Constitution Review

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is currently reviewing our constitutions to bring them in line with legislation and current best practice.

While an external organisation with expertise in charity constitutions will lead the review process, a working group, comprising of SGLMG members, has been developed to support the process and provide input and suggest changes to the constitutions.

The working group was formed through an expression of interest process and by the People and Nominations Committee, ensuring there was a diversity of views, backgrounds and experience represented on that group.

The working group will guide us in updating the constitutions to reflect the expectations of members in Mardi Gras’ governance. In addition, the working group will receive legal expertise to be guided by best practice constitutions for charitable organisations.

Through the Company Secretary, the working group will submit recommended constitutions to the Board and its committees for consideration to be put to the members for adoption.

What is a constitution?

A constitution outlines the fundamental principles and current legislation that dictate how an organisation is governed.

Why does the constitution need to be updated?

Put simply, our constitutions reference legislations that no longer exist or have been amended. These changes need to be incorporated to bring the constitutions in line with the modern governance standards for a charitable organisation.

It is also an opportunity to make suggestions that bring the Board’s responsibilities in line with best practices.

What is required of the working group?

The working group will meet regularly to provide input on the constitutions and ensure they are in line with contemporary law and best practice.

Once the group has concluded their review and draft constitutions are ready, we will be seeking member feedback through a survey. 

The full roles and responsibilities of committee members can be found in the following terms of reference here.