Be part of Parade 2022

It’s time to unite and shine for the 44th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade! On Saturday, 5 March 2022, our dazzling display of LGBTQI+ pride and self-expression will descend on the Sydney Cricket Ground once more.

Australia will still be finding its feet living with COVID early next year, which means it’s not quite safe enough for us to return to the street. But if 2021 proved anything, it’s that not even a global pandemic can stop our communities from uniting to champion equal rights and share their passion with the world.

Join us for a luminous night of revelry as the LGBTQI+ community bands together in an explosion of colour and creativity to radiate with love across the globe.

Parade applications are now closed, applicants will be notified of their outcome on 3 December 2021.


Please ensure that you have read all information below and the 2022 Parade Entrant Terms and Conditions before submitting your application online.

For some visual inspiration and photos of previous Parade entries, please visit our gallery here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Parade team via email at parade@mardigrasarts.org.au. Please note that during the Sydney lockdown, we are working remotely and are unable to receive calls at our office. Please email us for the fastest possible response.




The safety of our community, spectators, Parade participants, staff and volunteers are our highest priority and is at the forefront of all our planning. A number of operational changes have been made to ensure your safety. The Parade continues to be the significant platform for us to come together and shine a global spotlight on LGBTQI+ lives, culture, communities and creativity.

Major changes to note for 2022

Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic and the restrictions under current health orders, the following changes will be in place for the 2022 Parade:

  • The Parade will be a ticketed event for spectators, held at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) in Moore Park, and aired by our official broadcast partner
  • Parade participant numbers will be reduced, with Parade participants capped at a maximum of 6,500 people
  • Parade groups will be no more than 40 persons each. This will allow for as any many groups as possible to participate
  • No vehicles can be used as part of any floats. SGLMG encourages participants to think big with their costumes, props, flags, inflatables, signs and pushable elements

A series of COVID-19 Safety Protocols will be in place and participants must comply with these. These include:

  • All participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and will be required to show a vaccination certificate on entry
  • Contact details registered for all individual participants
  • ID checks on entry
  • Mandatory face masks for all participants while in the Marshalling Area
  • Physical distancing at all times

Please ensure that you read the 2022 Parade Entrant Terms and Conditions (in particular Section 8.3 COVID-19 Safety Protocols) for full details.

Please note that everything is subject to change based on advice from government and NSW Health.

2022 Festival Theme - UNITED WE SHINE

Looking towards 2022, the future for our rainbow family is brighter than it has ever been. But this doesn't mean there won't be challenges for us along the way - of particular concern both at home and abroad are the attacks on our Trans and Gender Diverse communities.

Our theme UNITED WE SHINE signifies that when we band together, we shine brighter. It is a rallying call to stand up against hate and inequality, reminding us that when we rise as a collective, our message of love and inclusion is heard louder.

We only need to look at our history to be empowered by the strength and resilience of LGBTQI+ people - we have the power to create a more equitable society.

Now is the time for us to unite. This is our time to shine.

Eligibility and Conditions of Entry

Eligible Applications must:

  • Be submitted by:
    LGBTQI+ – Individuals, community groups or organisations primarily involving LGBTQI+ people. Organisations must be able to prove their main aim is to represent or support the LGBTQI+ communities. These Entrants must communicate a message relevant to the LGBTQI+ communities; or
    Non-LGBTQI+ – Individuals, community groups or organisations who do not identify as LGBTQI+ but support the rights, achievements, culture and aspirations of the LGBTQI+ communities. These Entrants must communicate a clear message of support or celebration relating to the LGBTQI+ communities and must not use an abbreviation of LGBTQI+. These Entrants must not sell themselves or what they do unless they are directly promoting how they support or celebrate LGBTQI+ communities
  • Include a detailed creative concept to ensure SGLMG has a clear understanding of the concept, artistic ideas, production values, themes and messaging
  • Include a minimum of two (2) Supporting Documents to visually support the creative concept. Any production designs must include dimensions. Supporting documents include visual designs of your costumes, outfits, props, signage with exact wording, mood board references, participants formation
  • Have relevance to the 2022 SGLMG Festival theme
  • Agree to all T&Cs as outlined by SGLMG
  • Entrants must not be discriminatory, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, racist, sexist or breach any defamation law. Applications will not be accepted from organisations who have demonstrated any of the above in previous Parades or in their general business
What is the application process?

1. Submit your completed Parade Application form online by 2pm Monday 15 November 2021. Our online event management system will require you to create an account in order to submit the form.

2. The Curatorial Committee, comprised of representatives from both SGLMG and our community, will assess all applications based on the below selection criteria:

  • Meeting the eligibility and conditions of entry
  • Providing a well-designed creative concept
  • Ability to plan and deliver the creative concept safely
  • Benefit and relevance to LGBTQI+ communities
  • Relevance to the 2022 Festival theme

Under no circumstances will SGLMG alter or make exceptions to the selection criteria to match an individual application.

If SGLMG receives more applications than the total capacity allows and your application has met the selection criteria, SGLMG may review your application based on previous Parade history and support of LGBTQI+ communities. Additionally, LGBTQI+ organisations will receive first preference. SGLMG encourages non-LGBTQI+ organisations to consider sponsoring or partnering with a LGBTQI+ organisation for their Parade Entry.

3. Applicants will be notified electronically on the outcome of their application on Friday 3 December 2021.

4. To secure placement in the Parade, successful applicants must complete the following:

  • Complete payment of the Parade Entry Fee by the Payment Deadline
  • Register the full name, phone number, email address and postal code of all individual Participants by the Individual Participant Registration Deadline
  • Attend the mandatory Parade Entrants Briefing session


What is the ENTRY FEE?

SGLMG charges a small fee to Entrants to meet a small proportion of the core costs of staging the Parade. Fees are set according to the type and size of group/organisation. Payment is only required for successful applicants. Refer to table below for categories and fees. All prices are in $AUD and include GST.





Individual or group of up to 5
Parade Participants
$63 A single member of the LGBTQI+ community or
group of up to five people.
1-5 pax
Community Group with 6-40
$174 A social group comprised of friends/family, or
an NFP incorporated association such as local
sporting clubs or support groups.
6-40 pax
Government Organisation $990 Any government organisation. 40 pax
Not for Profit Organisation with
less than 50 employees
$242 NFP organisations including charities,
churches, and services organisations.
40 pax
Not for Profit Organisation with
51-500 employees
$495 NFP organisations including charities,
churches, and services organisations.
40 pax
Not for Profit Organisation with
501-1000 employees
$715 NFP organisations including charities,
churches, and services organisations.
40 pax
Not for Profit Organisation with
more than 1000 employees
$990 NFP organisations including charities,
churches, and services organisations.
40 pax
Political Party $990 Any group/organisation that is representing
or has affiliations with political parties.
40 pax
SME Business $935 A micro or small business conducting general
business activity for LGBTQI+ and non-LGBTQI+
communities. This category includes all event

(Medium-Large businesses can only enter the
parade via partnership agreements)
40 pax


expectations and commitments

What SGLMG will do:

  • Assess whether an Entrant and their entry aligns to the selection criteria and core values of the Parade and SGLMG
  • Assess an Entrant on their creative concepts and production standard
  • Consult with Entrants to realise their creative potential
  • Work with an Entrant to maximise the impact of their messaging to audiences
  • Work towards delivering a Parade that is designed to inspire, excite and challenge audiences
  • Communicate clearly and apply the same measures and treatment to all entries
  • Identify any elements that may require expert advice
  • Identify any elements detailed that violate the 2022 Parade Entrant Terms & Conditions and provide advice back to the Entrant
  • Respond to queries in a timely manner

What SGLMG won’t do:

  • Censor counter viewpoints
  • Allow illegal activities or ambush marketing
  • Allow messages that discriminate or may cause harm to others

What SGLMG expects from Entrants:

  • Participate and be open to consultation with the SGLMG team
  • Adhere to criteria, sponsorship, operational terms, conditions and instruction before and on Parade day
  • Honour your agreement with us; your Parade entry is what was approved on your application
  • Attend mandatory briefings such as the Entrant Briefing
  • To use the available resources to produce a visually enticing entry
  • Businesses and government entries must set a high artistic standard
  • The Parade is a protest and a celebration that is world renowned and belongs to a creative and vibrant community. All Entrants are expected not just to take part, but to contribute to the artistic and political goals of SGLMG and help create an event that is world standard
  • Show respect, listen and follow requests from SGLMG staff and volunteers


1pm, Thursday 14 October 2021:

Parade applications open  

2pm, Monday 15 November 2021:

Parade applications close

Friday 3 December 2021:

Applicants notified of outcome by COB

5pm, Friday 7 January 2022:

Entrant organisers must:

  • Complete payment for their Parade entry fee

  • Complete the “Entrants Additional Information” form online. This is primarily to confirm final audio track/s, marketing copy, float marshalls, and any revisions to your concept

  • Provide SGLMG with final audio track

TBC, Sunday 6 February 2022:

Mandatory Entrants Briefing at TBC Sydney venue which all Entrant organisers must attend for Parade day operations, logistics and safety. Successful applicants will be updated on confirmed time and venue.

5pm, Friday 25 February 2022:

Entrant organisers must register and provide SGLMG with the full name, phone number, email address and post code of all individual participants. All information will be used in accordance with SGLMG’s privacy policy and is required for ticketing and contact tracing purposes

Saturday 5 March 2022:


Entrant groups will be given staggered times:

  • Registration and arrival to Marshalling Area: 3:00pm to 6:00pm

  • Parade start time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm

  • Parade event ends: 10:30pm

  • All times are subject to change