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An Evening with 500 Queer Scientists

An Evening with 500 Queer Scientists

Wednesday 19th February 2020

6:00 pm

The Calyx

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney


At this event, you’ll hear stories from LGBTQI scientists in Sydney who have successfully followed a career path in academia while being out in the lab and to their peers. Let’s provoke positive debate and help promote science and academia as an inclusive, forward-thinking, and viable career path for bright young queer minds!

The 500 Queer Scientists initiative launched in June 2018 and highlights the real need for increased visibility of LGBTQI scientists in academia. The issues are complex, but visibility and role models are part of the solution.

The evening’s discussion will be moderated by Dr Alice Motion, Associate Professor, Chemist and Science Communicator at the University of Sydney. Alice is the founder of the Breaking Good citizen science project, the co-host of ABC Science podcast Dear Science and has been the host of a weekly science slot on FBi Radio's breakfast show since 2015.

The panel includes the co-creator of 500 Queer Scientists: Dr Lauren Esposito, Assistant Curator and Schlinger Chair of Arachnology at the California Academy of Sciences. Other panel members cover a broad spectrum - from early to late-career scientists - in a range of fascinating research fields.

This event is organized by Dr Hervé Sauquet (RBG Sydney), with Perry Beasley-Hall (University of Sydney), Dr Hannah McPherson (RBG Sydney) and Prof. Marie Herberstein (Macquarie University).

Presented in partnership with 500 Queer Scientists and Queers in Science. Proudly sponsored by the Foundation & Friends of the Botanic Gardens, Inspiring Australia, University of Sydney Pride Network, Macquarie University, University of NSW and the Australian Entomological Society.