KIN: A New Play, An Ongoing Conversation...

  • Kings Cross Hotel 244–248 William Street Potts Point, NSW, 2011 Australia

by Catherine McKinnon

KIN is a messy-life play, told from the perspective of a fifteen year-old girl, a child of two women, one transgender. It is a story about confronting death, seeking love, and finding out that our real identity is a shifting thing. It’s a story about family transitions: from teenager to adult; from one gender to another; from nuclear family to alternative; from life to death.

Tonight we welcome Sydney's curious minds behind the scenes to glimpse a bold new theatrical work in development. Following a moved-reading of Catherine McKinnon's new play, project consultant Natasha Io, a proud trans-woman, will host a panel discussion with special guest PAUL CAPSIS.

Tonight the play becomes a catalyst for our panels discussion. Australian society is in a state of transition as new understandings of identity, gender, sexuality and the family emerge into the mainstream. The representation of trans-people in the media, on television, in our cinemas and theatres has accelerated in the last decade and there is a growing awareness of what it means to be a trans individual. Tonight we discuss how trans-stories shift the centre of our wider cultural identity, establishing a new “normal”. But are the current representations of trans individuals and their lives doing our trans-brothers and sisters justice? How do theses representations in theatre, media, film and television work to build acceptance and an embrace of the trans-identity? How can understanding trans-individuals and their journey help Australian society to thrive?

It promises to be an electric evening charged with raw performances in this fast-paced comic-drama and passionate discussion from our panelists. Join us for this ongoing conversation...

Event Date: 25th February
Event Time: 9.00pm
Running Time: 120 minutes wth interval
Event Venue: Kings Cross Hotel, Level 2, 244-248 William Street, Potts Point 2011
This venue is wheelchair accessible.

Ticket Prices:

  • Seated Ticket: $15 + $1.66 Booking Fee
  • Standing Ticket: $10 + $1.44 Booking Fee