On 27/28 June 2020, hundreds of Prides across the globe will unite for a very special online broadcast.

GLOBAL PRIDE will be a beautiful celebration of LGBTQI+ identities, culture and community, telling stories and showcasing talent from around the world.
We want Mardi Gras’ contribution to be extra special. We have some inspiring content planned, and we’re helping spread the word among Prides across our Asia-Pacific region. You can read more about Global Pride here.
We’d also love YOU to be part of it!

All we need is a few seconds of video from you:

The video will premiere on our Mardi Gras social media channels on Wednesday 24 June, and it’ll be featured during the Global Pride broadcast streamed online worldwide on 27/28 June.
Keen? Great! Email us at festival@mardigrasarts.org.au and we’ll let you know the rest of the details and where to send your video.

Be sure to email us soon if you want to be part of it – we need the videos to us by Monday 1 June so we have ample time to edit it all together.

We’re really looking forward to seeing your videos, and putting on an amazing show for Global Pride with all of you as the stars!