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Parade Running Order

When the 41st Annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade sashays down Oxford and Flinders Streets on Saturday 2 March, here's the complete list of all the floats you’ll see...


Dykes on Bikes Sydney
Dykes On Bikes has participated in Mardi Gras every year since 1988. We are one of Australia's longest running LGBTQIA+ community groups and the oldest female identified motorcycle group in Australia. We have been honoured to open the parade for over 20 years and look forward to revving up the crowd for the next 20.

Boys on Bikes
Boys on Bikes is open to any gay male motorcycle rider who wishes to join. “Typically we are made up from members from the various gay motorcycle groups ­ Roadrunners, Homoto and Melbourne Motorcycle Tourers.”

Melbourne Motorcycles Tourers
Melbourne Motorcycle Tourers was established in 1990 primarily to cater for the LGBT community. The club currently has around 60 members, riding a diverse range of motorcycles including Sports Bikes, Touring and Classic. Organised day or overnight rides are held monthly as well as monthly meetings.


1. First Nations
Organised by ACON, the First Nations peoples LGTBQI community are always the first to be seen in each and every Mardi Gras Parade. Mardi Gras acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, who are the traditional owners of the land on which our celebrations are held on. Always was, always will be Aboriginal Land.

The ‘78ers are the valiant group people who gathered at Taylor Square on a Saturday in June 1978 to march down Oxford street at a time when homosexuality was still a criminal act. As you’ll see, more than four decades later they’ve lost none of their fearless spirit!

3. Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW & Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – Generation Fearless
The Generation Fearless float is collaboration between Twenty10 and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, featuring the design of Doodad and Fandango. Twenty10 work primarily with young people across Sydney and New South Wales who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender diverse, non-binary, intersex, questioning, queer, asexual and others of diverse genders and sexualities, their families and communities. They provide a broad range of specialised services for young people 12-25 including housing, mental health, and counselling and social support.  Young people will be wearing accessories created in a series of workshops held at Twenty10 in the lead up to Parade led by Nikita Margarita of Doodad and Fandango. The Generation Fearless float is a wonderful explosion of colourful pop-inspired flowers, iconography and symbols highlighting the themes of respect, resilience and regeneration of our communities and our planet. Choreography: Virginia Ferris

4. Qlife – 1 + 1 = Q
1+1=Q signifies the connection made when someone makes contact with a counsellor through the Qlife phone and web counselling service. Many folks who use Qlife express high levels of social isolation, depression, anxiety - and more. “Qlife counsellors are our FEARLESS PEERS that dedicate so much time and energy - many of it volunteer - to provide support to those who need it the most."

5. Trikone Australasia - South Asians 4 Equality
"I am what I am. So, take me as I am,” said Mr. Dipak Misra, Chief Justice of India on 6 September 2018 after a five-judge panel of the Indian Supreme Court unanimously decided to decriminalise homosexuality in India, the world's largest democracy! While this is a HUGE win for the Indian gay rights movement, lots more need to happen for the LGBT population in the South Asian region. Trikone Australasia wants to use the 2019 Mardi Gras float as a platform to show solidarity to the LGBT South Asians living in Australia and globally and encourage them to be 'Fearless' and come out and fight for what is a fundamental human right.

6. Women In AFL - AFL Without Agenda
Women in AFL continue to create a safe space for the community to play football both locally and nationally. In 2017, history was made with the launch of the AFL Women's, the first elite national competition for players. The AFL has always been prominent in acknowledging, discussing and aiming to bring awareness of the LGBTQI community and respective stakeholders. "AFL is not about gender, sexuality or differences; it is about inclusion and the collective. To women in AFL... to be fearless means to take action and challenge barriers to equality."

7. Harbour City Bears - The Modern Stone Age Family
"Though we may look like we are from the stone age, we are here to stay! Continuing HCB Bear Essentials theme ‘Homo Bearectus’ we will be creating the iconic Flintstones Car - but bringing it to the modern age through use of lights and sound to make it celebration for all bears from around the country and internationally. Yabba Dabba Woof!”

8. Australian and International Bears - The Modern Stone Age Family
Australia has many not-for-profit community groups that cater to the hirsute gay male - from west coast to the east coast. There are also other organised groups internationally – “last year we had representatives from Ireland, Peru, USA, New Zealand and Canada marching in the parade. As per the HCB float of the same name, by marching as a whole group shows how large of an area our ‘Stone Age Family’ spans. We will ask the interstate members if they can bring something along to wear that represents their home state/home club so that they can stand out from the regular HCB members.”

9. City of Sydney - Uniting The World At Our Party
"Our theme coincides with the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 2019 Festival theme, Fearless, which calls on the LGBTQI community across the globe to be strong, live brave, be proud and unite at Mardi Gras 2019 to celebrate fearlessly.”           

10. Alex Greenwich MP & Lord Mayor Clover Moore - Fearless Representatives
"This year we acknowledge the audacious bravery of the LGBTIQ community and celebrate more than one year of marriage equality in Australia. With still so much to be done, the Alex & Clover: Fearless Representatives parade entry will urge us all to remain fearless so that we can truly achieve, and preserve, equality.”

11. Chinese LGBTQI Community - Be Natural, Be Yourself
"We pursue and cherish the freedom to be ourselves. When we try to describe the feeling of freedom, the beautiful moment of flying in the sky or surfing in the ocean come to our mind. The blue colour of sky and ocean is the perfect tone to represent the feeling of freedom. We are proud of who we are. Everyone in our community, you should be too!”

12. Scouts Australia NSW and Girl Guides NSW & ACT - Facing Challenges with Courage  
Scouts NSW and Girl Guides NSW & ACT are proud to be inclusive, welcoming organisations that develop citizenship in young people from all walks of life. “With a focus on the outdoors and leadership development, we believe in facing challenges with courage. We're marching to support all young people to be who they are, fearlessly.”

13. ANZ - Taking Mardi Gras to every Oxford Street
84% of LGBTIQ+ people believe there are still parts of Australia where it is unsafe to be out. Our float represents taking equality, inclusion and Mardi Gras and all it represents to Oxford Streets across Australia. Our rainbow warriors are marching fearlessly to defend everyone’s right to an #EqualFuture.

14. GiRLTHING in Lesbos
"GiRLTHING aims to provide a voice for queer women. Our creative concept stems from the dawn of the word ‘Lesbian’ which is derived from the Greek island of Lesbos. Our float will be focused around 6th century Greek mythology.

15. NSW Trans Youth Alliance
The Trans Youth Alliance is a group of trans young people and allies mostly aged between 15 and 22. “We are advocates for the rights and acceptance of trans people. We want to highlight the importance of respect for others and the importance of self determination.”

16. SBS - Shine Your Light
SBS is proud to be the broadcast partner, bringing the Mardi Gras parade to Australian TV screens, for the fourth year running, not only on television, but also online and on SBS On Demand. Mardi Gras is a celebration for all LGBTIQ+ people and allies, bringing people from across the world together to celebrate our differences.

17. Fruits from Brazil - If it is Against my Existence I will be Resistance
"We will have a drag queen as Carmen Miranda, 20 drummers as trees, one queen of the drums as a pineapple and everybody else as colourful fruits.”

18. P.I.N.K. F.L.A.M.I.N.G.O.S. - Sco-No! The Religious Freedoms Monster!         
This float is a satirical take on anti-equality politicians and religious zealots peddling hate and division and protecting religious institutions ahead of the LGBTQI community's right to equality and freedom from religion. They represent the fear in the 2019 parade theme of fearless.

19. Sydney Dance Company - Turning
"Face your fears and dance them away – our inspiration is Ramon Doringo who has been teaching dance classes at Sydney Dance Company for 30 years. Ramon was the one of the first people in Australia granted a residency visa on the compassionate grounds in support of his homosexual relationship through the gay immigration task force homosexual partner visa when he moved here to be with his partner in 1982. Ramon epitomizes the acceptance and fearlessness that Sydney Dance Company has always had as it welcomes everyone to participate and celebrate diversity through dance.”

20. Holden
“We’re enormously proud of using the icon status Australia has given us to help break down barriers to inclusion for our LGBT+ community. We’ve got your back, and we’ll make sure that our LGBT+ employees, customers and fans feel comfortable being themselves at Holden. The last two years have seen us sparkle our way down the parade route, with motorcades doused appropriately in rainbows and ruby glitter.”

21. Lifesavers with Pride - Creating Proud Beaches Across the Country
Lifesavers With Pride represents all surf lifesavers, both LGBTIQ and their straight allies, both within the lifesaving organisation and within the LGBTIQ community.  We are keen to promote a welcoming, inclusive and progressive organisation where everyone is welcome and can just be themselves.  Also this year we are welcoming our first trans member in the parade.

22. FOBGAYS+ - Fearless Together        
Celebrating and showcasing the diversity of all South Asian cultural identities. “Our concept this year is to celebrate and showcase the diversity of all our South Asian cultural identities - from Indian to Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Fijian Indian, Nepalese, Maldivian and beyond. We are a heavily diversified community of cultures, traditions and people, but we are stronger AND Fearless when we are together.”

23. People with Disability Australia - The Fearless Express
“The Fearless Express highlights the inequalities and barriers to inclusion that thousands of LGBTQIA+ people with disability face every day. In NSW alone, nearly half of all train stations are inaccessible. This means that many LGBTQIA+ people with disability face additional barriers in being part of our community. We march this year to call on governments to ensure that transport is accessible for all.”

24. Haka For Life - One Waka, One Love
“We are all in the same boat, together, with each other, for each other. We will have 80 people representing all groups. Heterosexual men and woman will be clearly identified to signify that they stand together with LGBTQI community. We will have people from all over Australia, New Zealand and internationally to be apart of the float. We want to remove the stigma that you cannot be LGBTQI in a warrior culture. We stand together in one accord, in love for all people. We are Haka For Life.”

25. Central West Rainbow Alliance
In a city, being disconnected can make you feel isolated. In the country, being isolated can be a part of everyday life. Central West Rainbow Alliance connects community and promotes inclusiveness across regional NSW, bringing people across vast distances together in PRIDE and UNITY. CWRA celebrated its fourth Central West Pride March in 2018, an annual event held in Dubbo, with the theme Unity. “In rural and remote towns and regional centres where isolation can be crippling, CWRA challenges stigma, celebrates life and creates community. In UNITY, we can be FEARLESS.”

26. ACON – ‘We Can’
ACON is NSW’s leading HIV prevention, HIV support and LGBTI health organisation. “For decades, our communities have been caring for one another by looking after our health and that of our sexual partners. It’s something we have always done; we talk, we care, we love – it’s ingrained into who were are. WE CAN celebrates this culture because ending HIV transmission is possible if we test often, treat early and stay safe. Released by ACON’s popular community mobilisation initiative Ending HIV, WE CAN builds on the strength of the WE TEST campaign launched in December 2018.”

27. Rainbow Families NSW
Rainbow Families NSW, supporting, empowering and connecting our community. #ourfutureisfearless

28. Rainbow Families Playgroups, Social Groups and Regional

29. Rainbow Families Gay Dads NSW   

30. Order of Perpetual Indulgence (Sydney House) - Forever Fearless after 37 Years
"We are an order of Sydney based gay male nuns and lesbian monks supporting people's natural rights to live and love whomever they wish, in the way that is natural for them. For over 37 years we have worked towards a world where loving someone of the same sex is not a crime, nor is it a reason for shame. We wear antiquated, outdated religious habits which parody the antiquated, outdated views still held by established religions and those people that propagate hatred and bigotry.”

31. Bentstix Hockey Club - Fearless Hockey Champions
"Bentstix will be showcasing our fearless hockey players and the incredible achievements of our teams in international competitions with our theme 'Fearless Hockey Champions'. Our group will be headed by our Fearless Goalies in Drag ('the Drag Flix') followed by representatives from the Australian hockey teams the Hockeyroos/Kookaburras and members of our own gold medal winning teams, followed by the rest of our club dancing in formation in the colours of the rainbow flag.”

32. Australian Defence Force
The Defence contingent of the Navy, Army and the Air Force. Defence is proud of its evolving culture and recognises the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

33. DEFGLIS – Defence LGBTI Information Service –  Serving with Pride
Defence is an increasingly diverse and inclusive organisation that actively supports its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) members. The Australian Defence Force and Department of Defence defend Australia and Australia's national interests. DEFGLIS is a charity that supports and represents LGBTI personnel and their families.

34. Comparsa Urumbe
"Comparsa Urumbe is a Non-Profit Uruguayan cultural dance and drumming group based in Sydney, Australia. We have been participating in the Mardi Gras Parade since 2012 as we believe music unites everyone.”

35. PFLAG NSW – Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays – Keeping Families Together
PFLAG is working hard to keep families together and to advocate and educate on behalf of the LGBTIQ community for better understanding and acceptance within the community.

36. Trans Pride Australia & Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – Gender Galaxy
The Gender Galaxy float is a collaboration between Trans Pride Australia & Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Trans Pride Australia is a social and support group for trans and gender diverse people and their loved ones in Australia. With a vision for all trans and gender diverse people to live their greatest possible life, Trans Pride Australia creates a safe and supportive online environment, hosts social and commemorative events and celebrations, and promotes visibility and awareness of trans and gender diverse matters in the greater community. The Gender Galaxy float features a swirling galaxy of brilliant lights and people in the colours of the trans flag – pink, blue and white. Choreography: Virginia Ferris

37. Deaf Rainbow Australia
Expressing ourselves visually is important for obvious reasons. We’ll be as visually engaging and symbolic as possible. Our lack of music, smoke machines and other accessories allows for audiences to truly focus on the heart of Deaf Rainbow Australia: inclusion and acceptance, Queer pride, Deaf culture and Australian Sign Language (Auslan).

38. Different Strokes Dragon Boat Club - Fearless Freakshow
Different Strokes is an LGBTQI Dragon Boat club that is fearless on the water and fearlessly fabulous off it. “We want to celebrate the diversity in our club by creating a circus theme for this year. Part lioness, part dragon tamer, our parade lead is a gorgeous creature who will crack the whip and keep us in time. Our parade will have three figureheads all inspired by animals from the Chinese Zodiac.”

39. Marine Rescue NSW - Reach Out: Volunteers Saving Lives on the Water
Marine Rescue NSW is the State's official volunteer marine search and rescue agency, with more than 3000 members in 44 units. “We celebrate diversity and equality in our membership and community.”

40. Beyond Gender - Fearless Warriors! 
"Meet our Beyond Gender Warriors! At Beyond Gender we educate, empower and evolve. We break down barriers for people in business and the world. Australia's much loved LGBTIQ owned and operated coaching, consulting and training firm, we specialise in Compassionate Leadership, LGBTIQ inclusion and Spiritual EQ in our community. Beyond Gender, Proudly supported by icare NSW."

41. QANTAS - The Spirit of Diversity
Qantas is proud to celebrate this years' Mardi Gras with its ‘Fearless’ staff, a diverse workforce that reflects contemporary, multicultural Australia. For the first time on the airline’s float, kids of Qantas LGBTQI families will march, dance, and wave alongside their parents. Paradegoers will find the iconic Flying Kangaroo tail with a family friendly twist.

42. NSW Police Force GLLOs (LGBTIQ Liaison Officers) & Allies
“We’re moving forward with an expanded network of GLLOs and Allies. We also support Wear it Purple by providing music for them to dance to and request that their contingent is located just behind ours, allowing the Police band, located on our truck, to provide the music for them. Some of our non-police participants will be also wearing a purple top to support Wear it Purple.”

43. Wear It Purple
Wear it Purple is a youth run organisation for all LGBTQI young people. “Our aim is to empower young people to be proud of who they are, and be the change that they want to see.”

44. Broken Heel Festival – “YES, YOU CAN HAVE... YOU CAN HAVE EVERYTHING”
It’s the 25th Anniversary of the movie Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert. It’s also the 5th birthday of the Broken Heel Festival, and it’s June Marie Bennett’s 80th Birthday. How do each of these relate? June is the actress who played the original ‘Shirl’ character in Priscilla and she lives in Broken Hill, where the Festival lives amongst the heartbeat of the Palace Hotel, where Shirl was a regular. In the film, the three Queens ride in to Broken Hill in full drag to complete a lap of the main drag in drag. That night as they seek out a cocktail bar, the girls are confronted by Shirl, a rough local woman with no tolerance for the three trespassers. Shirl’s  lines are iconic: “NO! You can have… you can have nothing. We’ve got nothing here for people like you. Nuthin.” The lines ring strong for a generation who grew up dealing with such hate for our community.  That was 1994 and we have come a long way, darling. 25 years later we are celebrating love, acceptance, tolerance and equality. We can look back at this scene, this character, and make it our own. “YES! You can have… you can have everything. We’ve got everything for people like you. Everything.”

45. Thai'd Together
“We are a group of Gay and Transgender individuals mostly from Thailand. Our big, beautiful and bright costumes and have been a feature of the parade for the last 20 years. We are dedicated to supporting freedom and equality for all LGBTI people.”

46. Sydney Frontrunners - Fit, Fabulous and Fearless since the ‘80s
Sydney Frontrunners has been a vocal and proud LGBTIQ+ sports club since 1983. “We welcome people of all running abilities; you can be a beginner, experienced runner, recreational or competitive athlete. We are affiliated with International Frontrunners, and throughout the year we welcome visitors from Frontrunners clubs around the world. In Australia we are affiliated with Frontrunner groups in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Brisbane.”

47. Star Observer - 40 Years Fearless
Since 1979, the Star Observer has worked to inform and connect Australia's LGBTIQ+ community over the news and issues that matter to them. The paper has shared the community's struggles and triumphs from the very beginning, and shone a light on many unique stories untouched by the mainstream press – from the AIDS crisis and the decriminalisation of homosexuality through to trans rights and marriage equality. This year, the Star Observer celebrates its 40th year as a community, not-for-profit LGBTIQ+ media outlet. For 40 years, the paper has provided a platform for the diverse and intersectional voices in Australia's LGBTIQ+ community, and will hopefully do so for 40 more. This Mardi Gras let's remind ourselves of why the LGBTIQ+ community will always need queer-owned and run media, and celebrate the Star Observer's milestone anniversary.                                   

Heaps Gay goes full Bush to raise awareness of lack of LGBT support in regional Australia. “Our float will be made up of 20 people from regional towns who have never walked in the float. We’re showcasing the beautiful queer people of regional Australia. It’s all about being Fearless for the communities who don't have those support networks.”

49. Vodafone – #Connectwithlove
"This is Vodafone Australia’s second year marching in the parade, and are proud to be able to display their public message of support to the LGBTI community. Vodafone’s message this year is – Connect with love - being empowered to be yourself at work, regardless of your background, gender or sexuality."

50. Flagcom & Friends - MaGIQ 2019 - Circus Moments
This year, Flagcom has chosen Circus as its theme for its theme for the Mardi Gras Parade, with its colour, fun, energy, vibrancy, athleticism, rituals, breath takings acts and performances, lights, magic and more. Our reigning Mardi Gras International Queen and her cohorts will once again be the centre of our parade after earning the crown from the transgender pageant from the previous week.

51. Rainbow Labor NSW - We're just getting started
Immediately recognisable in red, Rainbow Labor is the grassroots organisation for LGBTIQ Labor members and supporters.

52. Sweeties of the Sea from Little Conwong
“This will be our 30th appearance in the parade, our pearl anniversary. We began as a social group of gay surf lifesavers and commenced our march in Mardi Gras as recognition of those friends we were losing to HIV. We are about love, friendship and inclusion between all members of our gay community and our friends in the straight world.”

53. Positive Life NSW - Zero HIV
In 2019, Positive Life is focused on the theme of Zero HIV: Zero HIV transmissions, Zero HIV risk, Zero HIV discrimination, Zero HIV deaths. Reducing HIV stigma and discrimination will remove the barriers to HIV testing, treatment and care which in turn will improve the quality of life for people living with HIV and empower individuals at risk of acquiring HIV to make informed choices about their sexual health.”

54. LGBTI Latinos in Sydney - LATIN LOVERS
“Celebrating Latino Love, we will have sexy people in traditional Latino carnival costumes dancing to live percussion music from Latin America. Waving flags from our countries along with gay pride flags. Lots of colour, skin, feathers, glitter, happy people, music and sexy dancing.  Bringing Rio Carnival to Sydney!”      

55. The Institute of Many - Your Disco Needs U=U
The Institute of Many is a grass roots community group of People Living with HIV and our allies. “Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) is our message about the future of HIV which we are celebrating at Mardi Gras. Our retro scifi themed float inspires people to consider the changing paradigm of HIV in the 21st century. It is a nod to the past, with our eyes firmly fixed on the future - where a person with an undetectable viral load cannot transmit HIV to their sexual partner.”

56. Diversity Launceston’s Rainbow Thylacines
Diversity Launceston celebrates the 30th anniversary of gay law reform in Tasmania, with the Rainbow Thylacine representing the fearless courage of those who were arrested week after week for being gay or lesbian and fought for these rights until the law was changed. Today, Tasmania is leading the way in the fight for equal rights for Transgender and Intersex communities and we celebrate all those who continue to fight for recognition and equality.

57. Salesforce - Visible.Vocal.Proud.
At Salesforce, we believe that businesses can be powerful platforms for social change and that our higher purpose is to drive #equalityforall. We're very proud to be partnering with the Mardi Gras and Joy94.9 to help share Salesforce's belief that creating a workplace that is diverse and inclusive isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing. We're so excited for our employees to be Visible, Vocal and Proud on March 2nd. You can read more here.       

58. Fire & Rescue NSW
Fire & Rescue NSW is committed to developing a culture which embraces equity, diversity and inclusion across all areas and throughout all levels of the organisation and that is reflective of the wider NSW community which it serves and protects. “Look out for our Fire Truck and our rainbow coloured participants sharing colour, dance and festive vibes.”

59. Dayenu: Jewish LGBT+ Sydney
Dayenu is the public face of Jewish LGBT+ Sydney. This year we are hosting the 25th World Congress in March - the first time it has taken place in Australia. We present a range of social events through the year, as well as providing outreach and advocacy. We have benefitted from the Yes vote in extending levels of acceptance within the Jewish community, at large. However, we still have a long way to go, in relation to Orthodox Judaism.

60. 25th Jewish LGBT+ World Congress
25th Jewish LGBT+ World Congress takes place in Sydney on March 21-24 this year. It is the first time the Conference has taken place in Australia, with delegates and presenters coming from around the globe. It is an opportunity to showcase Sydney as a city that celebrates diversity, and values the enriching quality of multi-cultural engagement.

61. headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation - headspace Has Your Back
headspace provides mental health and wellbeing support, information and services to young people aged 12 to 25 and their families through the expanding network of 100 headspace centres and online via eheadspace.

62. Shine Bright at The Star
As an Official Partner, The Star Sydney has been a loud and proud supporter of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras since 2016. With over 4,500 team members, and attracting an average of 30,000 guests per day, The Star is committed to providing a welcoming environment that allows our staff and guests to shine bright. Be your best self at The Star.

63. Allsorts Queer Collective presents: Queers in the Steel City
“We're the Allsorts Queer Collective, your regional sexy queers from Industrial Wollongong, the Steel City!”

64. Gay Tradies
This group of Gay Tradies and their friends/supporters put a parade entry in each year to get the message out there that gay people are everywhere, including the trades and services industry.

65. Australian Federal Police – Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer Network
The Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers Network is now in its 22nd year of providing advice and support on LGBTI issues to identifying and non-identifying AFP members, and to the broader LGBTI community through its national and community policing roles. “Through our participation, we seek to be visible to the LGBTIQ community and demonstrate that we walk with them in this important event.”

66. Autism Spectrum Australia - Infinite Rainbow
This float highlights that people on the autism spectrum are also a huge part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

67. National Institute of Dramatic Arts Students - Storytellers of the Future
NIDA's students have been inspired by the past creators and alumni who have come through the conservatoire, and believe that all stories and lives are unequivocally unique and vital in how we communicate, create, design, produce and tell stories. The Camp Committee at NIDA hopes that in their first year at Mardi Gras they will inspire future generations at NIDA to celebrate their individuality, support one another, and share their stories.

68. Raio de Sol Community Samba Band - Fearlessly Fabulous
Raio de Sol Community Samba Band is a percussion band that plays South American rhythms. “We are radically inclusive and welcome all people even if they have never played an instrument before. To live fearlessly is worth celebrating loudly, vibrantly, colourfully, joyously and there is no better way than with another universal love - that of music. That is why we are at Mardi Gras.”

69. Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands - Love Your Nature
Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands is a NSW government agency that maintains some of Sydney’s most beloved green spaces. “Our float provides a clear message about looking after and celebrating the natural world around you, and also on how we must love each other for who we are, accepting our true selves and celebrating diversity, just as we celebrate diversity in nature. We are very excited to be joining forces with LGBTQI community group ‘500 Queer Scientists’ - whose mission is to make science open, inclusive, and accessible.”

70. Liberal Friends of LGBTIQ
“There will no doubt be a hefty contingent of Members of Parliament who will want to be a part of this historic parade. We are proud liberals who have fought within and without to achieve recognition and equality."    

71. KIIS 1065 – Hear it love it KIIS it
Kyle and Jackie O, passionate supporters of equality, are leading the KIIS 1065 ‘’Hear it, love it, KIIS it’ float powered by iHeartRadio. The float’s inspiration is the power of audio, celebrating audiences’ love of radio and its personalities and what better way to do that than with Sydney’s favourite radio duo, Kyle & Jackie O.

72. Colours of Our Community
"Colours of Our Community is a group of champions for diversity, equality and LGBTQI love. We march in celebration of our rights and freedoms as a united, proud group of locals, interstate and international guests as we pay tribute to our history and our modern rainbow movement.”

73. The Pollys Club - 55 Fearless Years
Celebrating 55 years on the Sydney LGBTIQ+ scene, the Pollys Club continues to shine as a fun social and very camp get together of community particularly in the inner west of Sydney. “The mission of the Pollys Club is to raise money for charity. We have been doing this since 1964 by organising GLBTIQ+ themed dances, which are safe, all-inclusive, cost effective and lots of fun. The funds raised are donated to charities focused on men’s health, women’s health, youth health, mental health and animal welfare.”

74. Party Passport - Red Hot Territory - Fiery, Fearless & Fabulous
The NT float represents LGBTQIA+ people from the Northern Territory and their supporters. This is the fifth year that the NT has marched with pride and this year they march showcasing the Fiery, Fearless and Fabulous Individuals of the North! The NT mob are thrilled to be joined by all of the finalists from MISS FIRST NATION, the only national pageant for Indigenous Drag Performers.

75. Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir - Look out Japan, we're coming out!
The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir is delighted to be going on a tour of Japan in April of 2019. “Our float represents possible challenges the Japanese LGBTQI community face from society and the resilience of the Japanese LGBTQI community.

76. Sydney Queer Irish - SOLAS - Ireland Lighting The Way
The Sydney Queer Irish parade entry 'SOLAS' (the Irish word for ‘light’) lights up the parade route in the NEON colours of SQI. Led by the Queen of Ireland PANTI BLISS, the amazingly bright marchers and neon umbrellas will radiate light as a symbol of the Irish peoples’ fearlessness and courage towards positive change.  'SOLAS' puts us all under the same umbrella of community and lights the way for continued progression and inclusion in Ireland and around the world.

77. Selamat Datang GLBTIQ & Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi GrasFearless In Diversity
The Fearless In Diversity float is a collaboration between Selamat Datang GLBTIQ  and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Selamat Datang GLBTIQ is an organisation created to show support for LGBTQI people in Indonesia and their struggle for acceptance in Indonesian society. Selamat Datang GLBTIQ helps to fundraise for LGBTQI organisations in Indonesia as well as fundraising for people living with HIV/AIDS in Indonesia. Selamat Datang GLBTIQ also promotes organisations on the ground in Indonesia who supports the LGBTQI community. This is the only organisation in Australia for LGBTQI Indonesians and their friends. Influenced by Balinese sculpture, the Fearless in Diversity float features Balinese style costumes in a stunning combination of gold (seen as a colour of power and strength), white and black. Choreography: Virginia Ferris

78. Team Sydney Sports - Making A Splash
Team Sydney promotes sport, fitness and healthy lifestyles among Sydney’s diverse community sports organisations. “We help connect and promote over thirty member organisations, representing several thousand individual sportspeople. Team Sydney is making a splash in 2019 featuring the wonderful drag star Maxi Shield.”

79. MAG SYDNEY INC – Mature Aged Gays Ageing Fearlessly
“Mature Age Gays is a social group for older, but not exclusively gay and bisexual men. Our single decker bus will be displaying our colourful banners displaying Mature Age Gay with sequins.”

80. Mark Watson - It Still Takes Balls To Be A Queen
A salute to the courage that gay men have to find to be themselves - to live their lives as openly gay. “While there has been a lot of progress made in gay rights, particularly legal equality, there is still a much continuity between the experiences of many gay men dealing with social pressures and discrimination today.”

81. NSW Rural Fire Service - Volunteers from all walks of life
NSW RFS Volunteers come from all walks of life and can be found right across NSW, be that coastal, regional or rural. The NSW RFS celebrates the diversity of its membership and enthusiastically participates in activities that reflect its membership and community focus.

82. Yak Ales / CUB - We Are Family
Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) is committed to celebrating diversity and inclusion and is proud to be partnering with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras for the first time in 2019. CUB’s Yak Ales family of brews is enjoyed by beer lovers across Australia and, just like Mardi Gras, brings people together from all walks of life. In 2019, Yak Ales will bring the ‘soon-to-be-famous’ fabulous 8ft rainbow Yak to SGLMG. Alongside 80 of CUB’s employees and customers, the Rainbow Yak will celebrate uniqueness, individuality and inclusion. “After all… WE ARE FAMILY!”

83. TAFE NSW Design Centre Enmore - Be a Star!
TAFE NSW is an inclusive, safe and supportive environment for LGBTI students and staff, encouraging all of its people to be 'Stars' in their lives and in their endeavours regardless of how they identify.

84. Taronga Conservation Society Australia - Born to Bee Wild, Born to Bee Me
"The LGBTQI community is a hive of diversity and compassion, working towards a shared goal of acceptance and equality for all. Taronga is also a hive of like-minded individuals working towards our goal of a securing a shared future for wildlife and people.”

85. Australian Rainbow Veterinarians and Allies
Australian Rainbow Vets and Allies is a support and advocacy organisation for LGBTQIA individuals in the veterinary industry. “We have members of all genders and sexualities from all over Australia and New Zealand.  Our entry celebrates the bond that many LGBTQIA people have with their pets and our role in helping to keep those pets and our communities healthy and happy.”

86. Point Clare Families - Fans of Diversity
Point Clare Families are a group of families who mostly live in Point Clare on the Central Coast. “We are same sex parented families, opposite sex parented families, single parent families and a foster parent family. Some of the children are same sex attracted, some identify as non-binary gender and all are accepting of diverse identities. We all aim to raise happy, accepting, loving children who accept others for who they are and are confident to live as their true selves in a safe and loving environment."

87. Carnival Celebrates Mardi Gras
Celebrating Mardi Gras Rio style with fabulous costumes, lights and music. It’s party time!

88. Woolworths - Happy Mardi Gras B Que
Woolworths Group’s float celebrates a quintessential Aussie family tradition - complete with a hills hoist and inflatable pool! The rainbow family enjoying the BBQ on the float are members of the Woolies team, and the 80 dancers are Woolworths Group pride-network members, from stores and support offices across the country. The Woolies proud crowd are dancing to hit dance track ‘Better Together’ from Aussie songwriter Hayden James. This BBQ themed float honours families of all types, celebrates diversity and the importance of bringing your whole self to work - showing that we really are all better together.         

89. Newcastle Pride
Newcastle Pride Inc is a not-for-profit, LGBTIQ community based organisation established in 2018. “Newcastle Pride is about celebrating solidarity in gender and sexuality diversity, and embracing love and strength within and outside our community. We are located in Newcastle and Hunter Region, NSW Australia. EVERYONE is welcome, sexuality and age is not a pre-requisite, just a good attitude and the will to be social, accepting and support the LGBTIQ community. We embrace, support and respect each other in whatever way we each choose to identify."

90. Gay Pride Australia
This is Gay Pride Australia's first Mardi Gras Parade entry. “Seven absolutely stunning drag queens will lead us, each frocked up in a different colour of the pride flag. We’ll be gliding up Oxford Street in an explosion of colour!”

91. National Rugby League - NRL Pride in League
Game on!  The NRL is the administrator of Rugby League at all levels across Australia. The National Rugby League made history in 2016 as the first sporting code to include its own float in the Parade. “National Rugby League is a proud supporter of the LGBTQI community at Mardi Gras time and throughout the year.”

92. The Greens
"The Greens are the progressive force in Australian politics. We have campaigned tirelessly for LGBTQI rights for decades.”

93. Philippine Australian Sports and Culture Inc
Philippine Australian Sports & Culture Inc is an organisation that encourages people to participate in and appreciate the Filipino-Australian culture and tradition through sports, entertainment and cultural activities.

94. The People's Republic of Mardi Gras
The People's Republic of Mardi Gras returns with their pink army and their unstoppable missile of love, ridden by none other Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump as they declare their love to the world once and for all and defeat homophobia hand in hand!

95. WOD OUT Proud: Empowering our community through fitness. Let's get physical!
WOD OUT promotes the positive benefits of physical activity and community with a focus on helping those living with mental health and addiction. Marching with us is Khan Porter - 4x CrossFit games competitor and avid supporter of the community.

96. Free Gay and Happy (fgnhappy) - Mirror Mirror - When I look in the mirror all I see is a badass unicorn staring back at me
“Free Gay and Happy (fgnhappy) started as three fluffy bunnies and has grown into a group of friends and friends of friends with 800+ members from all over the world! This is our 16th year dancing down Oxford Street.”

97. The Evolution Dancers - We are Golden!
"Our vision is a celebration of colour and movement with gold adornments, beautiful drag queens, LED lights and golden dancers.”

98. Neighbours - Everyone is welcome on Ramsay St
Australia’s longest running drama Neighbours will be celebrating equality and inclusiveness at the Parade. The float will be a joyous garden party celebrating the recent marriage of two much loved characters Aaron and David. 

99. Asian Marching Boys & Friends - Circus...'I'm like the Ringleader!'
The Asian Marching Boys and friends are a group of individual, a group of diverse people of different cultures coming together with a unifying goal - to perform and put on a show - Circus...'I’m like a ringleader’, inspired by Britney Spears!

100. Bobby Goldsmith Foundation - STOP THE STIGMA
The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation is Australia's longest running HIV charity, providing care and support to people struggling and living with HIV for the last 35 years. “We will be carrying a large canvas with a handprint where people have painted positive words around the hand - words that oppose stigma. Behind this canvas, all the marchers will have STOP STIGMA t-shirts. Each pair of walkers will share a holding banner on a pole that will have strong, positive words on it to represent people living with HIV and what BGF offers them."

101. Human Rights Watch Australia - LGBTI Rights are Human Rights
Human Rights Watch advocates for LGBTI rights with activists representing a multiplicity of identities and issues. “We have a dedicated LGBTI division with Human Rights Watch researchers using their expertise to document and expose abuses based on sexual orientation and gender identity worldwide, and work for a world where all people can enjoy their rights fully.”

102. CSIRO - Diversity Is In Our DNA
“Diversity is in our DNA, we are all unique and stronger for it. Our science is diverse, from protecting the Great Barrier Reef and water purification technology, to crease-free cotton and 3D printed bones - and our people are diverse - from all around the world, all ages, and all life stages.”

103. Social Justice In Early Childhood Foundation
Teaching young children to live without bias and fear is essential in order to create a world that is fair. Anti-Bias Education is good for everyone! Social Justice In Early Childhood is a not for profit, politically active organisation working for social justice issues pertaining to the lives of children. Its members consist of early childhood teachers and educators, consultants, academics, researchers, managers, community people, and those generally interested in the rights of children.

104. DIY Rainbow - Beauty School Dropouts
Beauty School Dropouts is a parody of the Grease sequence when Frenchy is visited by Frankie Avalon and told to go back to school. “We’ll do a high camp number all in white with those infamous silver curl rollers in everyone's hair with terrible makeup. Are you a Beauty School Dropout? We want you!”

105. Sydney Stingers Water Polo Club - Sydney Stingers
The Sydney Stingers are an LGBTIQ-inclusive waterpolo club with seven teams, playing in the NSW metropolitan competition. “With the introduction of our womens teams, our float this year will focus on celebrating how far we have come as a club. Watch out for us, we can't wait to show you how we party!"

106. Melbourne Surge Water Polo
“Melbourne Surge has a proud history of marching alongside one of our sister clubs The Sydney Stingers. Our clubs have grown so much and we are so proud of what we have achieved in sport and within our communities collectively and as individuals. We look hopefully in to the future encouraged by the amazing things the LGBTQ community has accomplished so far. No barrier is too great!”

107. Queer Screen - Embrace Your Story
Queer Screen are the people behind the Mardi Gras Film Festival, a celebration of the diversity of sexualities and gender identities through queer storytelling on screen, by inclusive and respectful communities full of creativity, inspiration and pride.

108. Australian Asexuals - Under The Umbrella
Australian Asexuals was founded by members of the Sydney asexual social group as a way to represent asexuality at Mardi Gras. “Many publications and broadcasts identify the broader community as LGBTQI, while leaving off the A or + that is often attached within the community. We aim to remind everyone that although asexuality could fall under the queer banner, we feel we are a large enough and unique enough group to be acknowledged in our own right, both in the acronym and in general conversation about sexual diversity. Under The Same Umbrella incorporates our idea that asexuality should be viewed as equally legitimate as any other gender or sexuality falling under the umbrella of diversity.”

109. CampBerra – Campberra Queens Capital
“Campberra is a small group who come together every year for Mardi Gras. We raise monies with BBQs and garage sales for community projects like the AIDS Garden of Reflection.”

110. Way out West - Bogan Gay
Way out West is a coalition of community groups and individuals who live and or work in the Blacktown LGA. “LGBTQI communities in Outer West Sydney have different experiences and ways of managing discrimination based on sexuality. The only time its OK to be gay out west is the afternoon of the Mardi Gras parade as the public hype around the parade builds. So Bogan Gay will be coming to Sydney with the message Homophobia - what are you afraid of? Harden the fuck up Australia!”

111. Western Sydney University's Ally Network - Fearless @ Western Sydney
"WSU students, staff and alumni march fearlessly in support for all LGBTIQ people living, loving, studying, and working in Greater Western Sydney. This year our float shows that under every glitter graduate cap, is a fearless LGBTIQ super champion standing up for sexuality and gender diversity inclusion, celebrating LGBTIQ equality in Western Sydney and pushing boundaries in our learning, teaching, researching, and grad life.

112. Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group - Save the Box Campaign
The Save the Box campaign is about raising awareness and funds for gynaecological cancer research.  We need to start the conversation about gynaecological cancers. It's time to break the silence, take action and help save women's lives.

113. Wella Professionals – #LOVEINCOLOUR
Leading salon professional hair company Wella Professionals are proud to join the parade for the second year running at Mardi Gras 2019 as major hair sponsor. Their Mardi Gras activity celebrates FEARLESS COLOUR in every form, and as leading experts in professional hair colour they believe colour is key in defining individuality, expression and your own unique identity.   

114. Uniting Network - Fearless Fabulous Weddings
The Uniting Church as been at the forefront of LGBTIQ response in mainstream Christian Denominations, for which the LGBTIQ community lead by Uniting Network has been key in these reforms. “LGBTIQ advocacy has been underway for over 30 years.  LGBTIQ ministers have been accepted, LGBTIQ people are recognises as full members of the Church.  At the Church’s national Assembly in July 2018, the Assembly agreed to two definitions of marriage that Ministers could choose, one between two people and the other between a man and a woman.  The vote for this decision was by a greater than a 2/3 majority, in excess of the national postal survey.  A number of Uniting Network Members were member of this Assembly working for the successful outcome.”

115. Keep Sydney Open - Invisible Light/Invincible Night
“Adjusting to a post Yes era, queer culture feels more connected to its history than ever before. We now celebrate the efforts of those who have forged a path for LGBTQI with a renewed sense of reverence. The nighttime has always been of particular significance to queer communities and Keep Sydney Open’s float is a joyous celebration of this decades-long phenomenon. We were denied the right to marry, but we prevailed. We have been locked out of the night-time: our playground where we are free to express our most wild selves and meet new friends and lovers, but we shall prevail. We wish to remind one and all that we are not going anywhere by celebrating our enduring spirit and vision for a more vibrant and even more electric Sydney. Ecstatic, energetic and joyful, our float will encapsulate that familiar feeling of being out with your tribe, experiencing the joy and freedom of a dance floor and the infinite possibilities this has always represented."     

116. Bravehearts
“We are a returning parade float entry of LGBTQI friends and our mates who love everything Scottish, especially men in kilts!” Scotsboyz will be spearheaded by a pipe band, consisting of bag pipers and drummers, marching in formation to set the rhythm for the marchers to follow. The band will be dressed in a traditional Scottish kilt and sporran.

117. Homosapiens
Homosapiens are a collective of human beings protesting for all human rights. They are members and allies of the LGBTIQA+ community and are represented by a diverse, multi cultural group of people. This year they wear the colours of the trans flag and send a strong message that no one is left behind and identity cannot be erased. Promoting that loving thy neighbour is the way to overcome where we are today whilst standing strong with the indigenous and those seeking asylum. Their message is supported by Maddi, the teenage trans activist who holds the homosapien banner with pride.

118. R U OK? - Fearless Friends
“This year we want to celebrate our 'Fearless Friends'. A person that is always by your side and not afraid to step up and start what can be a difficult conversation when someone is going through a tough time."

119. Brisbane Tritons - Make a Splash!
The Brisbane Tritons are an inclusive water polo club from Brisbane. They have been breaking down barriers to LGBTIQ participation in sport. Many of their members have never played before, or don't know how to access the queer community. “It was a brave step for them to join and the Tritons' routine this year is bright, bold and loud in honour of their courage. Let's make a splash!”

120. NSW Teachers Federation - Teachers, Angels of Education!
Every member of the LGBTIQ Community have had some form of interaction with teachers and public schools. The NSW Teachers Federation strives to ensure public schools are safe and inclusive environments for all students, parents, teachers and the broader community. “The NSW Teachers Federation Float highlights the vital role teachers and the NSW Teachers Federation play in ensuring all students and teachers in public schools feel safe to be themselves; reflects the long history of support the Federation has provided for LGBTIQ students and teachers over many years and demonstrates our commitment to continue protecting and pioneering for inclusive education and rights for LGBTIQ people in our schools.”

121. AccorHotels - Be Fearlessly You
AccorHotels is Australia’s largest hotel group, including the popular hotel brands Sofitel, Pullman, Novotel, Mercure and ibis hotels. “At AccorHotels, the priority for their guests and employees is to make everyone feel welcome, safe, valued and equal. This year, AccorHotels is a proud partner of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and are very proud to be hosting many of their guests who have travelled to Sydney to join in the celebrations.”

122. Street Roller Hockey Chicks Club - We've Bin Chicken You Out
"We at the Street Roller Hockey Chicks Club are trashy birds. We've flocked to the inner-west’s abandoned spaces and picked at their urban leftovers. We’ve made our hockey home amongst the trash. So it makes sense that we should adopt the trashiest of birds, the humble Ibis as our mascot!”           

123. Sydney Queer Atheists - Writing Our Future
"Our society is currently in the process of making several big decisions that will deeply affect the future for us, our communities and our world. Sydney Queer Atheists wants to remind you that these choices belong not just to our representatives, but to all of us. We don't have to follow the same old script that favours the interests of the rich and powerful through injustice, inequality and abuse for the rest of us. Together we can write a brighter future. What will we choose?"

124. Oceanic Pups and Handlers - Bark Wars
Oceanic Pups & Handlers is an umbrella organisation which represents the largest Australian Pup & Handler Organisations, including SydPAH (NSW), VicPAH (Vic), SA-PAH (SA), Q-PAH (Qld) and WAPAH (WA), as well as organisers of the Australian Pup & Handler Competition. With over 1000 members within Australia, and a massive following internationally, O-PAH’s member organisations have been recognised by the international community as some of the most inclusive in the worldwide pup community. The membership consists of gay, lesbian, bisexual, gender-diverse and allied representatives in each state and territory, with events being held across the country throughout the year.

125. Studio Kink & Sydney Leather & Fetish - Fetish, Fierce and Fearless
"Our marchers will be to be loud and proud, expressing their fetish and portraying what fetish means to them. Our participants will feel included, welcome, comfortable and part of the greater LGBTQI community. From whips and crops, to full leather and latex, collars and cuffs, harnesses, all body shapes and sizes, fairy lights and feathers, to human puppies and animals, corsets and skin, hoods and high heels, it’s time to stand up for our community and make an impact for inclusivity and equality.”

126. Australian Leather & Fetish - This is ME
This unashamedly visual kinky leather, rubber, pup and fetish group represents Australia's rich BDSM culture within the LGBTIQ+ community. Titleholders, presidents and members from city, state, Australia and international strut their beautiful stuff, shining bright and walk proud as they share their kink with the crowds of Mardi Gras.

127. Rumba Latina
Rumba Latina performs multiple dance routines to Latin rhythms in festivals such as Moomba Festival, Bondi Latin festival, Johnston Street festival and many more across both Sydney and Melbourne. “We are a diverse group with different backgrounds, cultures, and views but with the same passion – dancing!"

128. Corrective Services NSW - Fearlessly making a difference - Keeping NSW Safe
Corrective Services is the division of Justice managing the goals and community corrections centres throughout NSW. The primary goal of the division is the safe management of offenders and community safety. CSNSW is a proud sponsor of the LGBTQI staff network and is proud to declare that they are 'fearlessly promoting LGBTQI equality'.

129. Capital Queers - Somebody Loves You!
Capital Queers is a group made up of Canberra and surrounds people who come together each year to celebrate Mardi Gras in a stylised and choreographed group. “The message behind this years parade entry is that our Queer community as a whole will always love and support our peers, regardless of where we’ve come from or where we’re going. Were bonded by shared qualities and lived experiences and are here for each other always.”

130. Queer Derby - Flight of the Skater
“We’re celebrating 10 years of Roller Derby at Mardi Gras and honouring our fallen skater, Kendra Viva (Two Ton Teyla) who was instrumental in starting Roller Derby in Sydney, and organised our first float in 2009 and was sadly taken away from us not long after. The Bird of Paradise was her favourite flower and tonight we pay tribute to her and her legacy, spreading our glorious wings and freely accepting each other as we are.”

131. Turing Circle
Turing Circle is a social group which has been created by and for LGBTIA scientists and engineers. “We connect LGBTIA+ professionals and students engaged in science and engineering in Australia by providing a safe and welcoming space for LGBTIA scientists and engineers to meet, network, discuss and share experiences.”

132. Instagram
Dipping and spinning up Oxford Street is Instagram’s iconic ‘Voguing Figure’ sticker, in a glittering creation designed by queer artist Josh McKenna. This year, Instagram and Facebook have partnered to ask YOU to ‘Share Your #FearlessStories’ for Mardi Gras in celebration of expression, diversity, and community. The #FearlessStories float also features 18 LGBTQI and ally creators including @chiliphilly, @sketchshe, @ellyawesome, @alrighthey, @jakebley, @madi_edwards and many more! Joining the creators is viral sensation Mark Kanemura, known for his ‘Cut to the Feeling Fridays’ and amazing wig reveals! Facebook Australia staff are also joining Mark as they ‘cut to the feeling’ this Mardi Gras.

133. Wonder Mama and the Fearless Rainbow Super-Queeroes
“Wonder Mama is back with her fabulous friends, The Fearless Rainbow Super Queeroes! The Defenders of Love and Equality representing each colour of the rainbow flag and standing up for love and equality!"

134. Don't Forget Our Homeless LGBT
“There are homeless and vulnerable LGBT people living on the streets. They have never been represented in Mardi Gras before - and yet so many have become homeless from time to time. It isn't just the young lGLT leaving home or being kicked out of home to only find they are homeless. Growing numbers of older homeless LGBT are finding themselves homeless too. The high cost of living forces so many to our streets, living in their cars, and becoming too isolated and afraid to ask for help, leaving them vulnerable to assault, rape, and murder. We are proud to represent and acknowledge the fearless struggle of our LGBTQ Homeless.”

135. The Forbidden Fruits
The Forbidden Fruits are a group of friends from a diverse range of ethnic, religious and sexual backgrounds.  “As fearless advocates of LGBTQI rights, and as people of colour, we are often viewed as ‘Forbidden Fruits’, both within our own ethnic communities and wider society. We are wearing black to symbolise the darkness in which so many of our LGBTQI brothers and sisters find themselves.  Whilst the gold represents our inner truth, that by being fearlessly visible, we can illuminate the darkness.”

136. Rainbow Rights and Advocacy
Let the flags and banners fly for our rainbow rights!

137. Gay Sydney Australia - Love Has No Gender
“We’ll be bright and colourful with the rainbow colours of our PRIDE flag, celebrating the return of our rainbow crossing on the corner of Campbell Street and Bourke Street!”

138. Department of Planning and Environment - Creating Spaces
“For the LGBTQI+ community, finding the space to be yourself, where you are free from confined definitions and expectations of society, is an important journey that we all go on. The intent of creating spaces is to ask people to think about those spaces where they are truly free and limitless in who they are and what they can achieve, removed of fear or repercussion.”

139. Midas - Golden Glamz Presents: Absolutely Everybody
Midas Golden Glamz (formerly known as the Glamazon All Starz) presented by Midas Creations, have been a part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade since 2012. “We are an all inclusive community group, marching for L.U.V.E (Love, Unity, Valor and Equality) values, and now incorporating Midas' mission of breaking down social tribes and uniting the communities together. We are inviting everyone to join the 'MidasMovement'.”

140. Sydney Swans - Everyone is Welcome at the Footy
The Sydney Swans, alongside Principal Partner QBE and the official LGBTIQ supporter group of the Club, the Rainbow Swans are dedicated to ensuring everyone feel safe and welcome at the football.

141. My People | My Tribe - Something Blue
This float acknowledges the struggles the LGBTIQ community has with mental health “but will celebrate that we are stronger together with anthems about perseverance and starting new all choreographed by Sydney’s premiere drag queen Decoda Secret.”

142. Gilead Sciences – Fearless Futures
Gilead Sciences is proudly marching in the 2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras for the first time. “We are a research-based biopharmaceutical company dedicated to creating a world where life-threatening diseases such as HIV and viral hepatitis can be treated. Gilead’s first Mardi Gras float has a Fearless Futures theme, with 80 of our employees, friends and partners marching to the iconic Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen and dressed like the superheroes that we are. Gilead’s commitment to Fearless Futures goes beyond the medicines we develop. Gilead creates a work culture where inclusion and diversity are actively encouraged and celebrated.”        

143. Queer Iconic Collective - In Bed With Madonnas
"In 2019 the Queer Iconic Collective pay tribute to Madonna, an exceptional performer and true queer icon. Throughout her more than four-decade spanning career she's broken boundaries with her depictions of sexuality, expressed herself as a strong, independent woman and proven herself to be an ally to the queer community. Like Madonna, the float will celebrate inclusivity, sex positivity and women's sexuality, particularly queer sexuality, as we venture through Madonna's musical catalogue and iconic looks.”

144. NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby - Let Us Eat Cake
The Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby advances equality for LGTBQI people by lobbying politicians, government departments, policy makers and the media to redress discrimination against our community. Their theme this year is ‘Let Them Eat Cake’, protesting religious exemptions to LGBTQI from services.

145. Retro Equality
Retro Equality is a community group of classy ladies, dapper gents and vintage people supporting and fighting for LGBTQI rights and equality.

146. Hoop Force Australia - Embrace the Light Within
"Our theme is all about shining brightly from within. Being proud of who we are regardless of our gender or sexuality. Learn to love ourselves for who we are. Expressing pride in our identity across all genders and sexuality, our Parade entry it will be a celebration of love for ourselves and others united by the sacred circle of joy and happiness.

147. Dazzle
Politicians and media try to categorise, control and in some countries remove the LBTQI community. We are using the maritime Dazzle camouflage to sow confusion and categorically refuse to be concealed. Unlike other forms of camouflage, the intention of dazzle is not to conceal but to make it difficult to estimate a target’s range, speed, and heading- load and aim.

148. ethel yarwood enterprises - PREY TM
“In the spirit of social justice, commentary on the corporate criminality and unethical predatory practices of the financial services industry exposed during the Banking Royal Commission. We’ll dispense fake bloodied Australian currency notes as a parable for the ‘blood money’ rorted using their questionable ethics and practices pinkwashing the LGBTQI community.”

149. Ozfurs - Mad Rex: Furry Road
The Ozfurs are the Australian representatives of the Furry community. “We are a group of LGBTQI people who have a love for creating our own anthropomorphic animal ‘fursonas’ and expressing them through costuming, artwork and writing. “This year we will be paying homage to a great Australian icon Mad Max."

150. NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association: Nurses and Midwives Save Lives
The NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association is the registered union for all nurses and midwives in New South Wales. We advocate for equality and universal access to healthcare for all. Every day nurses and midwives continually provide 24/7 care, regardless of gender, religion, race or sexuality.

151. Sydney Convicts Rugby Union Club - Game Changers
Formed in 2004, the Sydney Convicts are Australia’s first gay and inclusive rugby union club. The Convicts are committed to building a competitive, social and diverse club welcoming players from all levels of experience.  “This year our flat celebrates the impact we have had on the world of gay rugby - as champions of the 2018 Bingham Cup and Shield, to tackling all forms of sporting prejudice. We dance, march, and play as Game Changers.”

152. Uniting - Welcoming You Exactly As You Are
Uniting is NSW and ACTs largest community services organisation. “We offer whole of life care from early learning and family services, though to disability and aboriginal services, counselling, mediation and fostering as well as aged care provision. We have over 550 service outlets across NSW and the ACT from Tweed Heads in the north to Broken Hill in the west and down south to the ACT and Moruya. "This year Uniting is making the parade about our LGBTI champions - our people from across all our different services who have volunteered to be part of the parade. It will showcase the diversity of the LGBTI community throughout Uniting, people of different ages, backgrounds and abilities."

153. Equal Voices
Equal Voices advocates for the full inclusion and equality of LGBTIQ+ Christians in their faith communities, affirming and celebrating their gifts and identities. “We work to link, equip, resource and strengthen LGBTIQ+ and ally Christians to bring about a truly affirming church.”

154. The Future is Golden
"The idea of our float is to propose and question what comes next for the LGBTQI community, what will queer people look like in the future? After last year’s celebration of the past 40 years we do a 180 and look far off into the distant future for inspiration. What would LGBTQI people look like in a few hundred years? How would queer identity and rebellious individuality portray itself in the coming millennia? How would diversity and body pride manifest and appear? How can we answer these questions using high glamour, outrageousness and a lot of shiny, shiny gold surfaces?”

155. Surry Hills Netball Club
Surry Hills Netball Club, founded in 2002 prior to the Gay Games, is a proud LGTB inclusive social netball club. Of the nine teams, the latest includes the Rainbow Boas, formed in the lead up to the postal vote of 2017. "Our team emblem, the snake, and our skills on the courts are the only things you have to fear from our fabulous netball troupe."

156. NSW Ambulance  - Looking after LGBTQI communities
NSW Ambulance is the statutory provider of pre-hospital emergency care and ambulance services to all communities in NSW, including the LGBTQI communities.

157. POOF DOOF - Reef Rave: Just Keep Swimming
POOF DOOF is Melbourne's favourite weekly gay rave. “Based on Chapel Street in South Yarra, we provide a safe space for LGBTQIA+ people from all walks of life to be themselves. This year with our under the sea theme we’re going deeper and more vibrant.”

158. Marcilla Queen of the Gutter
Look out for these fabulous drag creations!

159. Tina and Friends
Walking, waving, smiling. Proud to be at Mardi Gras 2019!

160. Marcia Switch
“I just want to be me. I would like to make a personal statement about my transgender personality. I have had these problems since 16 years old and only came out at age 42 to my wife and to the community at age 70 through the Gender Centre. Having had breast surgery this year, I have the desire to show the public how I feel.”

161. Kimberly Lux
Kimberly Lux will be walking the parade serving the most colourful rainbow outfit entirely designed by her and inspired by the LGBTQ+ colours and values. She will be giving away silk daisy flowers with a message “Be YOURSELF and you will find your place in the world.”

162. Miss Gay and Miss Transexual Australia Pageant
The Miss Gay And Miss Transsexual Australia Pageant, led by current Miss Gay and Miss Transexual Australia Misty DelRay and Vienna Salvo! They are joined by the Runners Up, fellow 2019 contestants, and Miss Gay Australia 2018 Esther Rix along with freinds  and voulenteers of the pageant. Sending a powerful message of acceptance and awareness to the trans and gender diverse community dress as Fearless female warriors!

163. Wett Ones Sydney LGBT+ Swimming Club - Swim Like A Girl
This year Wett Ones, the LGBT+ Swimming Club, and its friends are encouraging everyone to #swimlikeagirl - strong, fearless and victorious. “Our float honours the Wett Ones female champions who returned triumphantly from the 2018 Gay Games in Paris with an incredible 28 medals.”

164. Kirketon Rd Centre
Kirketon Rd Centre is a primary health service located in the middle of Kings Cross providing healthcare and support to disadvantaged and marginalised members of our community from its main clinic on top of the KX fire station along with its outreach services from the KRC bus every night.

165. University of Sydney – Knowledge Conquers Fear
2019 marks the fourth year the University of Sydney has joined the festivities on Oxford Street. “This year, our float embodies the theme: Knowledge conquers fear. We’re an institution characterised by diversity and inclusion and Mardi Gras is the perfect time for our students and staff to celebrate the LGBTIQ community and proclaim our values. Watch as our superhero staff and students fearlessly carve up the parade with their heroic choreography.”                       

166. Canned Fruit Parties - Peaches 'n Kweens
Canned Fruit is an all-inclusive queer party held every Wedsgay at Enmore's Secret Garden Bar. They also throw delicious pop-up parties around Sydney's inner west. Their mission is to create a safe, fun and creative space for the local LGBTQIA+ community, showcasing up and coming queer performers, artists and DJs each week.

167. Bisexual+ Visibility #Bseen
Bi+ Visibility are proud to bring the B back to LGBT+! Bisexual+ groups from around the nation have joined forces to increase visibility for the bisexual+ community and are campaigning to #Bseen! The float includes members from Melbourne Bi+ Network, Bisexual+ Community Perth, Sydney Bi+ Network, BiCONIC, By the Bi Podcast and the newly established mental health service - Bi+ Australia! The group are celebrating Bisexual+ culture by paying homage to Bisexual+ Icons or BICONS both past and present.

168. LGBTIQ Funerals
The LGBTIQ Funerals is the first Funeral Director company to march in the Mardi Gras in its 41 years history. It is an organisation led by over 200+ Celebrants who look after the LGBTIQ Community and their families when it comes to the death of a loved one.  They offer families choices, time and transparency when it comes to death and they also donate 10% of their profit to a charity of the families choice. Tonight they have Harry the Hearse who leads 13 Directors, Celebrants and staff and they have a beautiful bespoken coffin in the back of the Hearse.  So if you know someone that wants to have a Fabulous Funeral, then the team will be able assist in arranging this for them.

169. Last Leg Divas
"We are great friends just wanting to do the Parade one more time after over 30 years of participation. Last Leg Divas is a float made up of gay and straight men and women, joining in this fearless float of silver and white art deco theme - from Cleopatra with a crew of over 40 participants, to a full wedding contingent of brides and grooms. We were the centre pages of the Night of Your Life book about Mardi Gras by Jerry North, and we age from 70 to 50, some in good health, some not, but all of us are fearless and showing strength and love between families."

170. Rainbow Recovery Club Inc - LGBTI Living Clean Sober and Happy
The Rainbow Recovery Club is a safe space in Surry Hills for all LGBTI 12 step recovery meetings for drugs alcohol and other addictions. LGBTI people of all ages reclaim their lives, free of life threatening addictions. “Our banners represent our key messages of Unity – Hope – Support – Freedom – Recovery.”

171. The Dreamwalkers
"We're a group of family and friends from the LGBT community expressing their love of costume design, and sharing their passion at Mardi Gras. We have marched with the parade for eight years and will be even more fabulous this year!”

172. Rural and Regional Alliance of Queer Students
"Our group arecommitted to supporting and advocating for rural and regional queer students. This year our aim for Mardi Gras is to make our queer students more visible in the community.”

173. Union Pride - Be Fearless & Change the Rules
"Our float intends to highlight the injustice and discrimination that LGBTIQ workers still face in employment, especially within Independent Schools. Restore penalty rates to the thousands of LGBTIQ workers that depend on them and put and advocate for an end to conversion therapy.”

174. Sydney Gaymers - Realms United
"Sydney Gaymers is celebrating diversity in gaming with our fifth entry in the parade. For the 2019 float, we are coming in guns blazing to show the world how fearless we are. In a Mardi Gras first, we’re partnering with Final Fantasy XIV. As a massively multiplayer online game with quite a sizable LGBTQI community, their support aligns with the values which our community stands for. Through the power of our diverse community, we stand united and fearless.”           

175. Rainbow Crows Supporter Group
"Proudly supporting our Adelaide Football Club, we’re wearing our club’s t-shirts and amazing new caps, and waving our Rainbows Crows flags.”

176. Transport for NSW - People at the Heart or Ride with Pride
"Transport for NSW is an inclusive workplace where we continuously work toward reflecting the customers that we serve.” Transport for NSW provides Rail, Bus, Light Rail and Ferry services to customers both in metropolitan and regional New South Wales.

177. Freedom Angels
"We're a group of Thai gay, lesbian and transgender people who wants to celebrate Mardi Gras dressed in beautiful glamorous costumes.” 

178. NSW Users and AIDS Association - The War on Drugs
"We’re highlighting the continued failure of the ‘War on Drugs’ - the decades-long struggle between recognising the health and social impacts of drug use against the backdrop of criminality. Drug related media stories are constantly in the media and it would be great to balance the story with something fun, to provide a counterpoint to the tired old reporting that suggests PWUD are problems in society. Changing this narrative, even for one night, is important to NUAA as we seek to advance the rights, health, and dignity of people who use drugs illicitly in NSW.”

179. Lou's Place - Every Woman Wonder Woman
Lou's Place is an inclusive, gender diverse women's day refuge in Kings Cross. "We support women in crisis, needing support or feeling isolated. We offer critical frontline services for women confronting the issues of: homelessness, domestic violence, mental health and addiction. At Lou's we help women realise their own potential and believe that Every Woman is a Wonder Woman."

180. Community Action Against Homophobia - No Pride In Scott Morrison
Homos Against Scomo! This rallying group draws attention to the transphobia, racism, and religious discrimination championed by Prime MinisterScott Morrison.

181. Riff Raff Radical Marching Band - Blow Me Fearless
Riff Raff Radical Marching Band is a community street band formed in late 2010 to bring music colour and fun to protest rallies, community events, and festivals. “We are sex, gender and age diverse, and foster an inclusive creative community space for activist musicians. Our first Mardi Gras was in 2011, we proudly participated in the Yes rallies, Stop Adani, Children off Nauru, and Honk Oz! Wollongong Street band festivals."

182. Refugee Action Coalition - No Pride In Detention
This float full of activists is sure to make some noise and inspire the crowd.  The No Pride in Detention float marches in solidarity with asylum seekers in Australia’s detention centres and calls for an end to mandatory detention policies. “We call attention to the struggle of Queer people worldwide, who are disproportionately affected by the violence and persecution that forces people to leave their countries of origin. After nearly six years of offshore detention on Manus and Nauru, and in light of the escalating medical crisis in the detention centres, our message of No Pride in Detention is now more urgent than ever.”

183. Life Without Barriers - Breaking Down Barriers
“At Life without Barriers we’re bold, we’re for inclusion and we’re fearless. Our participation and parade float will show how we’re Breaking Down Barriers to LGBTQI inclusion. We are excited to be part of the colour, excitement, protest and celebration that is Mardi Gras and we will be showing our support to celebrate the rights, achievements, culture and aspirations of the LGBTQI community.”

184. Sydney Silverbacks (Harbour City Wrestling Club) - The Wrestlers of Oz
The Sydney Silverbacks are a LGBTIQ and straight friendly wrestling club based in Kings Cross that aims to promote the sport of wrestling as well as battling homophobia in sport and promoting the ideals of inclusiveness and fitness. “The good wrestlers of Oz will be marching down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. See the citizens of Oz and the flying Silverbacks wrestle to see who the fiercest and most courageous are in their journey to glory.”

185. NSW State Emergency Service - Celebrating Equality
The NSW State Emergency Service is the most versatile and widely-used rescue and public safety organisation in NSW. “We are responsible for preparation and response to floods, storms and tsunami. With close to 10,000 volunteers and 350 staff, we have been supporting Australian communities for over 60 years. We aim to demonstrate our commitment to the LGBTQI communities, their friends, families and communities as a whole."

186. Out for Australia - Disco Office 
Out for Australia provides support and mentoring for aspiring LGBTIQ professionals. "Our vision is to create an Australia where every LGBTIQ student and aspiring professional is confident to be their authentic self in the workplace. We are fearless in this pursuit. Our future is one where joy, inclusivity, community and respect are hallmarks: the Disco Office!"

187. Oz Fag Hags - Exercise your rights
This year the Oz Fags will be reminding Australia that whilst we’ve come so far, minority groups particularly within the LGBTIQ community are still being discriminated against based on sexual orientation, gender identity and HIV status. “Oz Fag Hags will be issuing a rally call to ‘Exercise Your Rights’, reminding Australians that we need to stay strong to continue to pave the way forward towards a day when these issues are completely eradicated. NOW – LET’S WORK IT OUT!”

188. The Fitness Fairies - Fearless Fairies
The Fearless Fairies will be celebrating the YES vote and finally flourishing into being equal. “It’s the blossoming of new beginnings and celebrating a new and exciting time of acceptance and shining in who we are."

189. Crave Metropolitan Community Church - Love Letter from God
"We want to present a simple message of God's love from the faith community to Mardi Gras. We want to give an alternative narrative to the negative messages from the church to the LGBTQI community.  These have been super-intense over the last few years (the postal survey, religious orgs seeking a right to fire/expel LGBTQ people etc.)  But as a church, our job is to communicate God's love for everyone, and we want to remind ourselves of this, while making that love visible in a fun, loud, uplifting way.”

190. University of New South Wales
The University of New South Wales values diversity of thought and experience, and believes that an inclusive and collaborative culture underpins research and teaching excellence. UNSW aspires for our workforce and student population to reflect the demographics of our society. “We celebrate and promote diversity as a key strength of our organisation. The University's initiatives to support the LGBTIQ community include: The ALLY@UNSW Network, which aims to ensure UNSW is a safe, welcoming place for all students and staff who identify as LGBTIQ; The appointment of an LGBTIQ Champion, whose role is to drive significant cultural change around equity, diversity and inclusion at UNSW; Strong and active student communities like the Queer Collective and Engiqueers, who will be designed and constructed the parade float.”

191. Utopia - U.T.O.P.I.A. U.S.A.
Marching in the Parade with costumes made of tapa cloth and other natural materials from the south Pacific Isle.         

192. Shellharbour Shag-Harders - "Man! I Feel Like A Woman"
The Shellharbour Shag-Harders float are a group of young LGBTQI individuals who provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment with no judgement or prejudice. “Our float for 2019 is about celebrating the beautiful and stunning Drags of our local community. We aim to spread optimism and inspiration to other young LGBTQI individuals to enrich their hearts, and promote sexual freedom and safety to be themselves.”

193. Tennis Sydney – Celebrating 30 Years of Australian Gay and Lesbian Open
Tennis Sydney is Australia's largest and most inclusive gay and lesbian tennis club. A member of the GLTA, we run social and competition tennis in and around Sydney, from beginner to advanced level, and warmly welcome new members.

194. Central Coast Pink Drinks
Pink drinks is a social group based on the Central coast. This year they’re popping the champagne! “It’s a celebration of the freedom and acceptance to be who we are when in public.”

195. Closet Party - Celebrating 10 years of Parties for Homosexuals and Those Who Love Them
Since 2009, CLOSET has been throwing some of Melbourne’s best loved and longest running dance parties for the LGBTQI community. CLOSET is known for its tongue-in-cheek, at times politically motivated celebrity posters and its inclusive crowds. “We are an inclusive organisation that welcomes the whole LGBTQI community and their friends. We pride ourselves on curating eclectic and diverse lineups that represent a broad range of identities, backgrounds and music styles. We provide a platform for emerging queer and gender diverse artists to be seen and heard.”

196. Melbourne Chargers RUFC - Celebrating 10 Years of Gay Rugby
"This year we will be celebrating ten years of playing rugby union across Victoria. We want to celebrate our club for standing the test of time and being fearless both on and off the pitch!”

197. Amnesty International NSW LGBTQI Network - Together we can all be Brave
"Sometimes we can be fearless and live our authentic lives. Sometimes it’s not safe for us to be ourselves in our work, school, church, community, or home. The Amnesty International NSW LGBTQI Network stands with our communities to achieve equality, safety and respect for all people. Because if we all stand together, we can all be brave."


THANK YOU to all our wonderful volunteers!

See you at The Party!