Parade Transformation Project

What are we hoping to achieve?

The Parade Transformation Project is going to make sure that the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) Parade remains one of the brightest and most spectacular expressions of LGBTQI pride in the world.

In many ways, the current Parade route is no longer able to accommodate the growing size and complexity of the Parade itself; float participation currently has to be capped and controlled, viewing areas are reaching maximum capacity, and marshalling areas are crammed and uncomfortable.

This project will therefore design and implement a modified route for the SGLMG Parade that will:

  • maintain or increase the community’s ability to participate and benefit from the Parade
  • acknowledge and respect the history and heritage of the Parade and its various routes through the CBD and surrounds over time
  • provide safer and more enjoyable viewing spaces surrounding the Parade route
  • better accommodate traffic and transport challenges in our growing and changing city

We hope to find a better solution for everyone.

What could a new route look like?

A new Parade route could include different start or end points, a change in direction, or even a completely different location. 

There are many factors that will be considered, including: the history and heritage of the Parade, community participation, creative and artistic quality, availability of space, the topography of roads and adjacent areas, local business impacts and involvement, viewing capacity, crowd safety, emergency management, local resident impacts, broader economic impact, resourcing, and more.

Transforming the parade route is a complex project, which is why SGLMG has engaged Deloitte and AECOM, with the assistance of the NSW Government and the City of Sydney, to conduct detailed feasibility studies on any changes being considered.

Why has the project come about?

In 2012, the NSW Government announced the CBD and South East Light Rail project which will deliver light rail services extending from Circular Quay to Central Station, through Surry Hills to Moore Park and on to Kensington, Kingsford and Randwick. 

Construction of the light rail has already commenced and will have a significant ongoing impact on the CBD and surrounding areas.  This includes roads, open spaces and other facilities that are used for both the Parade route and surrounding Parade operational areas.

For more information, visit the Sydney Light Rail website.

In addition, the Hyde Park War Memorial Upgrade Project will have an impact on the marshalling areas of the Parade in Hyde Park over the coming years.

For more information, visit the Centenary Project website.

What is the transformation process?

A number of changes were made to the 2016 Parade in order to accommodate recent traffic and transport changes, including restrictions on the closure of College Street and Wentworth Avenue and construction works occurring in Moore Park.  These changes were implemented successfully and included the marshalling of floats in Yurong Parkway, until the closure of College St, the relocation of End Area and the re-routing of the Parade down Moore Park Road.

Over the next 6 months, SGLMG will be considering options for more significant route changes, completing detailed feasibility work, and planning the implementation of those changes.

Our members, community and key stakeholders will be kept up to date at every stage via this webpage and other SGLMG communication channels.

How can you get involved?

If you have an idea or would like to make a suggestion about changes to the Parade route, you can write to us at

Project partners

The feasibility study is supported by: