuality and gender. "Weddings are a time when South Asian communities celebrate in a big way. Many South Asian weddings are huge affairs, open to all, with dancing, singing, music, food, and a celebration of love. With the Same Sex Marriage vote in mind, FOBGAYS wants to showcase what a big queer Indian wedding would look like.”


PFLAG (Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians & Gays) is a parent-run organisation that provides support to families of LGBTIQ people, advocates for full equality, educates the community on issues affecting LGBTIQ people and lobbies for equal rights. “Our motto, 'Keeping Families Together' describes the work we do to provide accurate information to families, helping them accept their LGBTIQ loved one or child, and creating further advocates in the process.”

109. PFLAG Capital Region & just.equal
PFLAG Capital Region covers the ACT as a support network for parents, friends and LGBTIQ people of all ages. "Our supporters are general community members and Mums & Dads. Due to the ‘40 Years of Mardi Gras’ theme we are recreating the first poster that PFLAG founder Jeanne Manford carried as she marched alongside her son, Morty, in New York in 1972.”
 Just.equal is a community driven national LGBTI lobby group whose volunteer advocates worked tirelessly in the marriage equality campaign and who continue to work towards LGBTI Australians being treated equally in Australia. They recognise there is much more work to do and, harnessing the power of community advocacy, are confident that Australia will continue its path to becoming a great nation for LGBTI people.

110. Wayside Chapel – By Your Side

"For 53 years, many members of the LGBTQI community have been visiting The Wayside Chapel.  We couldn’t think of a better way to demonstrate our support than to take to the streets of Sydney with a fabulous colourful and fun 40th Anniversary Mardi Gras entry. The Wayside Chapel has a ‘no us and them’ policy which will feed in to the Mardi Gras’ creative concept for the 40th Anniversary Parade. Titled ‘By Your Side’, Wayside Chapel’s concept involves up to 40 participants walking side by side with our LGBTQI community – including staff, visitors and volunteers.”

111. The PINK FLAMINGOS – Bigots Begone! Kill 'em With Kindness

"We are The Politically Inspired, Non-violent, Kind & Fabulous LGBTQI & Allies Marching In Notorious Group of Satirists (aka - The P.I.N.K. F.L.A.M.I.N.G.O.S)." 10 world leaders will be depicted as large cockroaches, carrying signs that alert the audience to their actions against the LGBTQI community. A group of pest controllers from ‘Bigot Begone!’ chase them up the parade route to scare them away with wands of rainbow ribbons!

112. LIVID Sydney

"1978 was notable for a few reasons, as well as the iconic Sydney protest down oxford Street the PUNK aesthetic and ideology also took a hold around the world. In reference to that time, our marching group will bring to life the incredible, anarchic energy and attitude of that movement.”

113. A Kaleidoscope of Love

A Kaleidoscope of Love is a group of close friends who come from a diverse range of ethnic, religious and sexual backgrounds. “We chose a Kaleidoscope as our central concept because like us, it is made up of different colours and shapes, which only shine at their brightest when they all come together and move in the same direction. Each participant plays a key role in the entry by representing one of the six colours of the pride flag.”

114. Acceptance Sydney for Gay and Lesbian Catholics – Evolving in our Faith with Pride

Acceptance Sydney is a faith community existing for over four decades, supporting GLBT Catholics, their family and friends. By providing a safe, spiritual and social environment, through Acceptance, many GLBT Catholics have found reconciliation with their faith and sexuality.


The Swannies strive to be a community leader in celebrating diversity and share the Mardi Gras value of RESPECT. “We are committed through our actions to making everyone feel welcome and safe at the football. With the help of our official LGBTQI supporter group, the Rainbow Swans, we will tell the story of the evolution of the Sydney Swans and the LGBTQI community's relationship with one another over the past 40 years.”

116. headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation – headspace has your back

headspace provides mental health and wellbeing support, information and services to young people aged 12 to 25 and their families through our expanding network of 100 headspace centres and online via eheadspace. To date headspace has provided more than 2 million occasions of service and in 2016/17 alone more than 110,000 young people used headspace services including directly at centres or eheadspace.

117. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – The Remembrance Butterflies

The Remembrance Butterflies is a beautiful remembrance procession in memory of those family and friends that have died from AIDS-related illness. We have created a sea of 60 stunning red butterfly puppets that have been choreographed to fly and soar their way up Oxford Street. The butterflies are based on the 40th anniversary Mardi Gras poster that features a kaleidoscope of butterflies soaring into the sky.

118. Bobby Goldsmith Foundation – We're Still Here: 3 Decades of Support

The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation is Australia's longest running HIV charity, providing care and support to people struggling and living with HIV for the last 34 years. Some of its Paraders will be dressed in 80's gear as BGF began in the 80's. Other marchers will wear angel wings with red ribbons on the back signifying that BGF has helped people to fly.

119. Positive Life NSW – Silence = Death: Positive Life through the decades

Positive Life began giving people a platform to speak up about the issues surrounding HIV in the late 1980s. The year 2018 will mark the 30th Anniversary of Positive Life, so the concept this year is ‘Positive Life through the decades’, which involves messages used throughout each decades since 1988.

120. The Institute of Many – HIVictory for Stigma Warriors

The Institute of Many was founded in 2012 as a grassroots community that brings together HIV+ around the globe. “Acting as a social umbrella and advocacy platform, we bring HIV positive people together to share their experience of living with HIV in an informal, confidential environment- in person and online.”

121. ethel yarwood enterprises – HAPPY BERNARDI GRAS!

"We intend to realise Cory Bernardi's marriage equality, slippery slope worst nightmare in costume in the parade. Beastiality, marrying animals, inanimate objects (Harbour Bridge, Eiffel Tower, The Big Banana), a close relative, a polygamous marriage ceremony, a cycling buddy as per Kevin Andrew’s comment. Also we will make comment on issues from the horrid, torturous 15 years of marriage equality ‘debate’ in Australia. Legislating marriage equality has not caused the sky to fall in.” This float is sponsored by The Bearded Tit, proudly supporting your QUEERBOURHOOD.

122. Australian Queer Students Network – Queer Leaders of the Future

Australian Queer Students Network is the national peak not-for-profit organisation for all queer students across Australia. "We live in a post-marriage equality world where the queer youth of Australia are empowered through education thanks to our elders who marched before us and today we celebrate diversity and unity.”

123. DIY Rainbow – Breko & Stu - The Wedding

Celebrating Marriage Equality for Australia, DIY Rainbow's founder James 'Breko' Brechney and his partner Stu Henshall are getting married on a giant wedding cake. They'll give their vows in the holding bay and will have timed their 'I Dos' right as their float crosses Taylor Square where the original Sydney Rainbow Crossing used to be. This will be the first wedding ever on the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade's 40-year history.

124. The Kirby Institute – Agents of Change

For over 30 years, the Kirby Institute has worked closely with LGBTI communities towards eradicating HIV, STIs and hepatitis C in Australia and globally. The Kirby Institute’s entry into Mardi Gras 2018 will celebrate the research achievements made in collaboration with LGBTI communities throughout the Kirby Institute’s and Mardi Gras’ histories.

125. Different Strokes Dragon Boat Club – Future Fab | 10 Years and Beyond

“We've had 10 Fab-tastic Paddling Years as a Club! Different Strokes is a Sydney-based sporting club formed with the aim of providing a social and fitness-focused outlet for the LGBTQI community, as well as their friends, family and supporters.”

126. Team Sydney – Celebrating Inclusivity In Sport and the 2018 Paris Gay Games

Team Sydney promotes sport, fitness and healthy lifestyles among Sydney’s diverse community sports organisations.  “We help connect and promote over thirty member organisations, representing several thousand individual sportspeople.”

127. Sweeties of the Sea From Little Conwong

“This will be our 29th consecutive year for placing a float into the Mardi Gras Parade. We are a group of friends straight and gay that first met at Little Conwong Beach. We place the float into the parade each year to firstly mark respect and remember those friends we have lost from HIV over these past decades, to mark acceptance and love for all members of our Australian community both straight and gay, and over these past few years to push forward for the rights of all Australians to marry. We are now scattered all across the world but as many of us as possible meet up the first weekend in March for Mardi Gras.”

128. Rainbow Recovery Club Inc – Really Queer and Really Here!!

The Rainbow Recovery Club is a safe space in Surry Hills for all LGBTI 12 step recovery meetings for drugs alcohol and other addictions. LGBTI people of all ages reclaim their lives, free of life threatening addictions.

129. Shellharbour Shag-Harders – Breaking the Ice!

“We are Shellharbour Shag-Harders – a fun, out-there, sexy group of young LGBTQI's that aim to spread the word of equal rights. We are a volunteer community group, aged 18 to 30, based in the Shellharbour-Wollongong region who love the Mardi Gras because we can freely express our true selves with no judgement or prejudice!”

130. Happily Married

“We are Bill and Andrew, a couple who have been together for 28 years in 2018. We have been married for ten years.”


Look out for this large fabulous drag creation!

132. Scotsboyz

“We are a returning parade float entry of LGBTQI friends and our mates who love everything Scottish, especially men in kilts! Scotsboyz will be spear headed by a pipe band, consisting of bag pipers and drummers, marching in formation to set the rhythm for the marchers to follow.”

133. Vodafone – Be Yourself

"This is Vodafone Australia’s first year marching in the parade, and are proud to be able to display their public message of support to the LGBTI community. Vodafone’s message this year is - Be Yourself - being empowered to be yourself at work, regardless of your background, gender or sexuality.”

134. Western Sydney University

“Western Sydney University is committed to creating an inclusive, safe and respectful place of study and work and highly values the diversity of our staff and students, including our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer staff and students.”

135. NSW Rural Fire Service – NSW RFS Volunteers from all walks of life

NSW RFS Volunteers come from all walks of life and can be found right across NSW, be that coastal, regional or rural. The NSW RFS celebrates the diversity of its membership and enthusiastically participates in activities that reflect its membership and community focus.

136. Capital Queers and CBR – LOVE

“Our group is a collection of Canberra and surrounds locals who come together each year to march in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade, individually we range from activists to politicians to rainbow youth and more. Our Parade theme of LOVE is a celebration of 40 Years of Mardi Gras and Queer Activism, of our achievements of the past year and a celebration of LBGTIQ relationships.”


Campberra is a small group who come together every year for Mardi Gras. We raise monies with BBQs and garage sales for community projects like the AIDS Garden of Reflection.”

138. The 61 Percenters – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

We are an informal group of LGBTI and LGBTI-friendly individuals from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne who feel strongly about social equality in all dimensions – including marriage equality. Our float, imagined and built in Brisbane and driven to Mardi Gras; and adorned by ex-Las Vegas and Moulin Rouge show girls and boys; depicts a fantasy land 'Somewhere over the Rainbow’ where love, respect and acceptance are the norm.

139. Melbourne Chargers Rugby Union Football Club – Breaking Down Barriers in Sport

"One of the key values which underpins the Melbourne Chargers Rugby Club is inclusion. We are a club that believes in the unique contribution that can be made by all of our members; the fabulous and the quiet, the masc and the femme, the big and the small, the non-binary and the fluid, the gay and the straight. We strive to make the Melbourne Chargers a safe space for the authentic expression of all identities. Moreover, we firmly believe that Rugby is for everyone: whether you want to take a hard tackle, tear up the field and score a try, run water, holler and shriek from the sidelines, or dress up in drag and raise some cash, there is a place for you in this amazing sport, and there is a place for you in the Melbourne Chargers.”

140. beyondblue – Love Doesn’t Discriminate

beyondblue is proud to celebrate diversity and stand up for equality in our community.  It is why we our honoured to share our ‘Love Doesn’t Discriminate’ message as part of the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.  Lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex and transgender and gender diverse people are much more likely to experience depression and anxiety than the broader population. They are also at a greater risk of suicide and self-harm.  Among LGBTI populations, research clearly indicates that discrimination, abuse (both verbal and physical), exclusion and prejudice are key contributors to the increased rates of depression, anxiety and self-harm.  If you need further information please visit the beyondblue website (www.beyondblue.org.au), or call the beyondblue Support Line (1300 22 46 36).

141. POOF DOOF Jurassic Jungle: Evolve to Equality

“POOF DOOF is Melbourne's favourite weekly gay rave. Based on Chapel Street in South Yarra, we provide a safe space for LGBTQIA+ people from all walks of life to be themselves. We're all born equal... but since the dawn of time, the LGBTQI+ community has had to fight to make sure our laws evolve to recognise equality. This year, to celebrate 40 Years of Mardi Gras and the monumental YES result, we're going back to where it all started... Poof Doof is heading to the Glamazon to show that even in the Jurassic Jungle, it doesn't matter whether you're a homosapien or a homosexual - love is love! Marriage Equality in Australia? Swish Swish Bish... another one in the basket!”

142. GenDi – 40 Years of Visibility

“GenDi is a group of trans and gender diverse individuals living in Canberra and the surrounding region who came together with a shared goal to celebrate the 2018 parade with our own float. Our group comprises a diverse range of people from different backgrounds, with the majority of members under the age of 25. Our float will highlight the trans and gender diverse communities as they have participated over the last 40 years, celebrating the progress made and highlighting the future work still to do.”

143. Pimped-out Pushbikes

“People riding their rainbow pimped out bicycles! We've been spreading rainbow visibility around the suburbs, particularly in the trying time of the marriage survey, and we’d like to celebrate in the Parade.”

144. Community Action Against Homophobia – No Pride in Turnbull

Community Action Against Homophobia’s aim is to eliminate homophobia and achieve full equality for queer people – “Whether it be as a group pushing for cultural recognition in symbolic road arts, being individuals standing up to a bullying police system, or fighting discrimination bills that have attempted to be moved through a government. No Pride in Turnbull will be CAAH's main contribution this Mardi Gras and will bring together a grouping of queers to protest the government.”

145. Riff Raff Radical Marching Band – Celebrate Tainted Love

Riff Raff Radical Marching Band is a community street band formed in late 2010 to play at rallies, community events, and festivals to support social change. “Many of us have been involved in our LGBTQI communities and actively campaigned for rights for the queer community, from community work in the HIV sector and campaigns to reduce queer youth suicide. We are sex, gender and age diverse and foster an inclusive creative community space for activist musicians.”

146. Refugee Action Coalition – No Pride In Detention

No Pride in Detention brings together specific organisations that want to protest mandatory detention. This float protests against the Australian Government's practices of refoulement of LGBTQI refugees to countries of origin where they face persecution and even death as a result of their LGBTQI identity, and of detaining LGBTQI refugees in offshore detention in countries where they similarly face persecution and physical violence as a result of their LGBTQI identity.

147. Sydney Queer Irish – Ireland: From small things big things grow

Established in 2010, Sydney Queer Irish are a community-based organisation supporting the Irish and Irish Australian LGBTI community through a variety of events. “We represent Ireland and instil a sense of pride in our community. Our Parade float will incorporate the Irish tri colour of green, white and gold, rolling through the decades highlighting Ireland’s LGBTQI community's struggles and triumphs that brought our country through a rapid social revolution.”

148. Ozfurs – Fur Runner 2040

The Ozfurs are the Australian representatives of the Furry community. “We are a group of LGBTQI people who have a love for creating our own anthropomorphic animal ‘fursonas’ and expressing them through costuming, artwork and writing. This year’s Ozfurs float has a neo tokyo futuristic theme."

149. Aqualicious Masters Swimming Queensland – Let's Get Physical, Lets Get Active, Exercise Your Right to Be Equal

Aqualicious is Queensland’s only GLBTIQ AUSSI Masters Swimming Club and Community Group, promoting a health and active lifestyle for GLBTIQ people in Queensland. They’re inspired by Olivia Newton-John Let’s Get Physical video, expect hot pink and electric blue ‘80s aerobics wear!

150. 40 Nations United

The 40 Nations United group shows solidarity for all nations, celebrating by bringing together GLBT people and allies from 40 nations and cultures. Some participants come from nations and cultures that embrace all types of diversity, and provide full equality for all. Some have had to flee their home country and seek asylum, for fear of persecution (or worse) because they are gay, lesbian or transgender. Bringing together LGBTQI people from disparate nationalities, ethnicities and cultures demonstrates that there is ONE LGBTQI community – that supports ALL its members.

151. Sydney Gaymers – Retro Road

Sydney Gaymers is an inclusive non-profit community for geeks, gamers, and allies no matter their gender or sexual orientation. After a two year absence from the parade, Sydney Gaymers makes an explosive return to Mardi Gras with Retro Road, taking onlookers on a retro gaming journey as we create a living, breathing video game level.

152. NSW State Emergency Service – Celebrating Equality

The NSW State Emergency Service is the most versatile and widely-used rescue and public safety organisation in NSW. “We are responsible for preparation and response to floods, storms and tsunami. With close to 10,000 volunteers and 350 staff, we have been supporting Australian communities for over 60 years. We aim to create a visually exciting display that shows off what we do, while demonstrating our commitment to the LGBTQI communities, their friends, families and communities as a whole."

153. Glitterati

“We're a large and diverse group of friends in the gay community. Gay, lesbian, and straight mix from a variety of backgrounds representing countries all over the world and also here in Australia. We want to encourage as much crowd participation as possible, throwing a big freeform moving dance party.”

154. LOTL

LOTL magazine, Australia's only lesbian magazine since 1989, is celebrating marriageequality. 60 dancing grooms and brides behind the travelling chapel with drag queen Felicity Frockaccino. Dancing to the rhythm of a traditional Austrian waltz, LOTL congratulates the first lesbian couple who got legally married in Australia. The lucky couple won a honeymoon to the beautiful and romantic Vienna.

155. Beresford Sunday's

The Beresford Hotel fills up with LGBTQI people each and every Sunday afternoon/evening, anf the Beresford is also home to Mardi Gras’ festival closing Laneway Party. Beresford Sunday’s first-ever Mardi Gras float wil celebrate the year of the first Mardi Gras 1978 with block colour 70's inspired outfits!

156. Sydney Frontrunners

Sydney Frontrunners has been a vocal and proud LGBTIQ+ sports club since 1983. Currently there are Frontrunner groups in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane. “As one of Australia’s oldest LGBTIQ sporting groups, our marchers have the significant honour of carrying the International Rainbow Memorial Run Flag. This flag is passed between each city that has hosted a Gay Games since its inception until it reaches Paris in August 2018 for the beginning of the tenth Gay Games, where our team will compete. Alongside the flag, marchers carry placards bearing the year and host city for each Gay Games held to date, including Sydney.”

157. The Pollys Club – Gay Icons

"The Pollys Club is known for the dances we hold and the shows we perform at our dances. We're looking at our entry as a ‘show of shows’ - drawing on our huge collection of costumes and history of entertaining the LGBTQI community.”

158. NSW Teachers Federation – Celebrating 40 Years of Mardi Gras

“The NSW Teachers Federation is a proud social justice union. We have been at the forefront of supporting diverse groups of peoples, communities to which our members also belong. We are proud of the political role we have played in supporting the LGBTIQ community and society on the whole by achieving gains for all.”

159. Pink Drinks

Pink drinks is the Central Coast ‘s largest LBGTQI networking group. Formed 12 years ago for queer locals to meet up, it’s grown from a smallish group in Killcare to one now encompassing the whole of the Coast.

160. Inner City Legal Centre – Celebrating Change

The ICLC has been providing free legal services to residents in the inner city, surrounding areas Northern Beaches, and LGBTIQ Communities since 1980. In 2018 they’ll celebrate the history and changes in LGBTIQ laws over the last four decades.

161. Dr Mark's Marching Academy – Ignite Your Fire

"Mardi Gras was formed on the basis that accepting the status quo was simply not an option. That it was important to stand up, to be heard and be counted. That the rights we have are hard fought for. ‘Ignite Your Fire’ is about getting people to stand up for what's right and to be heard, and how this is just as important now as it was 40 years ago. Igniting your fire though isn't simply about fighting for rights; it is also about forging values of tolerance, diversity, inclusion and respect within our community. We all have highs and lows, and our own personal journeys to go on; and that as a community, we must band together to ensure we're all looked after.  To stand up and show that we care about what happens to all of us.”

162. Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives – Saving Queer History Since 1978

The Archives is the only community group in Australia that actively collects and preserves LGBTIQ material from across the country, and makes it readily accessible. The works of writers, artists, photographers, and performers; the papers of leaders; the records of community organizations; the posters, flyers, buttons, matchbooks of political movements or trends or bars and other venues; the stories that record our own lives and those of our lovers and friends… all these document the history of our community and of the individuals who form it.

163. West Connect Domestic Violence Services – FREEDOM

West Connect Domestic Violence Services is an accommodation and support service for women and children escaping domestic and family violence in Western Sydney. WCDVS actively promotes awareness of same sex domestic violence.

164. Country Crowd

“We are a mixed group from rural and regional areas, giving people from rural Australia the opportunity to participate in Mardi Gras.”

165. The Tropical Fruits Inc – Neon Garden

And next we have Tropical Fruits from the Northern Rivers of NSW.  This group have adopted the 40 years Evolution theme with Butterflies in their Neon Garden theming. Tropical Fruits is the largest social LGBTIQ group in a Regional area.  They are celebrating 30 years of inclusion, social outreach, brilliant parties and other events, including the fabulous 30th Anniversary NYE festival this year. They throw the best parties ever in Lismore, known locally as LOVEMORE, the town with the largest number of LGBTIQ folks outside of any capital city. They are being led today by the beautifully winged, Saphira von Wilde, Tropical Fruits very own Glam Queen!

166. Turing Circle

Turing Circle is a social group which has been created by and for LGBTIA scientists and engineers. “We connect LGBTIA+ professionals and students engaged in science and engineering in Australia by providing a safe and welcoming space for LGBTIA scientists and engineers to meet, network, discuss and share experiences.”

167. Central West NSW Rainbow Community

“We are all members or supporters of the Rainbow Community in Central West NSW and we want to march together to show inclusivity and pride.”

168. Ricky Martin Parties in Rio

This is a talented and creative group of gays and lesbians who have performed in many previous parades and have won three Mardi Gras awards. This year they’re looking forward to showing off their colourful Rio inspired costumes!

169. Uniting Network – Coming Out since 1998!

Uniting Network is the national network for LGBTIQ people, their families, friends and supporters within the Uniting Church in Australia. “We proudly participate in helping the Church wrestle with issues of faith, sexuality and membership and work for greater inclusivity within the Church. We are currently advocating for the Uniting Church to amend its policy on marriage to be inclusive of LGBTIQ people. We are remembering the history of our group and also looking towards the future. This will be the 20th Anniversary of Uniting Network's first float in Mardi Gras.”


T Dance is an official Mardi Gras Festival event celebrating the history of the Sunday afternoon “Tea Dance”. Hosted by Mary Kiani and her team, this very gay tradition of finishing the weekend with cocktails and disco is alive and kicking in Sydney with classic tunes and live performances. The 2018 T Dance float will feature music from the last four decades of Mardi Gras.

171. National Rugby League – Pride in League

Game on!  The NRL is the administrator of Rugby League at all levels across Australia. The National Rugby League made history in 2016 as the first sporting code to include its own float in the Parade.

172. Queer Tango Sydney – Dance Free!

Queer Tango overcomes traditional roles by encouraging everyone to lead and follow regardless of gender, even switching within a dance. QTS encourages more queer people to dance tango as well as encouraging Sydney venues and classes to become more open to queer tango.

173. The Dreamwalkers

“We are a group of friends and allies to the community who share a common interest in costume design. Each person marching in the group will be wearing fabulous costumes the represents their identity. It is all about freedom of expression and just being together in celebration of a fabulous night.”

174. Wonder Mama and the Warriors of Love – Wonder Mama Returns To Celebrate!

Wonder Mama and the Warriors of Love are Back to celebrate the victory of Marriage Equality in Australia but also to wish Mardi Gras a fabulous 40th Birthday! Wonder Mama is here on her golden chariot accompanied by her Warriors of Love and magical Unicorns! Wonder Mama stands for love, equality and fabulous fun!"

175. Tina Finch – TINA

“I'm 61. NOW IS THE TIME FOR ME TO BE ME. I am now ready to make a change in my life and wear beautiful clothes, shoes, make-up, nails!”

176. Jiawen Li – Rainbow Butterfly Gold Coast

“I want to be a pretty butterfly.”

177. Oceanic Pups & Handlers – 40 Dalmatians (and other puppies)

Oceanic Pups & Handlers is an umbrella organisation which represents the largest Australian Pup & Handler Organisations, including SydPAH (NSW), VicPAH (Vic), SA-PAH (SA), Q-PAH (Qld) and WAPAH (WA), as well as organisers of the Australian Pup & Handler Competition. With over 1000 members within Australia, and a massive following internationally, O-PAH’s member organisations have been recognised by the international community as some of the most inclusive in the worldwide pup community. The membership consists of gay, lesbian, bisexual, gender-diverse and allied representatives in each state and territory, with events being held across the country throughout the year.

178. Fruits From Brazil – Don't Rain on our Parade

We are a Brazilian queer group, we have over 1200 members and we have montlhy meetings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We want to use elements of "Frevo" which is a traditional music style from north of Brazil and usually associated with Brazilian Carnaval. The Frevo dance has little umbrellas, we will incorporate it to protect ourselves from people that keep raining on our parade!

179. Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group – Celebrating 30 Years of Making Change

The Tasmanian Gay & Lesbian Rights Group was formed 30 years ago in March 1988. It endured a baptism of fire only months later when 130 supporters of decriminalising homosexuality were arrested at Hobart's Salamanca Market in what remains Australia's largest act of LGBTIQ rights civil disobedience. The Group went on to achieve the decriminalisation of homosexuality and cross dressing, the nation's best Anti-Discrimination Act, the nation's first civil union scheme, the first state parliamentary support for marriage equality, and some of the best school and police LGBTIQ policies in the nation. In the postal survey Tasmania's support for marriage equality was above the national average. The Group's red and white theme references the red waratah flower which is NSW's floral emblem and the white blue gum flower which is Tasmania's, as well as lilies representing a 30th anniversary and nasturtiums representing a 40th.

180. Brisbane Tritons Water Polo – Creating the Tritons Legacy

The Brisbane Tritons are Queensland's first and only LGBTIQ-inclusive water polo club. Founded in late 2015 with the assistance of the Brisbane Barracudas, Sydney Stingers, and the Melbourne Surge, the Tritons have grown from 14 members in their first bootcamp, to over 80 active members with 4 teams entered into the Brisbane Competition in 2016, and 3 teams in 2017.

181. Mark Watson – Flamin’ Galahs!

Here’s a group of creatives collaborating to make Mardi Gras entries with an emphasis on creativity, community expression and celebration. This entry uses larrikin humour and satire directed at the former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. It’s a bunch of great galahs!

182. Union Pride - Strength through Diversity

Union Pride is the NSW Trade Union movement's LGBTIQ voice with the aim to advance the rights and causes of workers on LGBTIQ issues.

183. Body Electric Incorporated – FortyFree & Flying

Body Electric is a not-for-profit organisation that conducts experiential personal growth workshops, mostly in retreat setting for people over 18 years old and is dedicated to building an open-hearted community who celebrates its gifts of erotic energy and diversity to create more exciting, aware, compassionate and fulfilling lives through its workshops, supporting events and other courses.

184. NSW Users and AIDS Association – We Fight for Those We love

NSW Users and AIDS Association is a community organisation funded by the Ministry of Health to reduce harm in the community of people who use illicit substances. Much of the funding is targeted towards the eradication of blood borne viruses in NSW, which is key area targeted by the Ministry of Health NSW, which has seen the recent target announced to end the HCV (Hepatitis C) pandemic in Australia by 2026.

185. Sydney Homotones – Music through the Years

The Sydney Homotones is a not-for-profit community band, established as an LGBTQI+ group to perform at Mardi Gras. Sing along as they play a selection of recognisable tunes!

186. Relationships Australia (NSW) Limited - You're the One That I Want

“We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to enhancing relationships within families and their communities in order to foster personal and social wellbeing.” This year’s Relationships Australia float will have a ‘70s flavour, with the message ‘Relationships Australia supports everyone’.

187. Sydney Rangers Football Club – Welcome to the Jungle

“We are The Sydney Rangers Football Club, Australia’s first and Sydney’s only gay and inclusive men’s soccer club. Balmain’s Mascot is a tiger and every season we don our Orange and Black and hit the field both as Rangers and as Tigers!”

188. The Oz Fag Hags – Keeping the Spirits Alive

“The Oz Fag Hags are a group of people who transgress the boundaries between gay and straight culture and unsettle current notions of identity politics because their definition of self comes not from whom they identify as, but from those they identify with. The fag hag’s relationship with her gay friends is an identification that is based on empathy between two groups of people who rebel against the rigid laws of gender politics. Not all fag hags are straight, some are gay, and some are bi and we all 'perform' our own versions of gender. In 2018 the OZ Fag Hags will be marching in ritualistic remembrance of all those who have paved the way for marriage equality.”

189. Dayenu Presents: Jewish Gay-Icons

Dayenu is a Sydney-based organisation which is aimed at supporting and raising the profile of LGBTQI members of the Jewish community and faith. “Over the years Jews have contributed so much to gay culture, and for Mardi Gras’ 40th anniversary Dayenu wants to celebrate that contribution.”

190. Queer Planeteers – 40 years of Queer Planeteers

“For decades our LGBTIQmmunity has led the charge on environmental campaigns across Australia. Our group emerged from the frontlines of protesting the proposed Adani coal mine in central Queensland. 40 Years of Queer Planeteers celebrates our super gay eco-heroes and the campaigns they sweated to win.”

191. Taronga Conservation Society Australia – Wild Pride

“Like the diversity of the LGBTQI+ community, the animal kingdom is full of wild and wonderful creatures. At Taronga our aim is to preserve the diversity of the natural world. This year our concept has been inspired by the diversity of the animals in our care, and how we can use this to represent the diversity of our staff and volunteers.”

192. The Rainbow Pin Paraders – Evolution of The Rainbow Species: Survival of the Fabulous

“We are a Community Group entry of 60 close friends, boys and girls, the majority identifying under the LGBTQI Rainbow Umbrella, with non-LGBTQI people. Our float will bring to life NATURES NIGHTCLUB with a neon jungle scene filled with bright colours. The perfect place to party and celebrate the evolution of ALL species together without boundaries or discrimination.”

193. FLAGCOM & Friends – Tribute to the 78's

Filipino Lesbians And Gays Community and Friends is a well-known organisation in the Filipino community. “This year we pay tribute to the 1978 original Marchers who have given us the lifestyle, acceptance and our visibility in the community.”

194. Amnesty International NSW LGBTQI Network – This is not the end ...  DEFEND EQUALITY

“2018 is the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 40th anniversary of Mardi Gras, 20th anniversary of the Amnesty International NSW LGBTQI Network, and we're still campaigning.  We celebrate the win last year with marriage equality, but the campaign doesn't stop there.  We campaign to defend what's been achieved, eliminate discrimination against LGBTQI people in Australia, and support LGBTQI people around the world.”

195. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – Thank You from the Bottom of our Hearts – 40 Years of Volunteering

Mardi Gras relies on thousands of volunteers to help make Mardi Gras a success, making a difference for the organisation and community as a whole. The 2018 Parade finishes with a beautiful float of pink and silver mirrored hearts of many sizes celebrating 40 years of volunteering in Mardi Gras. As the float moves up the Parade all our Parade volunteers will follow the float up Oxford St carrying sparkling silver and pink hearts.

And that’s a wrap! See you at the Party!