Breaking The Code

Breaking The Code

New Theatre

542 King St

Newtown NSW 2042

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During the Second World War, tucked away in the country at Bletchley Park, the most brilliant mathematical minds in Britain were working to crack the complex German military code known as Enigma. 

One of them was the eccentric genius Alan Turing, who invented a machine that broke the code. For his efforts, which shortened the war by two years and saved an estimated two million lives, he was decorated by Churchill, but the top-secret nature of his work meant his vital contribution remained unknown to the wider public. 

But Enigma wasn’t the only code he broke. After the war, at a time when being homosexual was a criminal offence, Turing’s arrest on a charge of gross indecency after admitting to a sexual liaison with a rent boy, smashed the homophobic ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ social code. 

The public humiliation that followed, and his choice to undergo chemical castration rather than serve a prison sentence, left him physically and mentally debilitated. He died by his own hand, aged 41, forgotten and alone.  

Half a century later, after being pardoned by the Queen, Turing is now lauded as a British hero. In 2021, he became the new face of the £50 note. 

This acclaimed biographical drama investigates who he was, what happened to him, and why. It’s an elegant and poignant depiction of the life of an extraordinary man, his creativity, his yearning for love and companionship, and his deep humanity.  

On show 8 February - 5 March 2022.

"Powerful, riveting drama" - New York Daily News