Hi everyone,

I joined Kate Wickett in making some very exciting announcements about Mardi Gras and Sydney WorldPride.

In 2023, the Mardi Gras Festival and Sydney WorldPride will join to introduce the world to our glittering LGBTQI+ communities, giving our First Nations people and Asia-Pacific neighbours the opportunity to share their pride on a global stage.

Both festivals will run during February and March 2023. The marathon seventeen-day combined extravaganza will combine much-loved favourites, such as the Parade, Fair Day and Party, a world-class opening and closing ceremony, a human rights conference, a First Nations Gala Concert and a 50,000-strong pride march across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

It will truly represent a time where we can come together, listen, take action, protest, party and lift the visibility of our LGBTQI+ communities to the global mainstage. 

Gather, Dream, Amplify

I’m pleased to announce that Mardi Gras and Sydney WorldPride will share the theme of Gather, Dream, Amplify in 2023. 

This theme was developed in partnership with our amazing community. It acknowledges the traditional custodians of Australia and represents our commitment to equality and inclusion. 

Through this theme, we are asking people to gather here, to listen and to dream about the future we want as a community and how we will make that a reality.  

Check out the gorgeous new logo and artwork on the Sydney WorldPride website. Designed by First Nations artist Jessica Johnson, also known as Nungala Creative, the artwork was inspired by her sense of belonging to a big multigenerational queer First Nations community and her experience embodying intersectionality. 

Deloitte signs on as a new partner 

Today, we also announce Deloitte as our major partner for 2022-24. Deloitte will be providing support through the creation of a landmark digital platform that will give both Mardi Gras and SWP the ability to connect with our communities for generations to come. 

We are proud to welcome Deloitte on board, as a company that has demonstrated genuine engagement with our communities while creating an inclusive, diverse and safe culture for its LGBTQI+ and First Nations staff.

Ethics Charter

I’m pleased to share our Ethical Charter, which you can view on our website.

The Charter serves as our north star for how we make decisions that are aligned with our vision, values, principles and promises. All partners are assessed through an ethical framework ensuring our community knows the ethics, values and behaviours of any potential partners align with theirs. 

We have already put the Charter into action in considering our partnership with Deloitte.

Update on our new SGLMG Strategic Plan

You may be aware that we are in the process of developing our Strategic Plan; a plan detailing the purpose, direction, and priorities of the organisation up until June 2024.

This exciting project allows us to look at the learnings from the past few years and ensure that our work aligns with the goals and needs of our communities.   

Following an extensive consultation phase, which included surveys, focus groups and workshops, we are close to completing our strategic plan which we look forward to sharing this with you soon. 

Constitution review

Thank to everyone who expressed interest in taking part in our review of the SGLMG Constitution.

The People and Nominations Committee have now selected the members to form the Constitution Review Working Group, ensuring there was a diversity of views, backgrounds and experience represented on that group.

In the coming weeks, the group will start meeting multiple times a week to bring our constitutions in line with contemporary law and best practice.

Once the group has concluded their review and a draft constitution is ready, we’ll be reaching asking members for feedback through a survey. So please keep an eye out!

Wear it Purple

This Friday is Wear it Purple Day and the theme is “Start the conversation… Keep it going” in an effort to remind people that speaking about sexual orientation and gender identity are everyday conversations; not ones held once a year. 

On our Instagram this Friday, we will be creating conversations around topics impacting our rainbow youth and we encourage you to get involved.


We are all aware of the situation in Afghanistan and I would like to extend our heartfelt support to the Afghan community in Australia and the LGBTQI+ people, women, human rights defenders and minorities in Afghanistan who are in danger. We stand with the Australian GLBTI Multicultural Council, Forcibly Displaced People Network and the Refugee Council of Australia supporting their seven steps urging the Australian Government to take action.

Finally, please look out for yourself and those around you and if you do need some extra support, remember that it is close through services such as Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636) or QLife (1800 184 527).


Albert Kruger