The conversation around transitioning and the life of a transgender person is still unbelievably being questioned to this day. It’s an area that desperately needs positive change and representation as we fight for safety, awareness and the kind of gender euphoria experienced by cis people every single day.

In this episode of Queer Thinking we have the rare opportunity to discuss the trans experience without input or moderation by non-trans individuals. The guests and host, Triana Butler (she/them), discuss the nuances of living life as a trans person and the unique challenges and needs the community faces.

Keeping things uplifting. We look at the powerful and beneficial movements we’ve seen within the world and within the guests own gender journeys. Joining Triana is Erin (they/them), a trans non-binary Sydneysider who founded and runs their own gender expression store called Sock Drawer Heroes. Erin is able to share their journey of gender affirmation and the way they’ve been able to help the trans community and provide a service that is desperately needed.

We’re also joined by Bambi (she/her), a trans woman from Melbourne who has amassed a following of millions online as a content creator documenting her own transition and life as a trans person. Bambi shares her unique perspective, how she handles all the attention and the way she’s able to positively influence the space through trans advocacy.