Groups in the 2021 Mardi Gras Parade

When the 43rd Annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade takes over the Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday 6 March 2021, here’s all the groups you will see.

The groups shown below are in alphabetical order, not the order they will be in on the night. As always with the Mardi Gras Parade, there will be plenty of surprises, and this year’s spectacular stadium show features some very special guest performers.

Dykes on Bikes Sydney
Australia's longest running female-identified motorcycle club, and one of the country's oldest LGBTQI community groups. Up to 200 Dykes on motorbikes, revving up the crowd, leading the parade as they've done for over 30 years!

First Nations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQ+ community
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQ community stand strong together against racism, homophobia and transphobia.  We have existed on this continent for over 65,000 years. Our sovereignty was never ceded.

The 78ers
The ‘78ers are the valiant group of people who gathered at Taylor Square on a Saturday in June 1978 to march down Oxford street at a time when homosexuality was still a criminal act. More than four decades later they’ve lost none of their spirit. This year the 78ers show off various milestones to mark ’50 Years of Visibility’.

Mardi Gras Bloom and Rise
The Mardi Gras community rises above, we flourish and thrive, celebrating our big, beautiful, colourful community. Beyond the challenges of 2020, we are new life, growth and hope. The Parade and Show includes legends of Mardi Gras community with an energetic cast of Mardi Gras Community Performers and supported by Deaf Society and Deaf Services. Costume design by Lelash, Choreography/Concept by Virginia Ferris and Music mix by Pipi Le Oui (Peewee Ferris).


2Day FM - The Hit Network's Carrie & Tommy - Light Up, Fire Up, Rise Up!
The Hit Network’s Carrie & Tommy Show want you to Light Up, Rise Up & Fire Up! “Our entry will encourage the LGBTQIA+ community to fight against their adversities and rise through the ashes like the great phoenix. While fire can be destructive, it can also symbolise rebirth, power and strength to live your truth. As on the Pride flag, red stands for life, orange for healing and yellow for the sun… all colours we need to help us lift our spirits after a challenging 2020. As we surround ourselves with our chosen family, our entry will comprise of key members from the Network who represent the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies.”

ABC Pride: We're with You
“The ABC is with you. Wherever you are and whoever you are; the National Broadcaster is for all Australians.  And ABC Pride is there to elevate and support our colleagues in the often life-saving work that they do. And in 2021, in the 89th year of the ABC, ABC Pride are proud to once again show that we are for all Australians, regardless of who you are or where you are.  We’re with you.”

ACON - Ready to PrEP? Let’s Go - ACON’s Ending HIV ‘Take Me’ Campaign
Established in 1985, ACON is NSW’s leading HIV and sexuality and gender diverse community health organisation. For our entire history, our work has been designed by and for our communities. Our early years were defined by community coming together to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in NSW, and we remain committed to ending HIV for all. We do this by delivering campaigns and programs to eliminate new HIV transmissions, which includes encouraging frequent testing, all forms of safe sex practices – such as condoms and PrEP – and the early uptake of treatment. PrEP is now the most preferred method to prevent HIV transmission – it’s easier than ever to take PrEP and help end HIV. Ready to PrEP?

ANTRA - Rise for Pride! 为傲而立
ANTRA, Australia & New Zealand Tongzhi Rainbow Alliance, is an NSW registered community organisation advocating for the betterhood of Australia’s Mandarin & Cantonese speaking LGBTQI+ communities with over 2,000 members. "ANTRA is here to rise for pride and to rise for who we are! We rise for the Queer heroes in the Chinese speaking world. We rise for the Chinese speaking heroes in the Queer world. And we rise for the Queer Chinese Australian Community.”

ANZ - 15 Fabulous Years of Marching
For 15 fabulous years, LGBTIQ+ members and allies of ANZ Pride have been proudly marching for queer rights, diversity, inclusion and respect. “We’ve seen so much progress over that time, and we’re proud to rise with the progress flag for everyone in the community as we encourage our staff to be their authentic selves in everything they do. Because you’re never really on your own.”

Asian Marching Boys & Friends – FireFly
"In response to the theme Rise and In order to make lemonade out of lemons in a challenging environment we have decided to use the ‘Firefly’ as our core idea. Fire Flies are small, light, free and light up the night sky… it is their abundance that makes them attractive to the eye and mesmerising. It is the sheer numbers and pack like existence that keeps them safe and this metaphor is symbolic after spending months in isolation it is the pack that we all want to be a part of… and in Asian Marching Boys and friends this is our second family, our group and our safe place in numbers."

Australian Asexuals - Raise Your Flags
Australian Asexuals is a community group that brings together asexual communities in Australia to create a unified group, as well as to educate people about asexuality. A lack of sexual attraction to any gender is what defines Asexuality, but our romantic orientations are varied and are separate from our sexuality. Our community is diverse and we wanted to showcase that by marching together under the flags of those identities, and the flags will rise and we will march on together.

Australian Federal Police - AFP Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer Network (GLLO Network)
This year is the 23rd anniversary of the AFP Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer Network, and the 23rd year the AFP have participated in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The AFP ‘GLLO Network’ embraces both LGBTIQ+ members and our straight allies, including police, professional staff, Protection Services Officers, and AFP Senior Executives. AFP members come from all walks of life, proudly coming together to serve and celebrate our diverse Australian community. The Parade provides the opportunity for the AFP to celebrate with the LGBTIQ+ community and bridge the gaps that have existed in the past. Happy Mardi Gras!

Australian Rainbow Veterinarians and Allies - Lifting the LGBTIQA Veterinary community to new heights
"Our organisation (ARVA) has been going since 2015 and over the years we have built up a fair bit of resources including costumes and banners and other things like that from being at Fair day in 2018-2020 and Parade in 2019 and 2020. Unfortunately during the Jan 2020 bushfires we lost all of those resources as the building they were kept on (my property) in Batemans Bay was burnt to the ground and we were lucky that our house was saved by the RFS. We have had to build up all of those resources again and literally had to "Rise" up from the ashes of those fires. Through all this many of our members also volunteered their services (as did many other veterinarians) to provide care and treatment for injured wildlife. So the theme "Rise" is particularly resonant for us."

Bi+ Visibility - Bi-Cycles: Riding Towards Equality
The Bi-Cycles proudly lead the Bi+ community forward in embracing our identities as multi-gender attracted people. Together we represent the progress and movement towards equality, inclusivity, and celebration of Bi+ identities in the LGBTQIA+ community. It's our pride to ride the fabulous rainbow road to Mardi Gras 2021!

BiCONIC - Rain on Me
BiCONIC is a Sydney based events organisation for the bi+ community, queer folk and allies known for creating welcoming parties for everyone, no matter their gender or sexual orientation. This year, they are incredibly excited to be making their Mardi Gras Parade debut! BiCONIC’s chosen theme is a visual encapsulation of Lady Gaga’s iconic 2020 release, ‘Rain on Me’; an ‘empowering pop song about persevering through hardship, healing, and finding beauty in the pain”. The entry embraces this concept to recognise the LGBTQIA+ communities extraordinary ability to rise in the face of adversity, to weather the storm and unite together in celebration, inclusion and pride."

Bobby Goldsmith Foundation - Rise & Thrive
BGF’s mission is to support and empower people living with HIV to thrive. “Our parade entry is about recognising and celebrating the strength and resilience of the HIV community in Australia. Despite the many challenges that follow an HIV diagnosis, we are constantly inspired by our client’s determination to get back on their feet and thrive. We will use our parade to honour the courage shown by people living with HIV and to show that those we support are not defined by their HIV."

Central Coast Pride | Coastal Twist Festival
As the hinterland rolls down to our coastline, the Central Coast of NSW creates one of the most amazing coastlines in the world and with that magic and regional resilience as inspiration, their float will “Rise” with a reverse deep dive from our salty, sultry waters to share the unique hidden universe of diversity, colour and lifeforce. Coastal Twist Festival took the region by surprise last year with over 8,000 attendees across 3 days - more than ever they look forward to welcoming the world this October long weekend, supporting local regional visibility, economy and unique creative identities.

Chinese LGBTQ+ Community Float - Phoenix Reborn
Drawing inspiration from the legend of the Chinese phoenix, the Chinese LGBTQ+ Community Float, after a tumultuous year, will be revived just as this mythical bird, rising from its own ashes and soaring higher than the sky. The much-loved float’s return to the Mardi Gras parade will not only bring the audience a spectacular show with oriental aesthetics but will also strengthen its commitment to increasing the visibility and presence of the Chinese LGBTQ+ Community, advocating love, freedom and equality for the wider LGBTQ+ world and spreading messages of hope, courage and strength to the spectators.

City of Sydney - Love Sydney
In 2021 the City’s theme is “Love Sydney”. A call to action for everyone to come back and enjoy the city we love. At the same time, it announces Sydney’s love of our vibrant LGBTIQ+ community, and our love of Mardi Gras.

Clowning around to raise a laugh!
The past year has been such a challenge, surely everyone could use a laugh? “Feel free to point at us, find us amusing and come squeak our noses! We are here, we are queer, and we are here to raise your spirits! Is it a toy trumpet in my pocket or am I just pleased to see you? We hope to bring you bring, colourful, rampant joy, as we did a few years ago in the MG parade, that time we were ‘Clowning around for equality’ this time we are doing it for the pure fun of it!”

Colours of Our Community - Rise With LOVE. United together we go higher!
Colours of Our Community is a social group that promotes and celebrates the values of diversity, equality and love for the LGBTQI+ community. In 2021, we rise with love, acknowledging the three movements of our shared history. Leading with the iconic Pink Triangle group representing the early gay rights movement, in classic costumes from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Followed by the Rainbow Hearts representing the modern LGBTQI Pride movement with individual costumes that showcases each person's style. In the rear we make our final statement as we rise for ALL THE LOVERS across the world - regardless of gender, race, and sexuality. United together we go higher! Happy Mardi Gras everybody!

Cosplays Out Of The Closet - Cosplaying For A Rainbow Sydney
The most righteous heroes, the mightiest villains, and all in between have stepped out of the fictional world and are fighting as one for freedom of the LGBTQIA+ community! Harnessing the infinite creative possibilities of popular culture, our group comes forth dressed as your favourite characters from video games, movies, comic books, television, literature and more. We are diverse in appearance and personality yet united in fostering a world where all people can take an empowering public stance, find legitimacy in their identity, and live with the people that makes their lives meaningful.

Dayenu - Sydney's Jewish LGBTQ+ Group - Jewish Stars Shining Bright
Dayenu is the public face of Jewish LGBTQIA+ Sydney. “Our symbol of Judaism, the 6-pointed star (Magen Daved), is created by overlapping two triangles together. One triangle points down to the past, when the pink triangle labelled queers in the times of Nazi oppression, later to be reclaimed as the symbol of our identity for many years. The other triangle points up to the future, where each of us can sparkle with our own fabulous light! Whatever direction your star is pointing, however you express your individuality, sexuality, or gender orientation, we want to celebrate you this Mardi Gras.”
Deaf Rainbow NSW - Give Rise to Deaf Talent
Deaf and Hard of Hearing people were often pushed aside to have hearing people represent our community instead. This Parade entry shows that we have many Queer Deaf and Hard of Hearing talent who can do the job just as well if not better. “We're here, we're queer and it's time to have our turn in the limelight!”

DEFGLIS - Defence LGBTI Information Service - The Colours of our Community
This Mardi Gras, DEFGLIS will rise to demonstrate the diversity of our community through a spectacular and colourful display. “Our rainbow wreath seeks to commemorate and celebrate the service of all Australians in times of war and peace, including those of diverse sex, sexuality and gender. We march and move together to show our support for all the colours of our community.”

Department of Defence - Our Leaders, Our People, Our Values
"The Defence Department is proud to rise to the challenge of supporting Australia. Our leaders are committed to creating a Defence Force that is strong, diverse and inclusive. Our people make incredible contributions to Australia through bushfire assistance, COVID-19 support, and strong support for all people in Defence, including those of diverse sex, sexuality and gender. Our values are shared, and the foundation of what makes us strong – Service, Courage, Respect, Integrity and Excellence. These are our leaders, our people, our values."

Different Strokes Dragon Boat Club - Rise of the Dragons. Staying Safe. Staying Strong.
"Different Strokes celebrates as the only gay and lesbian dragon boat club in Australia. We come together and paddle as a form of celebration for the 22 people on the dragon boat. As we go back to our almost normal lives, we continue to remind everyone to remain safe and strong. We celebrate for the millions of people across Australia and overseas who continues to experience the impacts of the pandemic. No matter what life throws us, we paddle. We dance to the beat of the drum of dragon boating that brings us together. We celebrate for humanity."

Emerald City Kickball - Spread your wings and score over the rainbow
Bin chickens and bush turkeys rummage for hidden gems everywhere. A bit awkward and queer, but equally fabulous, resilient and resourceful at every peck. If you can relate, then strut your tail feathers down the yellow brick road to find a welcoming home in the Emerald City Kickball league. Sydney’s newest inclusive sports league requires no previous sports experience, just the willingness to have heaps of fun in a positive and supportive environment.

ethel yarwood enterprises - Always a Bridesmaid, Never the Bride
Shredded Documents, Shredded Reputation!

Everyday Ability Pty Ltd - Rise Up Everyday
Rise up signifies the barriers faced by People with Disabilities who identify as LGBTQIA+ and our ability to rise above and create awareness and inclusivity.

Extinction Rebellion's Rainbow Rebels Present: Rise of the Wild – Equality in Biodiversity
“The collapse of biodiversity, caused by climate change is the greatest threat to life on Earth. It is time for humans to stand side by side with the weird and wonderful creatures of Planet Earth and rise up against the politicians who are ensuring its destruction. The animals have turned the tables and now ScoMo and Gladys are the ones in cages. We invite the LGBTQI+ community to RISE up to demand politicians tell the truth about the climate emergency and act now to save our biodiversity! Join us in celebrating biodiversity and bringing entertainment and inspiration to all!"

Fire and Rescue NSW - Rise Up Together as One
"Fire and Rescue NSW is committed to developing a workplace culture which embraces workforce equity, diversity and inclusion across the organisation. We encourage workplace culture and environment which is respectful, free from any form of discrimination or harassment and where diversity is valued. Fire and Rescue NSW facilitates the use of diversity to foster innovation and improve operational capability and service provision. We recognise that every person has the right to an equitable and inclusive workplace which is free of discrimination."

FLAGCOM and Friends - FLAGCOM MaGIQ 2021 - Floral Reflections
"FLAGCOM'S key message is Hope. Hope is symbolised by many objects but we have chosen Flowers to deliver our message. The pandemic has adversely impacted on the many different facets of daily living with practical, social, emotional, mental and economic challenges and problems. Through the various colours of flowers, we want to show the different emotions and life attributes. Red for love, yellow for justice, purple for sorrow, blue for inspiration, white for purity, black for death and green for hope."

Free Gay and Happy - CUM ON 21
"A celebration of vibrancy and colour on cheering us into the new year with a wealth of opportunity, support, friendship, family and lots of fun. Cheerleaders and Grid iron players will shake it off with a high energy fun camp explosion. The coach can make you practice, the crowd can cheer you on, but only the desire to RISE up for happiness can make you a champion.”

Gay Age Gap Relationships Queensland
We are representing couples in gay aged gap relationships. Through the representation of people in gay aged gap relationships, we are hoping to show that Love Is Love and you can love whoever you want, age and race is no barrier and there should be no stigma attached. We are hoping that everyone can rise above their racism, prejudice, fear of others and stop being environmental vandals. Always was always will be Aboriginal Land."

Gay Dads Community
"The Gay Dads Community, which is supported by Rainbow Families, brings together all types of gay dad led families and provides a network of support for both gay dads and for their children."

Gay Pride Australia - Masquerade Ball
"Showing our fabulousness and love for the community by shinning bright in amazing costumes and masks. Our mirrored mask reflects on what has been a horrible 2020 but shines towards a better future.”

Gig Buddies Sydney - Rise Above Barriers & Celebrate!
“Gig Buddies Sydney stands to highlight the resilience and inner strength of our participants in the face of societal/systemic pressures, stereotypes and discrimination. Our concept seeks to celebrate the diversity of both of our participants and volunteers and allow them to express themselves alongside or as part of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Girl Guides NSW, ACT and NT - Rise Like a Girl
Girl Guides NSW, ACT and NT is committed to elevating confident, responsible and resilient young female leaders and community members. We are proud to support the LGBTQIA+ community as social justice, equity and inclusion are foundational to our ethos. In honour of the spirits of our young women, and the LGBTQIA+ community, we’re proud to “Rise Like a Girl” for Mardi Gras 2021. We rise by elevating young women who are at the forefront of enabling positive change. In doing so, we challenge stereotypes about women, women-led organizations, and underrepresented groups as we strive for a more inclusive world.

GLADD - The Association of LGBTQI+ Doctors and Dentists - Better Together
After a challenging year of COVID-19, LGBTQI+ Doctors and Dentists wish to honour and celebrate the hard work, strength and resilience shown by medical community and as well as the public for coming together to rise above. “We stand with you, we always have and always will, providing you with the best non-discriminatory healthcare for all. And with the advent of the vaccine, we wish to send everyone a message of hope and love for us all.”

Haka For Life - ‘He Waka Eke Noa’ - We Are All In This Together
As a suicide prevention organisation, Haka for Life, together with our brothers and sisters from Corroboree for Life, acknowledge the challenges and adversities that many people the world over have faced over the past year. As Corroberee For Life (CFL) is supporting the Haka For Life (HFL) float, CFL will lead HFL onto the SCG to the performance area, where HFL will move forward to Haka. HFL will proceed off the ground and CFL will leave SCG last. “Tonight, we Dance Together, we Haka Together, we Rise Together in unison, as a reminder that whatever we have all gone through in the past, and whatever challenges we will face in the future, that we don’t have to do it alone. We are all in this together - ‘He Waka Eke Noa!’”

Harbour City Bears - 25 Years of Harbour City Bears: The Rise and Rise of Bear Culture
“Harbour City Bears recently passed the major milestone of our 25th Anniversary as a social club. Our rise from a group of friends to a full subculture is to be celebrated, and we are excited to see where the next 25 years takes us.”

headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation - Not Always Glitter and Rainbows
"We know it's important to have a safe space to feel like you can be your full and true self. Having people around you who are accepting of you and understand what you’re going through can help your headspace as you learn more about yourself. If life becomes overwhelming, know that headspace is a safe space for you to come and talk about everything you’re going through. We're helping thousands of young people from the LGBTIQA+ community get the support they need. At headspace, we’ve got your back. headspace.org.au/LGBTIQAPLUS"

HUD App’s Bi+ Bedroom
Step into HUD App’s Bi+ Bedroom and be yourself without shame or apology – we love and honour you just as you are! Bi+ erasure is beyond problematic – it’s a violation of human rights. Being bisexual is unfairly stigmatised, and bi+ folx have the uniquely painful experience of being ignored, belittled, and mistrusted by the rainbow community while being fetishised by the straight community. HUD App is celebrating bi+ folx in all your beautiful, unique glory, giving you an accepting space to be yourself without judgment, and providing a platform for bi+ folx to be open and honest about your desires in the bedroom and beyond.

Human Rights Watch Australia - Rise Up for Human Rights
“At Human Rights Watch we believe in rising up and speaking out against violations of basic human rights. We are fighting for the advancement of LGBT+ rights around the world and our float this year wishes to shed a light on some of these injustices. Whilst advancements have been made and we have come a long way, the LGBT+ community is still facing severe discrimination and inequality both in Australia and around the world. We need to join together as a global community to rise up and speak out against this inequality to ensure a better and safer future for the LGBT+ community.”

I Just Want to be Me
“Rise, for I took almost 75 years to be finally ME!”

Josiah Duncan as Starlight
Get ready to be dazzled as the finalist for the international finals for the Miss and Mr. Diamond beauty pageant competition Josiah Duncan, also known as Starlight, shines bright and will be a beacon of hope and light for so many people in the wonderful new decade we're entering!

KathnJen - The COVID Marshalls
The COVID Marshalls Wuhan and Bojo, his UK variant buddy, are special COVID Marshalls here to make sure you stick to the rules, Ma’am, or it’ll be (vaccination) syringes at 1.5 m.  Both are papier-mâché, turning bad news into good fun.  Under that sparkly exterior are cancelled holiday itineraries, stories about lockdowns and vaccines, drafts of health policy documents and we even got to glue over Margaret Court’s face!  Wuhan and Bojo will be assisted by Deputy Marshalls mounted on their own hobby horses, specially trained to ‘Pivot, pivot, pivot’. “This one’s bound to go viral so unmute and holler for the Marshalls."

Koala - Comfortable in your own skin
Ahead of the parade, Koala Furniture asked Australia a very important question: what does it mean to be comfortable in your own skin? Using human bodies as our canvas, we created a space during the march to share powerful and liberating messages from the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s our belief that no matter what day of the year it is, every Australian should feel comfortable in their own skin.

L'Oreal Australia
"L’Oréal Australia looks forward to RISING together with the LGBTQIA+ community at the 2021 SGLMG, to celebrate and promote diversity, inclusion and pride. Beauty is a powerful force that moves us. Makeup and the queer community have a long-standing relationship, one that began long before L’Oréal was established over 100 years ago, with cosmetics being used as both a tool of self-expression and for some, an armour. L’Oréal Australia and our 30 brands acknowledge the role we play in showcasing more gender-expansive faces and voices, supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce that is representative of our consumers and the community.”

Lifesavers with Pride - 2020 was such a Beach!
“2020 was such a beach! Let's get out there and reclaim 2021, and head to the beach again, where your local Surf Club welcomes everyone. With open arms - albeit socially distant - we welcome LGBTIQ members at each and every surf club around Australia. Our goal is make every surf club reflect everyone on the beach. So come on down and get sand in your feet and salt in your hair, where life's a beach, and we couldn't be happier.”

Lord Mayor Clover Moore & Alex Greenwich Member for Sydney
Continuing a wonderful parade tradition, Sydney's local and state representatives Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich MP march again in 2021. Joined by Sydney councillors and locals, following the fantastic City of Sydney entry. For more than three decades, Clover has been involved in Mardi Gras and was the first politician ever to march. Alex was instrumental in the Yes campaign. As political representatives, they have risen with LGBTIQ communities in the fight for adoption rights, health services, action on HIV/AIDS, marriage equality and trans recognition. They continue to stand with the LGBTIQ community to get true equality for all.

Mature Age Gays - We know we're grey, but we're here and we're proud to be gay
In 2021  Mature Age Gays (MAG) Rises in its 30th Year Resilient, Proud and Outstanding in its Commitment and Work within the LGBTIQ Community.

Marine Rescue NSW - Waves of Change
"In volunteer organisations like Marine Rescue there's a wave of change happening - of greater diversity, greater acceptance and greater understanding. Our entry, featuring bright waves of rainbow colours, highlights and celebrates this change and how it helps all of us to rise up to a better volunteer workplace that truly reflects the diversity of the community we serve."

MinterEllison - ALL RISE for equality, inclusion and justice
“As we celebrate over 20 years supporting Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, we take our commitment to equality, inclusion and justice to the next level.  Where you see injustice, be vocal.  Where you see inappropriate behaviour, stand up.  Where you see others in need, reach out.  It takes courage.  Let's all RISE to the challenge!”

Miss Scotland
In 2021 Miss Scotland is “Pivoting” and swapping petrol power for pedal power. This year she has parked the Vespa in favour of her Scottish inspired cycle. She is a patriotic ambassador of a country that continues to rise above challenges, and proud to say that LGBTQI+ rights in her birth country have evolved extensively and that Scotland is now one of the most progressive countries in the world. Miss Scotland’s mission, through her glamour and pageantry, is to promote a destination where dignity, freedoms and full enjoyment of human rights are protected, and where men still wear kilts. 

My People | My Tribe - Queer UpRISING
Our 'Queer UpRISING' honours Mardi Gras' protest origins whilst celebrating our rise above adversity with connection, respect and love. “Overcoming the unprecedented challenges and hardships not only of 2020 but the decades of oppression our queer ancestors have fought through, we stand on the shoulders of giants to RISE above tough times and discrimination. We will fight for our rights (to party).”

Newcastle Pride Inc - 2020 What a drag darl for our Novocastrian kings and Queens, but we survived by guzzling Quatrantini's and showing off our sickening drag looks
“Newcastle Pride is both metaphorically and even literally, raising our quarantini glasses to the heroes and first responders that got us all through the extremely difficult Covid lockdowns and restrictions. 2020 cruelly impacted so many families celebrations and parties all over the world and even impacted the precious moments when we celebrate the accomplishments and life of those closest to us who are no longer with us. But despite 2020 being such an utter drag even robbing our own LGBTIQ+ community of the 2020 Newcastle Pride Festival Newcastle Pride is determined to RISE and stand shoulder to shoulder as we salute these  incredible heroes in our communities with a toast in their honour.”

NRL Pride in League – Everyone’s Game.
Rugby League is an inclusive game that brings people and communities together. As the first national sporting organisation to participate in Mardi Gras we have a proud history of driving social change and encouraging inclusivity. With over 7 million fans, our inclusion in Mardi Gras reinforces there’s a place in our game for everyone.

NSW Ambulance - LGBTQI+ Health Matters More Than Ever!
NSW Ambulance and St John Ambulance will always RISE to the occasion to look after the LGBTQI+ communities!

NSW Liberal Friends of LGBTIQ+
“Liberal Friends of LGBTIQ+ represents the diverse membership of the NSW Liberal Party, including our many LGBTIQ+ Members of State and Federal Parliaments, elected representatives and supporters. The Liberal Party has a proud history of inclusivity; our members have been the first openly gay representatives in Australian Parliaments, including in the NSW Upper House and the Federal House of Representatives. This group of liberal lovers is all about celebrating liberty, individuality and democracy!”

NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby - RISE: Really. Inclusive. Sex. Education.
"We know every student in NSW and Australia should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, have a quality education and feel supported at a school. One Nation in NSW have introduced another piece of harmful legislation that attacks LGBTIQ communities. The Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020 harms trans and gender diverse students by denying their existence and impacts teachers and school social workers supporting them. It allows parents to withdraw their child from a class or program which tells them LGBTIQ+ people are just like everyone else. We believe education should be inclusive. All children should thrive. This float is for them."

NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association
The International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife was an unprecedented year with significant challenges. At the start of 2020, as NSW battled through one of its worst bushfire seasons on record, a global pandemic was unfolding. During these challenging times, it was nurses and midwives that the world looked to first and foremost for support. Their level of dedication was indisputable: nurses and midwives were putting themselves and families at risk to protect our communities. This Mardi Gras, let's rise up and celebrate the work of nurses and midwives, thanking them for their hard work keeping our communities safe.

NSW Police Force LGBTIQ Liaison Officers & Allies - Pride in Police
“The NSW Police Force is a very diverse organisation that welcomes and supports our staff who identify as LGBTIQ+. This year we are proud to introduce our new LGBTIQ employee network leaders who are joined by our ‘GLLOs’ (LGBTIQ Liaison Officers) and allies. Together we rise with love, compassion, respect and understanding for LGBTIQ+ people within the community and in our workplace. Together we are stronger. Most importantly, tonight we want to THANK YOU - Mardi Gras and the LGBTIQ+ communities you represent – for working with us to keep NSW safe and strong.”

NSW Rural Fire Service - NSW RFS Rising From the Ashes
In 2021 we are rising from the ashes to recover and rebuild, and celebrate the strength of our community.

NSW State Emergency Service (SES) - NSW SES #OrangePride RISES
"NSW SES RISES through #OrangePride. Resilient Inclusive State Emergency Service, representing the diversity of communities we serve and proud of all our membership, NSW SES RISES with Mardi Gras in 2021."

NSW Teachers Federation - Stand Up!
"We’re Standing Up – standing up for our rights, for our students, and for LGBTIQ communities. Last year Teachers Federation was criticised for encouraging teachers to incorporate diverse families in their classroom resources, and for mentioning Sea Life Sydney Aquarium’s rainbow penguin family as a local example of where some students could see themselves or their families reflected in the content that they learn. Federation pays homage to Sphen, Magic and their family with our float, and sends a message of love and support to all rainbow families. We stand up for our teachers and students. And we celebrate our LGBTIQ members, students and communities - including our gay penguin neighbours."

Oceanic Pups and Handlers - Pets Unleashed
Oceanic Pups and Handlers represents Human-Animal role players across the Oceanic region with particular representation from our Australia capital cities. We pride ourselves on diversity, equality and the mantra of safe, sane and consensual human expression of kink and fetish. To be a pet is to be free of the constraints of the world that it is; to be curious, to be fun, to be one with self. To be a handler is to guide, mentor, and bring forth expression. Oceanic Pups and Handlers stem from a BDSM dynamic and have members from many other communities like rubber, leather, and the bears. COVID has thrown everyone's plans into disarray. But here we are, unleashed.

Order of Perpetual Indulgence
In 2021 the Sisters celebrate 40 years serving the Gay, Lesbian and Queer Community.

Out Loud
Out Loud is a new LGBTQI startup aimed at supporting independent musicians in Sydney by creating opportunities for them to showcase their art and collaborate. Throughout 2021 we will be working to find and bring together artists developing shows and projects across various disciplines.

P-TYE (Parents for Trans Youth Equity) - SPEAK UP for TRANS YOUTH EQUITY!
"We ask everyone to SPEAK UP for TRANS YOUTH EQUITY! Transgender youth are the most marginalised across Australia. We need your help to SPEAK UP for trans youth anytime you are able. To SPEAK UP means to help trans youth in their desperate need for equity. Equity in family, community, media representation, healthcare, out of home care, employment, sport.... the list goes on. When you SPEAK UP, our beautiful trans youth can hold their chin up. All of us need to promote equity for trans youth NOW!"

P.I.N.K. F.L.A.M.I.N.G.O.S. - TRUMP-ETTES - The Marching Gurls
“Understanding that the one-term President has a very fragile ego, we can't help but have some fun with Trump's ‘I always win’ mentality. So our Rainbow Army is back and will symbolically march Trump out of our lives, heralded with Trump-ettes (pun intended!) no less! We signal the return to the spotlight of our strong global rainbow family, that celebrates love, acceptance and diversity. After four years of our US family's rights and dignity threatened by the Trump administration, and with our local politicians flirting with Trump-like ideology, it is time to RISE as only our community can, to celebrate LOVE WINS overall.”

P&G - Lead with Love
“At P&G, Equality and Inclusion is a fundamental part of who we are and how we do business. Our aspiration is to create a company and a world where equality and inclusion are achievable for all; where respect and inclusion are the cornerstones of our culture; where equal access and opportunity to learn, grow, succeed and thrive are available to everyone. Across the globe and in Australia, we have a strong internal LGBTQ+ community, where we celebrate an inclusive work culture and advocate for our employees and their families. We are committed to promoting the accurate portrayal and a deeper understanding of the LGBTQ+ community through our brand campaigns.”

PEACOCK MORMONS - Rise Up Religions of The World
"Angels sent from heaven above accompanied by real life, diverse Religious Characters representing ‘Religions of The World’ will usher a heartfelt message to ‘RISE UP’ and believe the words: HOPE, UNITE, TRUTH, EQUAL, PRIDE, FAMILY, LOVE, DIVERSE, FREE, JOY, PEACE and FAITH. A significant MARDI GRAS moment because it represents our LGBTQI+ gesture of reaching out to Religions of The World, despite the historical persecution religions have subjected our community with over the years. The message is full of LOVE and connects with our FAMILY of global viewers with the purpose of all ‘RISING UP’ and experiencing UNITY and JOY in their hearts."

PHANTOM (Pansexual Humans Advocacy Network Towards Orientation Mutuality) - Rising up for the Pansexual Community
PHANTOM is here to represent and advocate for Pansexuals. Like a phoenix, Pansexuals can RISE from the ashes of Invisibility or even a PANdemic. Pansexuals are an often forgotten, unrecognised and under-represented part of the LGBTQIAP+ Community. Pansexuality is an orientation in its own right. “2020 may have impacted the Pansexual Community with its challenges but we are resilient, even to a PANdemic. The PHANTOM Phoenix is here in 2021 to RISE up from the ashes of Invisibility and restore us back towards recognition, validity, understanding, inclusion and visibility."

Please Don't Forget Our LGBTQI+ Homeless
This group draws attention to our growing homeless, and the need for more safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ homeless. The group is ambitiously aiming to build a Rainbow Homeless Refuge where no one is discriminated and all homeless are welcome. “We fiercely object to ‘Poofter Bashings’ of ineffectual LGBTQIA+ homeless on our Streets, plus the Religious Freedom Bill that Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants to introduce into Parliament that would not only allow legal discrimination of the LGBTQIA+ community but greatly disadvantage our LGBTQIA+ homeless."

"We are a grassroots community group from the Central Coast. We are same-sex parented, opposite sex parented and single parent families. Our kids are same-sex attracted, bi attracted, opposite-sex attracted,  transgender, non-binary, gender questioning and cis gender. We celebrate diverse families and safe spaces for youth and families to explore their identities. Our group includes participants living with disability. We aim to raise the profile of diversity and acceptance, within our community, as well as raise confident, independent, active, aware and accepting community leaders of the future. Our Youth chose the Dragon theme because the Dragon represents strength, independence and power."

Positive Life NSW - Rise Up!
People Living with HIV Rise Up and Be seen!

Queer Roller Derby - Phoenix Rising
Roller derby is a safe place for LGBTQIA+ community to play sport, and many find roller derby after personal hardship, with the sport empowering its participants to recover from past injuries and experiences. Learning to play roller derby is a transformative experience, and many people feel they are reborn into their authentic selves. “Our theme of ‘Phoenix Rising’ encompasses this transformation process of emerging from difficult times into a new more robust being, from the ashes into a fire-bright and resilient self. The knocks and bruises of this process are reflected in the full contact nature of roller derby, where resilience is built from getting back up when you are knocked down.”

Queer Nurses of Sydney - The Swab Mob
After a gruelling year dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic, the Queer Nurses of Sydney wish to celebrate the strength of us nurses and our ability to rise above and continue to provide professional, non-discriminatory healthcare to the LGBTQI+ community

Queer Zumba® program - QZ ♥️  BEATS – RISING TO OUR PEAK
"QZ provides Zumba® dance fitness and social opportunities for Canberra’s queer community. We meet weekly to optimise our physical and mental health. We jump, twerk and sashay to queer artists, Zumba® classics and global rhythms. We launched in 2020 to strengthen individual and community resilience, with support from both ACT Health and Meridian - a local organisation offering queer representation. All proceeds from our weekly classes and the special events we host are donated to support a local LGBTIQ+ counselling service. QZ ♥️  BEATS – RISING TO OUR PEAK. We rise as individuals, as a community, for our community."

R U OK? – Rise up and ask, R U OK?
"R U OK? want to encourage the community to ‘Rise up and ask, R U OK?’ Be the person, who sees them, who hears them and gives them space to share their story. You don’t have to have experience of what they’re going through or have the solution, but you can show them someone cares and help connect them to support. We rise together, so rise up and ask, ‘are you OK?’”

Rainbow Amnesty - Amnesty’s Solidarity Superheroes (Fighting bad guys since 1961)
“We can all be SOLIDARITY SUPERHEROES! Amnesty’s solidarity superheroes have been fighting bad guys since 1961. That’s 60 years of everyday people taking action to shine a light on injustice, to fight for human rights and to work in solidarity with those experiencing human rights abuses, discrimination, injustice and persecution. Every action for human rights has an impact but when we work together, we are powerful and we do have an impact. Amnesty’s LGBTQIA+ network campaigns for full access to human rights for all our LGBTQIA+ communities and encourages all of us to be solidarity superheroes and take action for LGBTQIA+ human rights.”

Rainbow Babies and Kids - The kids are so much more than OK - The kids are fabulous!!
“Rainbow Babies and Kids allow LGBTQI+ parents to connect with others and most importantly for our children to connect with others who come from similar families. Our kids have faced some hard times. We are especially relevant to our members in small rural towns, where our community is invisible with few opportunities to connect. Therefore when we march in the Mardi Gras Parade, we send out a lifeline to our peers who may be isolated or facing discrimination at school. We provide financial support for low income families to attend our away weekends. When we rise together through love compassion, respect and understanding, we will all arrive to a better place.”

Rainbow Families
‘Rainbow Families is a not-for-profit charity that reduces suffering and disadvantage of LGBTQ+ families. While LGBTQ+ families are created in different ways, once their children are born, the challenges they face as families are the same.Rainbow Families is led by a volunteer board and group of committees, and supported by parent and ally volunteers and a vibrant community."

Rainbow Families Regional, Social Support and Playgroups
"Supporting a family as an LGBTQ+ person can be challenging and isolating. Rainbow Families Regional, Social Support and Playgroups reduce the isolation experienced by LGBTQ+ parents and their children by bringing people together and helping them build a local community of LGBTQ+ families. In just 6 years Rainbow Families has established over 16 different regional, social support and playgroups all across NSW, all run by volunteers."

Rainbow Labor - Together We Rise
“It is only through the sense of community, family and solidarity that exists within the LGBTIQ community, that together we can rise. The premise of the original Mardi Gras and every one since then, as well as the message of the Equality Campaign, is that we are all in this together and that with a shared love and respect, together we can rise.”

Rainbow Recovery Club - Rise in Recovery
"The Rainbow Recovery Club provides a safe and welcoming meeting place for a range of 12-steps fellowships for Sydney's diverse GLBTQI+ community struggling with a range of addictive and compulsive behaviours. We want to show you can Rise from the grip of addiction and live a fun and fabulous life in recovery."

Raio de Sol Community Samba Band - Rise with Raio; Rise with Rhythm
Raio de Sol - meaning ‘sunbeam’ in Portuguese - is apolitical, non-religious and non-discriminatory and welcomes anyone from all walks of life. “We are about rhythms, love, laughter and dancing.”

Salesforce - Love Unites Us
"For the fourth year running, we're proud to partner with the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras to help share Salesforce's belief that creating a culture of equality isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do. This year our contribution celebrates how we are all connected and places the next generation of rising stars front and centre. This year's Mardi Gras celebrations are an incredible opportunity for Salesforce, our employees and community to stand together because LOVE UNITES US."

SBS - Let Your Colours Fly with SBS
For SBS, the theme ‘Rise’ aligns with our position as a broadcaster championing diversity and inclusion. There’s no greater celebration of diversity, in all its forms, than Mardi Gras. And after the challenges of the past year, there’s never been a more important time to come together and celebrate our differences, as we all emerge stronger together. For us, to rise together, we want to encourage everyone to Let Your Colours Fly. It's an invitation to be our true selves, our true colours. To proudly showcase all that makes us different. A celebration of diversity and inclusion.

Sex Workers & Community - No one left behind, together we rise
“Sex workers are part of the LGBTIQ community, we are strong and resilient, and we are constantly making sure we are leaving no one behind – whether you are gender diverse, a migrant or a drug user. We will continue to fight for our rights, and to advocate for the end of stigma surrounding our profession. We were at the first Mardi Gras, and we will continue to represent ourselves on the national platform showing our country that we are not going anywhere and refuse to remain in the margins of society.”

Shellharbour Shag-Harders - Don't Stop Moving
The Shellharbour Shag Harders are celebrating their 10-year anniversary in the Mardi Gras Parade by showcasing their strength and perseverance. “Our ‘80s neon workout theme stems from the challenges we have faced individually and as a community over the past year, and the strength we’ve shown overcoming these battles. We aim to represent the LGBTQIA+ community of our local region as colourful, fun and hopeful for better days!”

St Vincent's Health Network Sydney - St Vincent's Hospital - recognising LGBTQI+ Healthcare Heroes of 2020
St. Vincent’s, established in 1857 by the Sisters of Charity, early mission was to step into the community to support the poor and vulnerable. The past 12 months have seen our community face extensive challenges, including the worst bushfire season on record and the spread of Covid-19. The 2021 St Vincent’s Hospital entry recognises the efforts of healthcare workers globally who have risen to the challenge in order to protect, serve and aid their communities. St. Vincent’s is a long standing LGBTQI+ ally and is proud to recognise the contribution of LGBTQI+ healthcare workers during 2020.

Stan - Homecoming Queens
Stan’s 2021 Mardi Gras Parade float is themed ‘Homecoming Queens, celebrating Australia’s very own version of the global hit series – a show that has resonated with many Australians for years, and now has a ‘home’ in Australia on Stan. In line with the show’s themes, Stan’s float spreads the message of love and being the best version of yourself. One of Ru’s most iconic sayings is “If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

Star Observer – Let the Rainbow Shine on Oxford Street
Oxford Street is one of the world’s most renowned gay districts. For 50 years the strip has been Australia’s queer capital. This year, because of COVID-19, for the first time ever, Mardi Gras has been forced off the strip. After lockout laws decimated the area’s thriving night-time economy, Oxford Street is poised for redevelopment, with no clear mandate to preserve the area’s gay identity. The Star Observer is Australia’s oldest and largest LGTQI publication. LET THE RAINBOW SHINE ON OXFORD STREET launches our campaign to preserve the precinct’s queer identity. Together we can keep Oxford Street gay for years to come.

Sydney Convicts RUFC - Rise & Rise Again
“Rugby is a sport of getting knocked down, and rising again, with the support of each other. Something that we learn and take inspiration from the LGBTQI community. It's why we are dedicated to continuing to break down barriers and challenge stereotypes through inclusion, diversity and a love of rugby. Sharing our message that you can always rise again with the support of teammates.”

Sydney Frontrunners - Sydney’s welcoming LGBTQI+ running group
"Sydney Frontrunners is Sydney’s inclusive running and walking club for the LGBTQI+ community and allies. We are an inclusive running and walking club, open to anyone regardless of ability, age, sexual orientation or gender identity. We are part of the International Frontrunners, a network of like-minded LGBTQI+ running and walking clubs across the globe. We have more than 120 members, ranging from walkers and recreational joggers to marathon runners and competitive athletes, and everyone in between. We are a social club too! We organise regular social events, races and fun runs which are a great way to meet our members. sydneyfrontrunners.org

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association - SGLBA Celebrating 40 Years Connecting Community & Business
SGLBA is a membership-based community run non-profit supporting LGBTQI+ business professionals (corporates & SME's). “We provide networking opportunities, education sessions, and social events to members & allies. Our two key events ‘Fruits in Suits’ and ‘Lemons with a Twist’ bring members together for business and social connections. In 2020 we proudly launched ‘SGLBA Education Fund’ which provides LGBTQI+ individuals financial grants to undertake study in a business or commerce related discipline. For membership & events information visit sglba.org.au.”

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir - Rise Up & Sing With Us – 30 years of harmony & inclusion
"Rise up and sing with us. Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir are celebrating our 30th birthday throughout 2021. As a non-auditioned LGBTQI+ community choir open to all, we have been there on our road to equality, at moments of sadness and moments of joy. During 2020, we have continued to support each other through one of the hardest years using Zoom and later on with non-singing social gatherings. Nothing can replace the enjoyment, sense of community, camaraderie and love of rehearsing face to face and performing for our community. We are delighted to celebrate Sydney Mardi Gras with you all as we reflect on 30 years of community and look forward to the next 30 years and beyond."

Sydney Queer Irish - Flags of Colour - Pride, Strength, Unity
Since 2010, Sydney Queer Irish exists to support those who identify as LGBTQI+ within and connected to the Irish and Irish Australian community in Sydney and NSW; and to be a pioneering community group for acceptance of LGBTQI+ people from other cultures and nationalities in Australia and the world. “In 2021 Sydney Queer Irish continue their presence in Mardi Gras in order to celebrate and promote the diversity of Irish culture at a time when home has never felt so far away and inaccessible. We wish to display what is possible when we band together to support each other through times good and bad and raise our Flags of Colour representing; Pride, Strength and Unity."

Sydney Silverbacks Wrestling Club - Rise of The Silverbacks
Rise of The Silverbacks represents strength over adversity, perseverance and striving for excellence.  “This a celebration of the good times we have had and the better times to come, on and off the wrestling mat.”

Sydney Stingers and Brisbane Tritons - Rise 2021
“Last year has seen a lot of positive changes in LGBTIQ+ inclusion in sports, but we still have a long way to go. Australian LGBTIQ+ water polo clubs stand together and work together to ensure that diversity and inclusion in sports continues to rise and thrive.”

Sydney Swans - Together we rise; together we stand
“Respect, courage and resilience have never been more important than in 2020. This year, the Sydney Swans community has stood together while we’ve been physically apart. We’ve rallied, supported, and held each other up. Together we will rise stronger and more determined than ever to lead by example in listening and learning, to ensure everyone feels welcome.”

Sydney's Gay It Forward
“Sydney's Gay it Forward was created by The Pineapple Brand to pay it forward to gay community by helping out our mates that have a hard time navigating the ups and downs of life. We all struggle and we are all put in the minority box, but if we come together and lift each other up by investing time and care we can all rise.”

Taronga Conservation Society Australia - Flocking Fabulous - Flying with Pride
"Flocking Fabulous is a joyous celebration of beautiful birds rising up to take their place in the sky. As symbols of peace, joy, freedom and love, birds are often seen rising above adversity. We are birds of all feathers and flocks and share a message of harmony and peace as we imagine the colours of the LGBTQI rainbow as beautiful birds. Just as the Taronga family has flocked together during a difficult year which caused us to close our doors, we are rising up and ready to bring a focus to conservation, the importance of diversity, and send a message of inclusion to all those who make up the rainbow flock."

Team Sydney Inc.
"Team Sydney upholds the need for sport, fitness and healthy lifestyles within our community of Diverse Gender and Sexuality. Team Sydney works with clubs, sports and individuals to grow and nurture their membership and supporter base. We also connect individuals and clubs within our network. We do this by holding and promoting events, encouraging new sports and clubs. Examples of this are Mardi Gras, Fair Day Sports Village, Sports Festival, Womens events, Gay Games, Out Games, Straits Games, and Meet the Clubs. When and where appropriate, Team Sydney serves as influencer and enabler for inclusive sport to other clubs and individuals, organisations, government and the corporate sector."

Wonder Mama and the Friends of Dorothy: Heart, Courage and Wisdom of Our Community
The Fabulous Wonder Mama has been somewhere over the rainbow and she's brought back some friends of Dorothy with her! The Tin Man, The Scarecrow and the Lion along with Glinda and the Wicked Witch and other colourful characters from the land of OZ, join Wonder Mama to support our amazing community for their Hear (the Tinman), Courage (the Lion) and Wisdom (the Scarecrow)! The LGBTIQ Community rises above adversity with strength and resilience every day!

The Greens NSW - When trans rights are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!
Everyone deserves to feel welcome and valued in our society. Don't let the bigots win.

The Institute of Many - U=U: No barrier to love. 
The Institute of Many is serving love and rock to show the world that Undetectable = Untransmittable. U=U stands for Undetectable = Untransmittable, the science that confirms that a person with HIV, whose viral load is suppressed to the level of Undetectable cannot transmit HIV to their sexual partner. HIV is no longer a barrier to finding love because condoms are no longer necessary to prevent HIV transmission from a person with an Undetectable viral load. We all need love in our lives and we are all deserving of love, despite living with HIV.  For far too long our lives have been dominated by fear and shame around HIV, but now we are free to find the love we deserve. We are ready to rock and roll.

The Neurodiversity Rainbow (Au) - A community of Autistic LGBTQIA+ people & allies. We RISE in GOLD in the face of adversity & celebrate who we are!
Aspect and the Neurodiversity Rainbow (Au) represents the LGBTQIA+ Autistic community and their families, friends and allies. Studies have found that Autistic people are up to 8 times more likely than neuro-typical people to have diverse gender identities and sexual orientation. 2021 is the year we RISE and celebrate who we are. This year we are dressed in GOLD celebrating our Autism and our song by Ladyhawke has been chosen to highlight the strength of the artistic Autistic community. Supported by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) an organisation committed to working in partnership with Autistic people.

The Oz Fag Hags - The Phoenix Rises
And just as the Phoenix rose from the ashes, [they] too will rise. Returning from the flames, clothed in nothing but [their] strength, more beautiful than ever before. — Shannen Heartz

The Pinnacle Foundation - Reclaim Your Path with The Pinnacle Foundation
“No one should be held back because of their gender identity, sexual orientation or sexual characteristics. That’s why The Pinnacle Foundation exists. We empower young LGBTIQ+ Australians to achieve their full potential, by providing educational and vocational support to individuals who have faced barriers to achieving their career goals, just because of who they are. We help each and every scholar reclaim their rightful path and look to a brighter future.”

The Star - Rise like The Star
"Since 2016 The Star has been a major sponsor of The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. And this year, even though our parade has been scaled back, their support is as loud and proud as ever!  This dazzling piece features The Star’s resident aerialist Julie Cameron who has choreographed a narrative to reflect the struggle against adversity, finding strength and spreading love through light.”

The University of Sydney - Knowledge = Growth
2021 marks the sixth year the University of Sydney has joined the Mardi Gras Parade. “Our support for staff and students of diverse gender, sexual orientation and sex characteristics aims to strengthen the University’s founding ethos of ‘opportunity for all’ to enable a place of work and learning where everyone can thrive and be their authentic selves. Mardi Gras is a great opportunity for our staff and students to celebrate the LGBTIQ community and proclaim our values. This year, our entry embodies the theme: Knowledge = Growth. It is through education and teaching at all levels that our community can grow and rise to be the best they can.”

TikTok - The Queens: #JoinOurFloat
"TikTok invites you to #JoinOurFloat. No matter who you are, whever ever you are, TikTok is a place to Find Your Tribe and express your creativity. Our float celebrates all people in our community, who are Queens in their own right. The concept of our float demonstrates what it means to be a leader in our community: resilience, perseverance and most importantly, love. Love for your friends, your family, your tribe, yourself. These are the makings of a Queen. At TikTok, we are committed to elevating and amplifying LGBTQIA+ voices because we believe they are making a positive impact on TikTok and in their broader communities.”

Trans Glamoré    
TRANS GLAMORE is a night to celebrate transgender performers and friends.

Trans Pride Australia - The Only Way IS UP
“Trans and gender-diverse people exist in all walks of life. We are successful, connected and living our best lives. Trans Pride Australia is about connecting our community & driving inclusion. This year, TPA’s fifth consecutive year of participation in Mardi Gras, we are celebrating the lives, loves and successes of trans and gender-diverse people all over Australia. Leveraging TPA’s 2020 logo, we are aiming our arrows at the sky and firing ourselves into the stratosphere & LIVING IT UP!”

Transport for NSW - I'm Transport
"At Transport for NSW, we’re an inclusive workplace and we celebrate the diversity of our people and our customers. There's no doubt that NSW has been through a lot in the last 12 months with Bushfires, Floods, and the global pandemic. But at the fore front of it all were our people who rose to the challenge and achieved some amazing things to keep the state moving and providing vital transport services to the citizens of NSW. This float is our way of saying thank you to them and showing the world that we’re proud to be Transport."

Trikone Australia - Empowering Queer South Asians
“RISE with everyone. As we recover from 2020, we look around and ensure that everyone rises together. It is an opportunity to lessen the gap amongst those who are privileged and less privileged in the community. This includes bringing in more awareness of the lack of equality amongst our community in our south Asian countries of origin and locally.”

Union Pride - Workers Rise
“Union Pride celebrates the opportunity for workers to demand an economy post-COVID, that puts workers and their needs front and centre. A future that gives rise to secure jobs, fair pay, safe workplaces and the end of workplace discrimination. A future that gives rise to workers and their trade unions. A future in NSW we can all count on and be proud of.”

University of New South Wales - UNSW Pride
UNSW aims to create an inclusive environment for students and staff to reach their full academic and career potential, regardless of their background. “We have a proud history of producing outcomes that have impacted on LGBTQIA+ communities and take pride in the achievements of our LGBTQIA+ students and staff. From establishing the world-renowned Kirby Institute in response to the HIV epidemic and supporting landmark research on LGBTQIA+ histories; to providing a platform for the student-led Queer Collective and the staff-led Ally Network; UNSW is proud to provide a safe and welcoming space for our LGBTQIA+ community.”

"We are committed to keeping Mardi Gras creative, artistic, progressive, politically and culturally relevant. We are driven by the environmental devastation we see around us - rising temperatures, rising seas, rising waste, rising landfill and rising apathy. We find inspiration and our building materials from the rubbish, discarded and abandoned items of our neighbourhood streets - physical expressions of consumerism, commercialism, waste, and the climate crisis. We may be literally drowning in our collective waste, but we are also rising up with a positive message of discovery, reuse, creativity and community."

Vodafone - You Rule
"Vodafone is leading an 'uprising' for Australian customers. You Rule. Our brand lets customers know they are in control of their plans and services. Everything we do, from the plans we create to the products we sell, is about empowering our customers. We will welcome our red and gold Gladiators to the Sydney Colosseum (SCG) where these warriors will channel the spirit of the ancient Gladiators to lead the fight for freedom, equality and inclusion. We want every individual to know that ‘You Rule’”

W Hotels presents Witty & Whippy
"Whoever you are, wherever you are, you’re welcome at W Hotels. With inclusiveness at the heart of W since it debuted over 20 years ago, W is teaming up with the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras to celebrate equality and inspire travellers to love out loud. Bringing hot summer sun, shimmering sand, bronzed bottoms, cold cans, salty swims, sweet surf and an ice cream drippin' down your hand. You'll hear them before you see them, but when you know, you know... it's none other than the ice cream man in a van… W Hotels presents Witty & Whippy!"

We Are Unique - The Power of Love
Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.

Wear it Purple
"Wear It Purple is a youth-led organisation that aims to create safe, inclusive, empowering spaces for all LGBTQ+ people. 2020 saw Wear It Purple’s 10th anniversary of sporting purple on the last Friday of every August to show solidarity of rainbow young people across the country and now, with the ongoing support, the world! Celebrate Wear It Purple Day with us on the 27th of August, 2021!"

Western Sydney University - UNLIMITED - We Rise
Western Sydney University proudly celebrates all of the individuals and groups that form the LGBTIQ community. “We belong to a diverse collective of individuals, and it is the richness and respect of these eclectic experiences, perspectives and values that enables us to rise out of any challenges presented to us. Our marchers' coloured shirts with our rainbow crest and University emblem, represents our support and inclusion of sexuality and gender diverse students and staff and is our statement to the community that at Western Sydney University each and every person is supported and celebrated. We march and dance together to show the world that together we are, 'Unlimited - We Rise'.

Woolworths Group - We Got Love 
"Woolworths, Big W, BWS and Dan Murphy’s wish everyone a Happy Mardi Gras. For Mardi Gras 2021, the Woolworths Group team at the SCG are sharing a message of resilience, love and unity with a vibrant rainbow love heart float. The Woolworths Proud Crowd will be dancing to Jess Mauboy’s ‘We Got Love’ and sending out their love to their family, friends and the team mates who they worked alongside through the challenges of recent times. With a diverse team, Woolworths is committed to creating better experiences together, each and every day. Woolworths Group is proud to be a sponsor of the Sydney Mardi Gras, and Woolworths Supermarkets is proud to be the Official Supermarket of Mardi Gras."

The Parade finishes with a big THANK YOU to all our wonderful volunteers!