Candidates for Election


There are 10 candidates for election. Their statements are shown on this page in ballot order.

Please contact our Returning Officer at if you have any enquiries regarding the election.




As a long-time activist for LGBTI+ rights in Australia, and for other intersectional issues, I am a strong believer in equality for all regardless of gender, sexuality, race, and ability. Previously, I served as the Queer Officer for the University of Sydney in 2017, and ran as a Greens candidate for the federal seat of Barton in 2019, running on a platform to tackle climate change, end mandatory detention and fight back against religious rights for discrimination.

I am running with the Pride in Protest team for Mardi Gras board to raise awareness of the atrocities imposed on the community by Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party, as well as corporations which systematically contribute to a society that is not equal, and the police force which have historically harassed and murdered minority groups such as Aboriginal and Torres-Straight Islander people, queer people, homeless people, people with disabilities, sex workers, and more. I support the fight against these organisations who are platformed by their right to march in the Mardi Gras parade. We won our rights because we rioted, we protested, and we campaigned in the community for decades until those in power had no choice but to listen to us.




As a social justice activist, writer and community worker who identifies as both agender and pansexual, I am running with Pride In Protest to represent the grassroots, left-wing and intersectional politics of our platform.

Having organised extensively for the 2017 Marriage Equality Postal Vote and worked in solidarity with refugee rights and Indigenous rights movements, I feel that I have a number of organisational and community service skills that would allow me to contribute positively to the future of Mardi Gras. Queer and trans children and teachers are under continued attacks, compounded by factors such as their vulnerability to homelessness, unemployment, and mental illness. As a second-generation immigrant I have also gained a wealth of experience in understanding the struggles of Queer and trans People of Colour, marginalised in both White LGBTQIA+ spaces and ethnic communities. This is what makes me so passionate about ensuring Mardi Gras becomes a space for advocacy, to support the rights of refugees, Indigenous people and trans children.

Together, we can make Mardi Gras a champion for the rights of the marginalised and the oppressed, and make us proud of not just our identities but the equality we have won for all.



I have been a part of Sydney’s LGBTIQ community since 1994, year I attended my first Mardi Gras, having migrated to Australia from a small town, at a young age, to escape prejudice and isolation and start a new life where I could be my true self.

Professionally, I’ve been an executive of a publicly listed company for the last 10+ years, with responsibility for the Asia Pacific business where I have gained financial, risk management and corporate governance skills and relevant post grad business qualifications. Additionally, working across the region has given me greater understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures.

Leveraging this platform to advocate for LGBTIQ diversity and inclusion, I founded and lead the company’s LGBTIQ employee network “Spectrum”, forming a community of employees that previously had no representation, and went on to achieve:

• AWEI Silver Status 2018 (Pride in Diversity).

• Securing sponsorships for MG and Queer Screen.

I believe that the combination of business administration experience and my advocacy for access and equity provides me with a unique set of skills.

If elected, I would be honoured to serve and support SGLMG in its ongoing commitment to sustainability, so it may continue to deliver world class events.



I'm a current Co-Chair of SGLMG. I am a lawyer by background, with executive corporate experience and a history volunteering in LGBTQI arts and events in Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin.

I'm incredibly proud of my contributions to our community during my tenure, helping to deliver two profitable and highly attended seasons with diverse programming and new events. I hope, with your support, to continue this work.

I'm most proud of my work contributing to our successful bid for Sydney to host WorldPride in 2023. I secured funding for the development and pitch of our bid and led our multi-disciplinary and successful delegation in Athens. Being re-elected to the Mardi Gras Board means I can continue to work to deliver a world-class event in 2023 that is representative of our diverse community - amplifying marginalised voices and bringing the attention of the global Pride movement to Asia Pacific for the first time.

Concurrently, I've worked on delivering a new strategic plan for SGLMG and have led our Board in becoming cohesive, collaborative and united. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve our members and hope to continue working hard for our community for another term.



I have proudly been part of the Sydney LGBTIQ community since my first Mardi Gras in 1998, and I have been an active Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras member since. On the SGLMG Board now for two years, I have been serving as a Co-Chair for the last 12 months. I feel honoured to be working with a cohesive and compassionate team that delivered a memorable 40th anniversary, managed growth beyond that milestone and now achieved the nearly impossible feat of winning the rights to WorldPride 2023.

My work as a Senior Project Manager provides me with a strong focus on governance, risks and issues management. Previous careers in theatre and events gives me a clear insight of creative processes. Decades of activism, including 2 years as the Membership Director of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association and 4 years as the President of Queer Screen gifted me with understanding, and inspiring connections within our communities.

With your support, in seeking re-election, I wish to provide SGLMG with the stability and growth that is critical through a significant period of change; to ensure financial sustainability while continuing our social justice focus on diversity and inclusiveness. Thank you.



Louis Hudson

As a long-time volunteer at SGMLG with over fifteen years’ experience, I am committed to helping this organisation remain financially sustainable and strong, while staying true to its community roots and providing platforms for the age, body, cultural, gender and sexual diversity within our communities.

As the Community Manager for Parade for six years, I have worked collaboratively with tens of thousands of LGBTQ community members. This experience, in addition to my professional project management expertise and broad skillset developed working with other community festivals groups such as Tropical Fruits makes me an ideal board candidate.

I am committed to ensuring we maintain open dialogue with volunteers, members and the wider community, and that the Board supports staff to deliver a world-class festival that embraces and showcases our diversity. 

I always seek to act with integrity, responsibility and transparency through my involvement with SGLMG.

If you would like to support me in this endeavour, please renew or become a member at

I look forward to working for all members.



Robyn Kennedy was elected to the Board of SGLMG in 2017. Robyn has a long history of involvement in LGBTIQ activism and broader social justice and human rights issues. She has held senior positions in government and the not for profit sector with a primary focus on addressing social inequity and disadvantage. 

During the mid to late 70s, Robyn was the Secretary of CAMP (Campaign Against Moral Persecution), one of Australia’s first LGBTQI organisations. She was a member of the Gay Task Force that operated during the 1980s and is the former Secretary/Treasurer of the 78er organisation, First Mardi Gras.

Robyn chaired the Committee that recently won SGLMG’s bid to host WorldPride in 2023.  She is the primary author of SGLMG’s Strategic Plan and Co-Chairs the Social Justice Committee.  Robyn is also a member of the international InterPride Human Rights and WorldPride Committees and is a frequent local and international speaker on LGBTQI rights issues.

Robyn’s contribution to advancing the rights of LGBTQI communities was recognised in 2018 when she was awarded ACON’s prestigious Community Hero Award. She has also been recognised for her contribution to LGBTQI and women’s rights by the National Library of Australia in their collection of audio oral histories of distinguished Australians.



My name is Evan, and I’m asking for your vote for Mardi Gras board director.
Activism is the lifeblood of our community. Together our community fought the criminalisation of sodomy and sex work, stood together during the HIV crisis, and more recently we have struggled for marriage equality and against so-called ‘religious freedoms’.

I’m so incredibly proud to be part of this fighting activist community. I’ve been campaigning against homophobia and transphobia for my entire adult life. I started by volunteering with ACON and ICLC, and then joined Community Action for Rainbow Rights (formerly CAAH) in 2009. During the postal survey in 2017 I helped organise the largest LGBTIQA+ rights protest in Australian history, and continue to campaign against Scott Morrison’s homophobia and transphobia both with CARR and the Greens.

As someone who has organised floats in Mardi Gras for almost a decade, and has been a member for several years, I am deeply passionate about the parade and its potential. We can have a parade that puts community above corporations, and that honours our protest roots. Let’s make it happen together.



As a proud Bi woman I have been very lucky to be an active part of the LGBTQI+ community for over 20 years.

My first foray into the LGBTQI+ world was volunteering for Mardi Gras in 1998 and it sparked a passion in me to be involved in the fight for equality for our LGBTQI+ communities. This has included roles as Events and Fundraising Manager at Australian Marriage Equality, a founding member and Board Director of Out for Australia, Board Associate at Queer Screen, ACON Rover, and currently a member of the NSW Fundraising Committee for The Pinnacle Foundation.

I was honoured to receive the Sydney Woman of the Year 2017 award and also ACON’s Community Hero 2017.

I have 20+ years experience in senior roles in the management consulting sector including Financial Services, Business Development, and Recruitment. My current role as Associate Director of ACON’s Pride Inclusion Programs is my dream job, combining my business knowledge with my passion for community.

Mardi Gras has gone from strength to strength over the past 41 years and I would be honoured to be elected to the Board and assist with the next phase of growth and sustainability which is critical for success.



They/them and she/her

Charlie has worked in arts, events, and the LGBTQI community for the past 5 years. Charlie has previously worked for Mardi Gras for 5 years, doing seasons from 2015 - 2019. Charlie went from being the receptionist in 2015 to an event producer by 2018, producing Mardi Gras’ symposium on queer issues QUEER THINKING in 2018 and co-curating QUEER THINKING: FEARLESS YOUTH in 2019.

Charlie has also been a member of Trans Action Warrang since its inception in 2018, and as part of that collective helped organise the 2019 inaugural march for Trans Day of Visibility in Newtown. Trans Action Warrang is an activist collective that fights for trans rights. As Pride in Protest’s lead candidate, Charlie is fighting for a more open, democratic, and grass roots Mardi Gras. Charlie is passionate about Mardi Gras no longer answering to corporate power and status quo institutions, and centralising the voices of marginalised communities in order to properly fight for justice.