This year we have a new Creative Community Access Program at the Mardi Gras Workshop!

The workshop will be accessible to all community not-for-profit Parade participants who want or need some help with aspects of their float for the 2019 Mardi Gras Parade.

This could be as simple as a conversation, advice or assistance with the construction of some elements of your float. It might be help with what tools or materials to use. Or some help with paint and glitter, costuming or making a pushable. We’re there to help show you how if you get stuck. Or you might know exactly what you’re doing already – but you just need a bigger space than the lounge-room of your apartment.

We might be able to provide assistance with some specialist equipment and expertise if you haven’t got it yourself. We can provide basic consumable materials such as screws and glue, but it’s mostly BYO materials. We can help you find suppliers if necessary. And if you need paint, the Dulux representative at Bunnings Alexandria has kindly offered free paint to community groups. We’ll also be running some specific skills-based workshops to assist you.

We have a limit to the capacity of people we can assist at any one time – so we ask that you keep numbers small – no more than 6 people per group. We’ll advise you if that changes.

The Workshop is located in Alexandria will be open for community access on Thursdays and Fridays from 7 Feb 5pm – 8pm, and on Saturdays from 2 Feb, 10am to 4pm. You will need to register your interest by filling in this form: