Mardi Gras has enjoyed a fantastic partnership with SBS over the last eight years and while this chapter is coming to a close, we are proud of all we have achieved together.

Each year through our partnership and the Parade broadcast we have been able to connect with hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, celebrating stories of LGBTQI+ people as we call for a future of equality.

And earlier this year, when our communities had endured lockdowns and isolation and weren’t able to safely gather in large numbers on the street, SBS’s broadcast was particularly important, helping LGBTQI+ communities across Australia connect with one another, ensuring the celebration continued. 

SBS’s commitment to celebrating diversity in all its forms is unmatched. The valued support they have provided over the last years has been integral to the success of Mardi Gras. They continue to champion LGBTQI+ stories and issues through their content, and will always remain a part of our wonderful rainbow community.