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Doggywood Outfit Inspo

Stuck for ideas on how to dress your dawg?

Fur do’s
Does your mutt have a mullet? How about a perm? Consider adding a pop of colour to your dog’s fur-do with some pet-safe fur dyes or coloured fur-spray. The brighter and more imaginative, the better!

Instagram: tassiejaxandralfofsydney

Small dogs
And who doesn’t love an adorable pint-sized pup dressed as a hot dog (or something equally cute)? Check out some hilarious ideas here and here.

Big dogs
If your dog is fuller-figured, then anything that makes them look even bigger might be a good place to start. Think a lion, tiger or sheep costume; a horse and rider outfit; or a costume that makes your dog look like a person standing up… you get the idea. More ideas are here and here.

There’s not much more amusing than a dog owner dressed the same as their dog. This trend has been gaining momentum during Halloween, so check out some ideas here or here or here.

Dogs + Kids
Despite this being the lethal twosome that most celebrities refuse to work with, it’s scientific fact that everyone loves an animal and kid combo. Why not get your kids in on the action to match your pooch? See irresistible ideas here!