Volunteering at Mardi Gras

When you volunteer with Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, you'll be making a difference for our festival and your community.

We rely on over 1,800 volunteers to make our world-famous festival and events the success they are year after year. Volunteer opportunities are wide-ranging and varied from event operations to information technology to human resources and logistics. Volunteers are proudly supported by ANZ.

Volunteer applications for 2022 open in Spring 2021.

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I-CARE Award - Christine Carey
Christine returns each year no matter what and does her everything to ensure everyone around her is having the best time! This amazing human is a long-serving volunteer who made all the new volunteers feel comfortable. She imparted her volunteering knowledge to them, and even had blister band aids ready packed for other volunteers - this is just one small example from that day/night that shows her caring and selfless nature... not only for her fellow volunteers but for Mardi Gras and for all. Christine is so passionate about Mardi Gras and it was infectious! Thank you!

Excellence in Service - David Mills
David has an extended history volunteering as a team leader for Mardi Gras. He showed great leadership in the weeks leading up to Mardi Gras and was very busy on the day being in the parade a few times but still made sure everyone was accounted for and made everyone feel important and part of a team! He also assisted the 78ers filming in the morning of parade and then drove the buggy around the stadium with some 78ers which he was absolutely thrilled about doing. David really has the volunteer spirit and it shows through each and every single year he returns and gives his everything.

Excellence in Teamwork - Carolyn Mazariego
Carolyn displayed excellence in her professionalism dealing with both parade participants and volunteers. She went all out to ensure she knew exactly how her team would run on parade day. Carolyn hustled on days leading up to the event and on the day running from all teams to ensure everything was going smoothly. Even when there were issues, she helped her team overcome and ensured they had a fantastic time whilst helping our parade participants arrive in their right sections at the marshalling area, that’s all 5,000 of them! Congratulations Carolyn!

Excellence in Innovation - Marc Gore
Marc stepped up this year and took on a complete change of their usual role. They had their volunteer team triple in size, footprint completely changed, intaking 5,000 participants, using a new registration system, scanning every person entering the marshalling area and did so with a smile on his face. There were some busy times as you can imagine entering the new covid safe marshalling area, but this volunteer was there to ensure every volunteer and parade participant were having a great day and getting into the marshalling area smoothly. This was a massive job and his leadership and innovative skills shown through. Thank you Marc!

Excellence in Leadership - Bianca Prain
Bianca dedicated her time and professional knowledge to our organisation and helped us have a COVID-safe event. Bianca was working with NSW Health leading the NSW Covid Tracing teams, so we knew we were in good hands! Through planning stages to running the COVID teams on the day, she was always on top of everything. Every time you ran into her on parade day, without fail her team (and herself) were consistently genuinely happy and she had absolutely everything under control. Her team at various points throughout the day stated how fantastic everything was, and how much fun they were having working with her. When things were turning to pure madness for her and her team, they all stepped up and dealt with everything in such a truly fantastic way. Every single person in her crew all smiles and oozing positivity. She is well and truly the embodiment of a fantastic volunteer and leader, the kind that everyone wants on their team every year. Congratulations Bianca!

Volunteers of the Year - Adrian Hinder and Alan O’Riordan

Adrian Hinder has an outstanding attitude and professionalism whilst under a magnitude amount of pressure. Adrian has been volunteering for Mardi Gras since 2009 and has been involved in the parade community development team. He has always been passionate in supporting our community to ensure that all our diverse participants have their platform and experience the amazing sense of belonging and fun that the Parade brings. He kept his smile and enthusiasm even when dealing with some tricky situations. He was always there to help out whether it be a volunteer or a staff member, he was the first to put his hand up and help with anything. He truly is a wonderful human and a great volunteer. Thank you, Adrian!

Alan O’Riordan each year does absolutely anything to ensure our events are safe. He is a kind, generous and extremely skilled that always has the organisation in his best interests. He runs our volunteer medical teams and ensures that our medical team are in good hands. Alan’s professionalism to running these teams is incredible and his efficiency of his nature ensures our teams know what they will be doing on the day. He led the entire Medical team with great calm when we had an enormous amount of pressure and changes to the event itself not to mention the entire covid safely protocols that he helped implement throughout the parade footprint. He truly is a wonderful human and a great leader and we thank him for giving his time to our organisation. 

Special Commendations:
Craig Giles
Greg Vekiarellis
Avalon Carnall
Simon Poole
Angela Irsania
Lee McKinnon
Regina Silveira Ramos
Simon Hooper
Austin Berscheid
Kate Gallon
Sarah Preston
Mika Hashimoto
Rick Stone
Peter Springolo