Beau Newell (he/they)

National Program Manager, Pride in Sport Australia

With a lifelong devotion to sports and an unwavering commitment to human rights, Beau Newell is a renowned figure in the sporting industry, captivating audiences around the world as a distinguished guest speaker. From his extensive background as a player, referee, coach, selector, and administrator across various sporting codes, Beau has become a true authority in the field.

Beau’s dedication to fostering inclusivity and equality has garnered him widespread recognition. Holding esteemed positions in multiple sporting associations, having also been awarded Life Membership in multiple organisations for his outstanding contributions.

One of Beau’s greatest achievements lies in spearheading the collaborative development of sports inclusion frameworks for more than twenty national sporting organisations in Australia. These ground-breaking initiatives aimed to implement policies promoting greater inclusivity for transgender and gender diverse individuals in sports. Through his remarkable leadership, Beau has paved the way for systemic change, forging safer and more inclusive environments for people of diverse genders and sexualities.

As a highly sought-after keynote speaker, Beau has led discussions at numerous major events and conferences, captivating audiences with his personal and professional experiences as an openly LGBTQ individual in the sports world. His transformative talk in the style of TEDx, “Eliminating the Self Edit,” offers a profound exploration of the pervasive self-censorship faced by LGBTQ individuals, particularly in the realm of sports. By shedding light on the impact of self-editing, Beau’s powerful narrative highlights the urgent need for comprehensive change and more inclusive spaces within the sports community.

Beyond the sports arena, Beau and his partner have been trailblazers in LGBTQ rights advocacy, particularly in regional and rural areas of New South Wales. Their courageous endeavours have made them the voice of countless LGBTQ individuals, earning Beau national recognition at the esteemed Australian Honour Awards for his unwavering dedication to LGBTQ advocacy.

In his role with Pride in Sport, Beau has provided invaluable support to major sporting bodies in Australia and internationally, collaborating with organisations such as the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Human Rights Commission, International Olympic Committee, Commonwealth Games, and the United Nations. His expertise and guidance have been instrumental in promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality across the global sporting landscape.

Beau Newell’s firm dedication to inclusive sports environments, his inspiring advocacy for LGBTQ rights, and his captivating storytelling make him an extraordinary guest speaker. Prepare to be inspired and empowered as Beau shares his transformative insights, driving us all to work towards a more inclusive and equitable future.