Bringing WorldPride 2023 to Sydney

Sydney is bidding for WorldPride 2023.
This is our opportunity to bring WorldPride to the southern hemisphere for the first time.

For 20 years, WorldPride has gathered Prides from across the globe to meet in destinations across the northern hemisphere. It’s happened in Rome, Jerusalem, London, Toronto, Madrid, New York, and soon, Copenhagen.

Happening in a different city every two years, WorldPride must include Opening and Closing Ceremonies, a Pride March and a Human Rights Conference.

WorldPride 2023 would be held in Sydney’s warm months of February and March, adding many events to the annual Mardi Gras festival.

As one of the most multi-cultural and LGBTQI-friendly cities in the world, Sydney is a safe meeting point for LGBTQI people from across the Asia Pacific region.

But our bid is about more than Sydney.

It’s time to shine a light not only on Sydney and Australia, but also on our neighbouring countries in the Asia Pacific region who do not have the same level of equality and human rights as we do. Their voices should be heard in every conversation about worldwide Pride.

We will elevate the voices of LGBTQI communities across our Asia Pacific region, which is home to 60% of the world's population, and includes the oldest continuous First Nations cultures in the world.

Our Human Rights and Health Conference will set a new standard for LGBTQI engagement and solidarity in a region experiencing some of the worst human rights abuses in the world.

Same-sex sexual activity is still criminalised in 30% of APAC nations, with penalties including whipping and imprisonment from 8-10 years to life. In over 90% of nations in the region, there is no recognition of same-sex unions, same-sex marriage is illegal as is adoption by same-sex couples.

Mardi Gras is a fearless ally in elevating the voices of LGBTQI communities across the region. We’ll bring together lived experience and expertise from Australia and Asia-Pacific to collaborate and share with global LGBTQI leaders. Our primary aim will be to build coalitions to advance equality across the region.

Our Human Rights Conference will be an immersive experience, providing a platform for sharing stories and strategies to achieve change.

We will launch a solidarity fund to drive inclusion for the Asia Pacific nations, and facilitate increased participation by our neighbouring countries.

the 50th anniversary of Australia’s first Gay Pride week
the 45th anniversary of Sydney's Mardi Gras
the 5th anniversary of marriage equality in Australia 

Like Mardi Gras, WorldPride represents a major tourism initiative. Deloitte have estimated a 25-40% increased growth in visitors, in addition to the 1.094m-1.225m visitors for Mardi Gras. Sydney will be the first stop, and other regional attractions will see visitation pre and post event.

The total economic footprint of WorldPride coming to Sydney has been forecast to be in the range of $848 million to $1.1 billion, extrapolating international precedent.

THANK YOU for your support with our Sydney WorldPride 2023 Bid.

Sydney is bidding to host WorldPride 2023 with the support of the NSW Government, Tourism Australia, the City of Sydney, ANZ, QANTAS and OUTtv.