Tickets to the biggest events of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2019 are on sale now. You can now access tickets for the Pool Party, Diamond Club and Sideshow Parade Viewing, the 2019 Mardi Gras Party and Laneway.

After the spectacular Parade, come spend the night with over 12,000 of our newest and closest friends! The Mardi Gras PARTY is Australia’s biggest LGBTQI party of the year. It’s our time to let loose and dance until dawn.

Choose-your-own adventure within the imaginative pop-up worlds across the multi-venue Party.
We’ve got plenty of surprises up our sleeves. BOOK HERE.

Note: Mardi Gras members who missed the Early Bird sale can still access two Party tickets with 15% discount by using their unique code.

At Diamond Club, get amazing VIP views of the Parade!

Our new look Diamond Club with tiered viewing platforms now has more room and access to bars to take your Parade experience to the next level. Come and join us at Taylor Square, right in the heart of the action, where you won’t miss a moment of the jaw-dropping event.

Diamond Club is our stand up cocktail event available for over 18s to enjoy the spectacular views and experience the Mardi Gras Parade in style. BOOK HERE.

Relax – your spot to watch the Parade is taken care of at SIDESHOW on Flinders Street. Enjoy an unparalleled view at our family-friendly viewing precinct.

There’s a choice of seated or standing access, each with exclusive access to bars, food stalls, live screens, bathrooms and delightful hosts who’ll give you an outrageous running commentary as the Parade shimmies past. BOOK HERE.

Water you waitin’ for? We’re splashing out at Ivy Pool!

Set amongst the swaying palm trees, Sydney-siders and visitors unite on a summer afternoon at the city’s sleekest poolside venue for a decadent event that’s the epitome of summertime glamour with pop up special performances this year to delight your summer senses. BOOK HERE.

The final event of Mardi Gras 2019 season is our ultimate annual recovery party. LANEWAY is a spectacular indoor/outdoor street event featuring the hottest DJs, surprise performances and an eclectic mix of spaces and chill out areas. BOOK HERE.