Fair Day FAQ

Come one, come all to Mardi Gras Fair Day, the biggest and most colourful event of the opening weekend of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2020. Join us at Victoria Park in Camperdown on Sunday 16 February for a full day of entertainment and picnicking in the sun. Every year, a melting pot of 80,000 smiling faces gather together in the park to celebrate not only the beginning of Mardi Gras, but also the power and beauty of diversity.

This is a family friendly event with many children in attendance.  Large crowds, a long day and hot weather in combination will tire you out. Make sure you pace yourself, drink plenty of water, eat food and minimise sun exposure.  The Mardi Gras Volunteers will be wearing purple shirts on the day, they are there to get you excited and help you enjoy the day. If you have a question or an urgent issue they will be able to help you or find you assistance.

To ensure that everyone has a great day, there's a few key things that you should know about attending Fair Day:

  • Fair Day is a no smoking event. We ask that you smoke 10m away from the event site.
  • No Glass. There is strictly no glass to be brought into Fair Day.
  • No BYO Alcohol. This is a licensed event and as such you can't bring your own alcoholic drinks into Fair Day - and it goes without saying that it's strictly drug free.
  • Onsite Security. Security will be conducting bag searches on entry. Security personnel are on site to keep the Fair Day safe for everyone. If you need help or see someone needing help, please notify security straight away. Please follow the security’s instructions if required, as someone's safety may depend on it. Security will have discretionary powers to restrict people who are intoxicated, aggressive or possibly drug affected.


Is there parking at Fair Day?
Parking spots are extremely limited. Fair Day attendees are encouraged to take public transport - walk or ride. Bike parking is available at the City Road entrance opposite the Seymour Centre. Two accessibility drop-off parking spots will be available on the Parramatta Road entrance near the Pool.
Can I bring my own food into Fair Day?
Yes, you can bring food into Fair Day but please don't bring any glass with you including jars etc. There are also plenty of gourmet food vendors to choose from.
Can I bring my own water into Fair Day?
Yes, you can bring water bottles into Fair Day but please don't bring any glass bottles with you. Water refill stations are available in the park.
Can I purchase alcohol at Fair Day?
Yes, there are 5 bars that will be serving alcohol and soft drinks throughout the day. Staff will adhere to the RSA guidelines regarding consumption and supply. Please moderate your alcohol intake over the day and be considerate of others that attend Fair Day, especially children and families. Children are not permitted to queue within the bar areas, even if accompanied by an adult.
Is Fair Day wheelchair accessible?
Yes, all entrances to Victoria are wide and step-free, but some are on a slight slope.
Can I bring my pets into Fair Day?
You are welcome to bring your well-behaved dog to Fair Day but they must be kept on a leash at all times. Bring your precious pup to Doggywood! Please also ensure you have adequate doggie disposal bags and that you promptly clean up after your dog. Please be considerate of others in the park that may not be as comfortable with your dog as you are.
What happens if it rains?
Fair Day is an outdoor all weather event. Rather than bringing an umbrella with you, we suggest bringing a disposable poncho in the event of wet weather.
Can I bring a tent, marquee or other sun shade structure into Fair Day?
Yes, you're welcome to bring these items into Fair Day but they cannot be pegged into the ground. Please be considerate of others around you when choosing a location to set up your structure so that others can see the stage entertainment and that you aren't blocking walkways etc. Please follow the instructions of the Mardi Gras team at all times.
Is there an ATM at Fair Day?
Yes, our principal partner ANZ will have ATMs for use at Fair Day.
What do I do if I need any assistance on the day?
There are three Fair Day Information Tents located at the entrances of the park. If you need medical or security assistance for any reason during Fair Day, please approach or get the attention of our medical and/or security personnel to assist you. In addition, Mardi Gras Volunteers will be wearing bright purple shirts on the day, they are there to help you or find you suitable assistance.
Will Victoria Park Pool be open?
Yes. Children aged 10 and under get FREE entry. Wristbands for children are available at the Information Tents, Rainbow Family stall and at the entrance to the pool.
Will there be Police at Fair Day?
There will be NSW Police present at Fair Day, as well as GLLO (Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers) Police. Please follow any instructions they may give you.
What do I do if I've lost something?
Lost (and found) property will be taken to the Fair Day Information Tent located at the Cleveland Street entrance to the park. Any uncollected items will be taken back to the Mardi Gras office and will be available for collection up to four weeks after the Fair Day, at which point it will be passed on to a charity.