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Roxane Gay & Christina Hoff Sommers: #Feminist

Roxane Gay & Christina Hoff Sommers: #Feminist

Friday 29th March 2019

7:30 pm

Sydney Town Hall

483 George Street

Sydney NSW 2000


Wheelchair Accessible

#FEMINIST a conversation between Roxane Gay & Christina Hoff Sommers

In a controversial world first, This Is 42 is bringing to Australian shores the feminist — albeit a self-proclaimed ‘bad one’, New York Times Best Selling Author and editor, Roxane Gay face-to-face with self-described ‘factual-feminist’, philosopher and author Christina Hoff Sommers. Taking center stage, the intellectual giants will ignite an authentic, civilised discussion about their ideological differences, conversing on topics ranging from the division of domestic labour, feminism perpetuated in media, social inequality, violence against women, sexual harassment and more.

Inspired by today's social media and opinion-galvanised media landscape, #FEMINIST will reinforce the art of having idea-driven, honest, rational discussions; a conversation. Shining light on topics that have become movements defining the 21st century, Gay and Sommers have never been brought together to discourse with a shared vision of both educating and entertaining the audience.

Australia Tour Dates:
Sydney: 29 Mar 2019, Sydney Town Hall
Melbourne: 31 Mar 2019, The Plenary