Battle it out on the runway and take the crown for one of our prestigious titles at SISSY BALL 2020, happening at the Enmore Theatre on Saturday 22 February.

Please note: You do not need a ticket to the event to register as a walker.

UPDATE: Registrations have now reached capacity. Good luck to all those who have registered and see you on the night!

Here are the categories and prizes for SISSY BALL 2020:

Runway OTA: $500
Heavy metal and reflective. Inspired by Azealia Bank’s track, we want you to bring it turbo and in charge – hot chaps, reflective glasses and studs! Show us your walk matched with a badass effect!

Femme Figure x Butch Queen TAG TEAM:  $1000
Prom King and Queen! Interpret this effect as you will, but we want to see creative flair, gender bending and sashes! Show us tonight why you both are the reigning royal couple of the ballroom scene in Australia. 

Face OTA: $500
Face of the Oceanic. Last year we answered the call of Gaia and now we are emerging from the seven seas! Bring face as an Oceanic Goddess/God, siren or guardian. An ode to those who protect our seas and islands, think Tangaroa, Yemaya, Maui… any Disney interpretations of our cultural deities will be CHOPPED.

Femme Queen Performance: $500
Sexy like Sinia!! For the first time, Femme Queen Performance will be introduced to the Sissy Ball stage. Femme Queens around the world have been inspired by the Icon Sinia Ebony and tonight we want you to bring in a Sinia effect – whether it’s the black PVC two piece or the pink fur and matching skirt, we want to see you giving Femme Queen Performance in a recognisable Sinia LOOK.  You do not have to give it in the name of, just the effect.

Bizarre: $500
Future Folklore. As we enter the year 2020 we look back to the past for today’s answers, we take what our ancestors taught us and move forward as the latest models of our cultures. Inspired by Afro-futurism, Pacifica-futurism, Asiatic-futurism, we want you to interpret your own culture in a futuristic effect, merging the old with the new to give us a vision of cultural resilience. Creativity and imagination will win you the grand prize.

Sex Siren: $500
90s sex appeal.  The 90s was a decade of sleek and cheeky sexuality, defined by models such as Tyson Beckford and Tyra Banks. To be sexy in the 90s was about giving more than just a lip liner and a Calvin Klein brief… it was about essence! Bring it in a 90s effect that will have the judges feeling themselves to a D’Angelo slow jam with a sip of Janet Jackson velvet rope. Take us all the way back, baby!

OTA Performance: $1000
Apocalyptic Future. A new era of survival and resilience is amongst us. We want you to bring it as the last voguer of the ballroom scene in an apocalyptic-inspired effect. Think Mad Max meets Blade Runner meets the five elements of vogue! Show us why you will be the last bitch standing to take out the grand prize.