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Our Future is bright when we work together. Embarking on a volunteering journey with us means not only contributing to the success of our festival but also making a positive impact on the LGBTQIA+ community. As a valued volunteer, you play a crucial role as a representative of Mardi Gras, welcoming attendees and enhancing their experience throughout the event. By joining our volunteer team, you become an integral part of our vibrant community, forging connections with diverse individuals who may evolve into lifelong friends. Expect to immerse yourself in the festivities and create lasting memories!

With a reliance on the dedication of over 2000 volunteers, our world-renowned festival and events thrive year after year, with some volunteers proudly returning for more than three decades. Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or a newcomer, your contribution is pivotal to the ongoing success of our festival. Volunteer opportunities span a wide spectrum, encompassing event operations, customer services, logistics, costume design, medical first aid, and a plethora of other roles.

Be part of the legacy that shapes our festival’s excellence. If you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to the Workforce and Operations team via email at

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“Volunteering for Mardi Gras is my favourite time of the year. Being a part of the community and being seen for the person I am, it’s such a priceless experience that I will always cherish” – Mardi Gras Volunteer of the Year 2022 Reo Lynch


The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras presents an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, acquire new skills, step out of your comfort zone, contribute to the organisation, gain insights into our communities, and have an enjoyable experience. Additionally, volunteers enjoy exclusive benefits such as access to festival merchandise, special invitations to social events, and participation in functions. There’s an annual appreciation event where you may receive recognition or simply socialise with fellow volunteers. Exclusive perks include heavily discounted tickets to our festival’s main events, special promotions, and services provided by our esteemed sponsors throughout the festival.

Volunteer opportunities span a diverse range of roles, differing from one event to another. To stay updated on new opportunities, it’s advisable to regularly check our website. Creating a volunteer profile is a straightforward process—simply follow the steps outlined on our website to gain access to available shifts.

Certain volunteer opportunities may require prior experience, while others we will provide you with any necessary training to complete your shift. Make sure you read the position details before applying to ensure that you are well-suited for the role.

You need to be over 16 years of age to volunteer at our events and over 18 years old for any licensed events/over 18-year-old events.

Upon applying for a volunteer opportunity, you can expect to receive a confirmation email containing information about your shift times and any mandatory briefings you need to attend. Subsequently, you will be enrolled in our online training, which must be completed before your shift. Each module takes 5-15 minutes, concluding with a knowledge test. Additionally, an in-person briefing may be required to familiarise you with your role, introduce your team, and provide necessary equipment or shirts. Depending on the event, an online or on-site WHS induction may also be necessary at the start of your shift. As the event approaches, you’ll receive any relevant updates or changes to ensure you’re prepared for your role.

For those expressing interest in the medical team, a selection process reflective of the position’s responsibility level is conducted. To join the Mardi Gras Medical Team, a minimum qualification of a First Aid Certificate is required. This application serves as an initial expression of interest, and successful applicants will be contacted by a member of the medical team to confirm qualifications and allocate specific shift times.

Similarly, expressing interest in the workshop team involves a selection process based on current skills and available positions. If your application is successful, a member of the workshop team will contact you in due course after approval.

Absolutely! Generally, most Australian visas permit participation in unpaid community-based work. Since Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is a not-for-profit community organisation, volunteering with us does not violate the terms of your visa. However, if you have any uncertainties regarding your visa requirements, it’s advisable to consult with your Consulate or the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to ensure compliance.

Event volunteers participate in comprehensive training, either online or through face-to-face sessions, to empower them to confidently fulfil their shifts. Depending on the specific event, a Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) induction may be required, and details about this process will be communicated closer to the event date. Additionally, if you’re registered as a medical, workshop, or leadership volunteer, you may undergo further specialised training. This approach ensures that volunteers are thoroughly prepared and possess the necessary knowledge for their specific roles and responsibilities.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has a ticketing and benefits policy in place as a way of recognising and rewarding volunteers for their valuable contributions to the organisation. Volunteers can enjoy the benefit of heavily discounted tickets to the main events. Upon registering as a volunteer, you will receive detailed information about the specific ticketing benefits available to you. It’s a great way for the organisation to show appreciation for the dedication and efforts of its volunteers.

Yes! Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is committed to building an organisation that represents the diversity of our communities. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Our commitment to diversity means that we are an organisation that embraces difference. At the same time, we strive to create a workplace where all employees and volunteers enjoy an environment free from all forms of discrimination, intimidation or harassment, including sexual harassment.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras covers all of its volunteers for personal accident or injury and liability while they are performing their duties at one of our events or our office or workshop. We are committed to providing a safe workplace to our staff and volunteers in accordance with workplace health and safety legislation.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras fully supports your commitment to any other passion and interest. However, we do ask that your commitment to other organisations doesn’t impact the time commitments required of your Mardi Gras role.

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