Roaring '20s Party: 100 Years of Queer Culture, Arts & Expression

Roaring '20s Party: 100 Years of Queer Culture, Arts & Expression

Sunday 16th February 2020

4:00 pm

Billich Gallery

106 George Street

The Rocks

Wheelchair Accessible

Berlin. 1920s. Where sexuality transgressed cultural norms and individuality was celebrated. Female impersonators, people of all sexualities and classes came together to celebrate their ability to express themselves.

100 years later and we are seeing a resurgence into the legacy crafted from the spirit of the 1920s. In many ways since the 1920s we have digressed backwards before we have come forwards. Marlene Deitrich put androgyny on the map when she wore a top hat and tuxedo, whilst Drag queen Harry S. Franklyn graced audiences in her gracious flapper attire.

Step back in time as we celebrate 100 years of queer culture through the lens of art, music and fashion.

Exclusive champagne party at Billich Gallery, The Rocks, in support of ACON and the pursuit for HIV prevention.

Proceeds going to ACON, NSW’s leading HIV and sexuality and gender diverse health organisation. Proceeds from this event will support ACON’s health programs and inclusion initiatives. Learn more about ACON here:

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