Doggywood Outfit Inspo

Stuck for ideas on how to dress your dawg? Here's some precious pooch pics to inspire you!

Conspicuous Canines

Dolly Pawton might howl a country song or two, but she’s actually a cute chihuahua with a tonne of country attitude!

Source: dolly_pawton on Instagram

Think Chew-Barker, Droolius Caesar, Mariah Hairy or Ellen Degeneruff… Dress up your dog as their famous doppelganger for a laugh and a chance at winning a best dressed prize.

Dogs + Kids

Despite this being the lethal twosome shunned by most showbiz peeps, it’s a scientific fact that everyone loves an animal-and-kid-combo. Why not get your kids in on the action to match your pooch? See irresistible ideas here, here and here.

Fur dos

Does your dog have a perm? Is your mutt fond of a mullet? Consider adding a pop of colour to your dog’s fur-do with some pet-safe fur dyes, chalks or coloured fur-sprays. The brighter and more imaginative, the better! See examples here and here!

Small dogs

If you’re the proud owner of a pint-sized pup, dressing your dog as something edible is not only hilarious but sends the cute-o-meter into overdrive. Hot dogs, burgers, tacos are a great for ideas, but feel free to explore all sorts of petite pooch pieces. See examples here and here!

Big dogs

If your dog is fuller-figured, then anything that makes them look even bigger might be a good place to start. Think a lion, tiger or sheep costume; a horse and rider outfit; or a costume that makes your dog look like a person standing up… you get the idea. More ideas are here and here.


Is your dog that special someone in your life? Your better half? There's not much more amusing than a dog owner dressed the same as their dog. This trend has been gaining momentum during Halloween, so check out some ideas here! There's even more here, here and here.

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