78er Committee Candidates 2021

In 2018 the SGLMG Board established the 78ers Committee, comprising six representatives drawn from our current 78ers Life Membership. The 78ers Committee helps ensure appropriate recognition and involvement of the 78ers and other pioneers of our LGBTIQ community within the SGLMG organisation and the festival.

The term of three Committee Members is complete, so now it's election time again. Voting is now open and will close 11:59pm AEDT 7 December 2021.

There are four (4) candidates who have successfully passed the nomination process and three (3) positions available.

Sue Fletcher

Hello, I am asking if you would consider my nomination for the 78ers Mardi Gras Committee. Some of you know me and some of you don’t. I am a working class, lesbian feminist and was arrested at the life-changing first Mardi Gras. I felt traumatised for years, but you would have still seen me at demonstrations and protests.

40+ years later and we have marriage equality, but that doesn’t help if you struggle with homelessness, employment or feel marginalised and that is so true for aging and young LGBTIQ. When I lived in Melbourne, I was on the Midsumma Board in the 90s. Now, I live in Woy Woy, sometimes it feels regional and at other times, not far from Sydney. I work in the non-profit space and hope to contribute my skills and passion to the Committee.

Our protests gave birth to Mardi Gras. Our community cannot forget the DNA that formed Mardi Gras. I hope to be part of the 78ers Committee to continue to achieve this.

PS. Let’s bring back political satire and keep our voice alive.

I hope you will support me and also vote for Diane Minnis and Sallie Colechin.


Helen Gollan

In nominating for the 78ers Committee I come to you from the lands of the DhudaRoha/WayWurru peoples in north eastern Victoria.

What I will continue to bring to the Committee is my vision that undertaking outreach in rural and regional areas of Australia is an important means of sharing information and our history with people of all ages who are keen to know more. 

Currently I represent the 78ers Committee on Border Pride which runs an annual event in Albury; Regional Chillout organising for combined regional event in 2022; planning for Spring Migration event in Beechworth; Pride or Mardi Gras events in Hay, Wagga, Leeton, Newcastle, Central Coast and Shepparton are booked in.

I am involved with Inter Pride and attend Region 20 meetings and attended via Zoom the World Conferences in 2020 and 2021. I encouraged the smaller Pride organisations to join Inter Pride so they could vote for World Pride 2023 Sydney.

Keeping in touch with 78ers I meet through my travels is an important means of maintaining their engagement as well as sharing activities that they may wish to attend. I ask for your vote so I can continue to represent those who live in rural and regional Australia. 

HCG Butch now and forever 


Sallie Colechin

I wish to nominate myself for the 78ers committee of the SGLMG. The 78ers committee needs to be a united group, and as such it is critical to ensuring the acknowledgement of the origins of the NSW LGBQTI + community by the SGLMG Board. These origins go back to the early 1970s.

A proud feminist, I still believe “the personal is political.” I have participated regularly in meetings and rallies organised by feminist, and gay and lesbian groups, as well as the Greens for the last 46 years. I was in the Gay Solidarity Collective in 1978, and part of the team who organised the 4th Homosexual Conference in Sydney that year. I have been active in governance as part of the collective at Rape Crisis Centre in 1976/1977. l worked at Elsie Women’s Refuge (1980), and I’ve been an active member of the Greens since 1995. This would be my second term on the 78ers committee.

I was President of the Pride History Group in the early 2000s, and part of the team who organised both our 20th and 40th anniversaries of the 1st SGLMG. I am now retired, living in the Manning Valley on the Mid North Coast.

l still have fire in my belly for ‘queer’ politics, and l would ask you to also consider Diane Minnis.

Diane Minnis


I'd appreciate your support to be re-elected to the 78ers Committee – to continue to use my experience and skills for you.

In the 70s, I was active in Women's and Gay Liberation and the Gay Solidarity Group – organisers of the first Mardi Gras. I helped form the Pride History Group, served 3 years on the New Mardi Gras Board and was an organiser of 78ers for the 30th Anniversary Parade.

Before the 40th Anniversary Mardi Gras, I located 78ers to include them and assisted in fundraising to bring low income 78ers to Sydney.

In three and half years as an elected member of the 78ers Committee, I have ensured 78ers input to Fair Day and Parade and have worked hard on:

  • getting the message out to 78ers about marching in the Parade
  • distributing 78er t-shirts and lobbying Mardi Gras to print more
  • encouraging 78ers to apply for Mardi Gras Lifetime Membership.

It is important that Mardi Gras never forgets the role of protests in our history and supports 78ers into the future.

We need a strong united 78ers Committee to do this. I look forward to your support and ask you to also vote for Sallie Colechin.