Mardi Gras WorkshopMardi Gras Workshop

The Mardi Gras Workshop produces several amazing Parade floats each year, along with scenic props and signage for Fair Day, the Party and other Mardi Gras season events. Our Workshop also includes its own costume design department for Parade floats and Party shows.

The Workshop crew is made up of highly skilled Artisans and Artists that come from carpentry, welding, sculpture, painting and scenic and costume-making backgrounds. Each year the Mardi Gras Workshop also includes a hand-selected team of volunteers who compliment and assist our core crew. These volunteers are highly skilled creative types who enjoy painting, glittering and/or sewing and costume making.

Our Mardi Gras Workshop crew for 2017 was: Workshop Manager Liz Carter, Le Lash, Andy Broadley, Simon Stratten, Ciaran Alcorn, Graham Reed, Trevor Spiers, Matina Moutzouris, Aron Dosiak, Dave Rae, Cassilda Parkinson and Annie Holdom. Special thanks to our volunteers Edie Fiallos, Jessica Rohr, and Brin Thiedeman and Corrie McDougall.

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See our behind-the-scenes photo gallery showing the wonderful work of the Mardi Gras Workshop below.

Cheeky peek behind the scenes at Mardi Gras HQ

Here’s a cheeky peek behind the scenes at Mardi Gras HQ. A big thank you to all of the agencies, organisations and volunteers who help make #SydneyMardiGras sparkle Heading to the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade? Major road closures will be in place so leave the car at home and catch public transport. Plenty of extra trains and buses will be running but with huge crowds expected, services will be very busy. Plan ahead and allow plenty of extra travel time to make the most of your night

Posted by NSW Government on Thursday, March 2, 2017