Party Map and DJ Start Times

Party MapParty Map

The 2020 Mardi Gras Party is happening this SATURDAY 29 FEBRUARY from 10PM to SUNDAY 1 MARCH at 8AM. We can’t wait for you to join us at our iconic, world-renowned event.

Please take notice of the map below and signage at the event to ensure you explore the entire Party, as there are many surprises to be discovered on the night. Stay hydrated - don't forget you can refill your water bottles at the many free water stations at the Party.

2020 Party Set Times

Times below are subject to change without notice.


10:00pm - Esteé Louder

11:30pm - DJ Nate

1:30am - Barry Harris

3:45am - Joelby

5:30am - Kate Monroe

The main performances will happen on the Hordern stage at various times from 12 Midnight until 5am.


10:00pm - Kate Doherty

12:00am - Jennifer Loveless

2:00am - Trinity

3:30am - Midland

5:00am - Magda Bytnerowicz



10:00pm - Cupids Cut

12:00am - Charlie Villas

2:00am - Atomic Blonde & Dutch Kiss

4:00am - DJ Hamo



10:00pm - Dameeeela

11:30pm - Kilimi



10:00pm - Ayebatonye

6:00am - Whiskey Houston


Explore all the different areas at the Party. There will be a lot to discover!